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Obama Honors the Dishonorable Ted Kennedy

President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Biden too all slipped out of town today to honor the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

They’ll be at the opening of something called The Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston. Don’t know what it is and don’t care. Maybe it’s devoted to the study of political leadership by functioning alcoholics.

It has long been interesting to me that the Democrats’ two most exalted leaders of the past half century, Kennedy and Bill Clinton, have been serial abusers of women.

Clinton of course committed sexual harassment with a White House intern and then lied about it to a federal prosecutor. Any corporate CEO would have been banished to the Himalayas for such conduct, or perhaps imprisoned, but Clinton stayed in office and of course thrived, then and afterward. He could be back in the White House, presumably wielding ample power even as first spouse, in just under two years.

Kennedy took his abuse of women a step further, actually killing one.

Much is written about the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, who met her demise in the chilly waters off Chappaquiddick after having the misfortune of being in Kennedy’s care when he drove his car off a bridge following a party. What no one disputes is that he took nearly ten hours to report the incident, even though he knew she was in a submerged vehicle. The only reasonable explanation for this I can think of is that he was waiting to sober up.

Being a Kennedy, he got away with a wrist slap and kept his seat in the Senate. Perhaps Mary Jo’s death prevented him from becoming president. So at least, tragic as it was, her death was not for nothing.


I believe in redemption. I think America allows people, and even its leaders, second acts. I believe that you can overcome a lot of sins – well, a certain number, anyway – and still serve and be honored.

I do not believe that you can kill someone in this manner, with this kind of negligence and callous disregard, and be permitted to rehabilitate your reputation or your standing with friends and the community. Certainly not serve in the Senate.

That Obama can express such outrage about various perceived racial injustices and present himself as a supporter of women’s rights while traveling today to honor a man who failed to make every effort to save a woman who died because of his actions –  and whose behavior may have in fact constituted second degree murder – is hypocrisy of the highest order.

So the next time you are lectured by Obama about our “shared American values” or about some Republican proposal that “is not who we are as Americans,” wonder, at least to yourself, whether he thinks leaving a young woman to die is an American virtue.

30 Responses to Obama Honors the Dishonorable Ted Kennedy

  1. The POTUS moron salutes a killer, who was also a commie nut.
    We are now a 3rd world superpower. Here in Mexico north (ca) we are in Spanish speaking hell.

    • Well, Uncle Ted gave the Obamas the dog, Bo, who was returned to the designer dog breeder then called it a rescue so he’d win support from the PETA and HSUS crowd (and support on their websites).

  2. I have always wondered who else knew Mary Jo was still in the submerged vehicle. I just don’t believe Ted did not call anyone to help him cover it up.

  3. Of course Obama doesn’t care about her – she was white.

    I do honor the office of U.S. President; just not the Current Occupant that we have now.

  4. What a well written post. It sums up what I have felt about Bubba and Teddy K my whole life, far more eloquently than I ever could have done myself. The hypocrisy of our Democrat/Liberal/”progressive” leaders astounds me on a near daily basis. They intentionally disrespect those they disagree with. They are punks, serial abusers of women, and in Teds case, murderers. Can anyone honestly look at Hillary and think she has the integrity one would want in a leader? No way.

  5. I agree with all that you said, Keith.

    To me, that he went to this makes his failure to attend the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address that much more egregious.

    He can go to the dedication of some boozehound’s institute, but can’t honor one of the world’s greatest speeches and men.

  6. Teddy’s Fault? I thought it was the mobster backed contractor who built the bridges fault?? Or was it the CIA? Soviets? Cuba? George HW Bush? Joe DiMaggio? Or a Comservative Right Wing Conspiracy? George W. Bush or Dick Cheney………..I bet it will eventually Global Warming that killed Mary Joe!

    Wasn’t it Teddy that got caught cheating in at Harvard? Well, at least we have some proof he did something unlike our current President!

  7. I was a New England teen at the time. Ted was at a party with all the office girls and the guys on his staff. He took a right turn towards the bridge and the beach where everyone went parking, not towards the Chappy ferry. Drove off the bridge. Managed to get out of the car, left MJ, walked a few miles and swam across the channel to Edgartown beach. Slept there for 10 hours and his first call was to his lawyer. Not the police. He was hosting his nephew Willie Smith in palm beach when Willie raped that girl… Got thrown out of Harvard for cheating…. The list goes on.

  8. from bo’s remarks today-seriously this isn’t a joke

    “”What if we carried ourselves more like Ted Kennedy? What if we were to follow his example a little bit harder?” the president asked a crowd of family, former aides and political dignitaries of both parties”–politics.html;_ylt=A0LEVzg1wxlV8G8AIx5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZDQ3cWVzBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVklQNTY1XzEEc2VjA3Nj

  9. Ickey teddy. I go to the day of his funeral. My mother asked me if I watched it! “No way, he was a bad man & he killed a young girl”…she audaciously said that was a long time ago, & he was a good man! She couldn’t come up with just what he did ‘good'(sic).
    I said she wouldn’t feel that way if it were me dead.
    Those lofo 1960’s democrats ate so blinded! I can’t believe I came out of her.