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Late Again

Everything in the Obama White House starts late, including Obama.

The White House announced today that it is open to completing the deal with Iran at least a day late. Because that’s how we roll around here.

Tardiness actually has the unfortunate effect of revealing underlying unseriousness, inattentiveness, a lack of discipline, and a penchant for screwing things up.

Obama on counter

It says something about the place that the above is actually an official White House photograph, released to showcase your president’s behavior.

Everything in the Bush White House started on time. You knew they meant business and would stick to commitments. Even if you disagreed with their business and commitments.

Whether it is President Obama’s failure to enforce his red lines, his post-passage changes to Obamacare, his failure to remove Bashar Assad as promised, his claim that Yemen was a success case before it fell apart, his Obamacare website fiasco, and so on, and now, his willingness to breach the March 31 deadline for a nuclear deal, Iran has surely noticed it is dealing with amateurs. It knows it can get away with a lot, both before and after a deal is finally signed. And it will.

While being late ostensibly allows “vital matters” to be concluded before showtime, tardiness actually has no use. Someone who is late will tarry whether they have to get to an appointment 20 miles away or across the street. They’ll be the same 15 minutes late, no matter their point of disembarkment or their destination.

The daily White House briefing rarely starts less than 20-25 minutes after its appointed hour, for example. On March 19, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was an hour later than the original announced time, without apology. They’d announced a half hour delay in the morning and then came out another half hour late.

Last Wednesday, Earnest was 45 minutes late: “I apologize for the delay in getting started this morning. A lot going on,” he said. See my point?

And have a look at this. Start the video at about 18:50. Who knows what to make of it?

Never saw anything like that at the White House, even with Bill Clinton, who was also late for everything.

The leaders of Iran and the rest of the Middle East live in a deadly serious neighborhood. They all sense that they are not dealing with a reliable entity in the Obama White House and are taking matters into their own hands.

The Arabs are creating an Arab fighting force, which will no doubt prove feckless and require cleaning up after by the United States. Israel will, with respect to Iran, be forced to go it alone and do a far less efficient job with the “military option” than we would. And the Iranians will attempt to dodge and weave their way to a nuclear weapon while spreading their malign influence into areas of the Middle East where we have withdrawn.

Because there does not seem to be a grand vision coming out of the White House. No systemic policy. No reliable commitments. Actually, under whatever the Obama Mideast doctrine is, the whole damn place is has become an utter mess, one that will soon be littered with atom bombs.

Because lateness is not a disease. Lateness is a symptom.

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  1. My father, who would have been 93 this year, had a term for those who could not get to work early or put in a full day’s work…
    Lard A$$.

    I recently read an article about the most successful leaders and how they rose early in the day, got it done, and did so every single day. It was in reference to the Mayor of NYC, who is late for parades, funerals, meetings, you name it.

    Perhaps there is a DNA strand that triggers such behavior, or an arrogance that makes one think its perfectly acceptable to make others wait incessantly.

    I prefer my dad’s theory….


    1. Is it not so that the Arab world is most often late & it shows superiority towards their meet-ee?
      Butt, also, there are those arrogant narcissists who feed off the anticipation of their own arrival.

  2. You can tell that these people have no regard for the people that they make wait.
    In the service, if a meeting was scheduled at 0800, you had better be there or have a good excuse.
    There is no ‘late’.

    The sergeant or the officer that was conducting the meeting closed the door and you better have some spine or a good excuse to knock on that door if you are late.

    1. Ah,the memories.
      Yes,0800 hrs.means 0800,not 0801 or 0810.
      The importance of being on time was a lesson that the military taught me carried me as a soldier, student and employee.
      If your assigned to protect my flank in a attack that jumps off at 0800 hrs. and you don’t get into position on time,the battle maybe lost.
      I still to this day arrive at least 10-15 minutes earlier than scheduled appointment.

    2. Perfect statement AFVet! 0 has had no structure nor manners training that usually comes from a strong mom & dad.
      (Although, given the prominence of one parent homes: a strong mom OR dad makes sure their child understands the customs & manners that make up a decent, honest, caring young adult/mature adult.)

  3. Excellent, Keith!

    On another note, Mrs. Foley (the mother of the beheaded American) came right out and said her son died b/c Obama didn’t act swiftly enough. He dilly-dallied!

    It all goes back to Obama being LAZY!!! I remember reading very early on that he rarely showed up at the Harvard Law Review b/c he preferred to work ‘at home’.

    He drifted thru his HS days in Hawaii in a drug haze. We have never seen his grades.

    He lived the lazy life of a community organizer – snoring away while she got the kids up and went off to work. (I have no sympathy for her – many women do the same thing when they are supporting lazy husbands. He was her choice, lol).

    Lastly, the bum never made a single attempt to enter into a relationship with Congress. He simply put his nose up in the air and went golfing. He based everyone from Bush to Boehner. That was the extent of his presidential output until the last election put him in a position to use his pen and his phone.

    Only an insane person would have given this sloth access to the US Treasury knowing his background. He and his parasite wife truly believe our money is their money – they earned it! They have spent six years spending it and giving it away. Two more loathsome deadbeats never existed.

    1. Its also possible that he enters late so to better assess the situation and be prepared. Whenever he speaks off the cuff, his words are very guarded, as if he is consumed with making a mistake. Its the hardest thing for him to do, yet other stand and speak their will and do so with confidence.

      That speaks volumes..

      1. Good point, harv. He is terrified of making a mistake – a sure sign of someone who is over his head.

        Also, he never, ever put anything in writing during his days at Harvard (or anywhere else for that matter). He lacks the courage of his convictions…bebecause he has no convictions. He is completely void of morals, ethics, and self-awareness.

        1. And as we all know, when he does make mistakes (regularly), it’s always someone else’s fault. He never has shown total ownership of anything except when it’s something that goes his way and he can slam dunk the basketball. Never leads from the front.

    2. Agree. His first statements are always how congress won’t work with HIM!
      NO, butthead, you will not work with them. Ever! and if the LSM were fair & balanced this would be reported….sigh

  4. I knew a gal in DC who was always late–I mean, sometimes hours! Never made a mention–it was all “Hi, let’s get going…” We just said she was on Jackie Time. Not worth a heart attack–but yes, annoying.

  5. Too bad he is too arrogant to realize the world and its affairs aren’t waiting on him. However, I believe he doesn’t care.

    1. He cares about how Iran feels about HIM, never acknowledging their hatred & contempt —death to America has no meaning to him, as he doesn’t see himself as a God loving American.
      God help us true patriots!

  6. Way back in the beginning of my career after college we had to watch a movie called Lombardi Time. He was schooling a bumbling salesman who showed up late. Bottom line, being on time to Lombardi was being fifteen minutes early.

  7. Meesh is spending a quarter of a million dollars to “inspire” the girls of Cambodia to get educated. Of course, the Princesses Obama are traveling with her — nice spring vacay.

    I wonder if The One’s people are always late because they dread having to come out and bleat the latest weak argument.

  8. Exhibits a distinct lack of respect for the American people. But boy can he do a mean butt boogie! Hey, THAT can be his legacy.

    1. Remember Granny Jan’s videos? Brings to mind the one with clips showing him playin’ and pickin’ his nose. It seems that they are not available any more and I wonder why. They were great!

  9. Your comments are spot on, Keith.

    I would grant any president 5 or 10 minutes of grace to be late, simply because presidents’ schedules are so jam packed, making it a challenge to get from one appointment to the next. But this 30-45 minutes tardiness signals more. I’m not sure whether it’s symptomatic of:
    – a lack of interest of the purpose of the appointment
    – a lack of respect for the people he’s keeping waiting
    – an arrogant attitude of ‘I’m the president, let ’em wait’.

    I hate to say it, but more than likely, it’s a combination of all three.

    What a shame.

  10. “Israel will, with respect to Iran, be forced to go it alone and do a far less efficient job with the “military option” than we would.”

    I am on board with you article, Keith, except for this.

    I wouldn’t sell the Israelis short in this department. They are a world class butt kicking machine.

    As someone who served in the military for 25 years, I know our armed forces are an incredible asset. However, I’ve also seen some foreign militaries which have acted with imagination and incredible efficiency, many times at a level much higher than ours.

    The Israelis are such a military.

  11. The reason he might have been so late was him looking for his wedding ban which was not on his left hand finger, did Mr. love take it back

  12. Obama’s ‘I won’ attitude. Watching his idiot Lemmings stand & stand & stand says volumes re. how well they follow instructions.

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