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The Obama Morning News || March 31, 2015

No deal . . . Wrapping up six days of marathon nuclear talks with mixed results, Iran and six world powers prepared Tuesday to issue a general statement agreeing to continue talks in a new phase aimed at reaching a final agreement to control Iran’s nuclear ambitions by the end of June, officials told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Officials had set a deadline of March 31 for a framework agreement, and later softened that wording to a framework understanding, between Iran and the so-called P5+1 nations — the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China.

And after intense negotiations, obstacles remained on uranium enrichment, where stockpiles of enriched uranium should be stored, limits on Iran’s nuclear research and development and the timing and scope of sanctions relief among other issues. Associated Press

The deadline has been missed. Sanctions were promised. Now what will Republicans do?

Iran moves the goal posts again . . . What’s quite unusual is for a party, at eleventh hour, to insist on a position it hasn’t previously taken. When this occurs, it means one of two things: either the party pulling the switch doesn’t want a deal or it realizes that the other side is so desperate for a deal that it can act in blatant bad faith with impunity. Power Line

They know full well Obama will never attack them. For starters, it would be what Bibi wants . . . 

U.S. sacrificed leverage . . . U.S. and Iranian negotiators struggled to clinch a nuclear deal as Tuesday’s self-imposed deadline drew ever nearer, even as critics said the White House already had given up a key point of leverage by easing pressure on Iran’s economy in the months leading up to a prospective deal. Washington Times

Kennedy shrine cost taxpayers $38 million . . . The stated mission of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute is to teach the general public about how the U.S. Senate works, so it’s fitting that the shrine to the late Massachusetts Democrat is funded, in part, by $38 million in taxpayers’ money. Daily Caller

Kennedy’s real legacy: 50 years of mass immigration . . . At the commemoration of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute Monday, Obama obliquely referred to Kennedy’s role in pushing his influential political accomplishment: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. The passage of the act marked a fundamental change in America’s immigration policy: Rather than serving the interests of Americans and national unity by setting limits on immigration, the act put “family unification” as the top priority, serving the interests of foreigners first. Breitbart

EPA chief: Keystone wouldn’t be a disaster . . . “No, I don’t think that any one issue is a disaster for the climate, nor do I think there is one solution for the climate change challenge that we have,” McCarthy said. Politico

Hawks face an obstacle: Obama . . . The White House signals it won’t go along with billions in extra Pentagon funds without something in return. Politico

Michelle Cambodia hotel cost a quarter million dollars . . . Hotel accommodations for First Lady Michelle Obama’s two-day trip to Cambodia required 85 rooms and cost taxpayers $242,500, according to a government contract released Friday. Mrs. Obama traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia on March 21 to promote a girls education initiative. A contract was awarded on March 3, citing the “unusual and compelling urgency” of the First Lady’s trip. Washington Free Beacon

12 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || March 31, 2015”

  1. Okie-dokie, finally! An agreement to agree to meet again to finalize an agreement if they can agree on the details.
    If that doesn’t earn a PeacePrize, well, then nothing will.

    About that mass immigration of Hispanics that the Dems embraced: if Rahm Emanuel loses his bid for re-election as Mayor of Chicago to a guy named “Chuy”, new deportation rules will suddenly seem a good thing to the Dems.
    Again, lol.

    Sen Reid, with nothing left to lose, is finally showing his true colors, exposing his hatred and lies. What a snake in the grass, a despicable man.

    1. Wow–framework understanding! I love those–no one can “shoot at it” bec it’s well…sort of nothing. I guess as a delaying action to stave off condemnation, it will have to do.

  2. The treacherous Iranians know they are having a battle of wits with an unarmed person in the form of Sir Lurch Kerry. They can string this thing out as long as they want to, and still do exactly as they please.
    Obama is the “don’t cross my red-line or there will be no consequences” president.

  3. I want to know why on earth Michelle’s entourage needed EIGHTY FIVE ROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    84 for her make-up team and one for her? It’s OBSCENE.

    1. Good question. 85rooms…let’s say 35 for the security guys, 15 for her staff, then 34 for her friends or hangers-on? The stylist, the hairdresser, the makeup guy, geez….it does seem like a lot of rooms.
      Maybe they had to book extra rooms to make sure they had whole floors to themselves?

  4. Mrs. Obama spent 21 minutes talking with a group of 10 female students at Hun Sen Bakorng High School, according to a White House transcript on March 21. She then went back to the hotel to speak at Peace Corps Training Round Table for 12 minutes.

    $242k for 33 minutes of chatter…..that’s about $7000 per minute….she was there for 2 days to talk about women’s rights…. and they needed a conference room for 14 days prior just to get ready…for 33 minutes…and 85 rooms….for 33 minutes.

    Splurge does not quite fit the picture, does it?


  5. Keith thanks for the artiacle on the immigration issue. I had forgotten about the Act of 1965. Also know as the Hart-Celler Act.
    o didn’t even need an act, he used a Matt.

  6. Iran moves the goal posts again.
    They will continue to do so as long as Obama is in control.

    The Iranians held hostages for 444 days under the Carter administration.
    They were released as soon as Reagan was elected.
    We are immersed in a similar situation given the weakness of this president and the Iranians know it and are going to take every advantage they can for as long as they can.

    Too bad the Obama dictatorship is no where near over.

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