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Obama Schedule || Monday, March 30, 2015

9:15 am || With the first lady, departs the White House
10:50 am || Arrives Boston
11:25 am || Delivers remarks at the opening of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute; Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Boston
1:20 pm || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; Area Four, Boston
2:55 pm || Departs Boston
4:35 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

28 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, March 30, 2015

  1. I heard the Ted kennedy museum is mostly publicly funded. $38 million. They couldn’t even get their pals to pay for it.
    Even in death he’s screwing the taxpayers

    • It’s as if old Teddy has his own presidential library without ever being president. Check out the pics and info:

      Aw, too bad Kerry will be a no-show when he was scheduled to be one of the speakers. He was supposed to return to DC this weekend, but had to remain in Switzerland this weekend as the Iran nuke talks weren’t going well:

      MEDIA ADVISORY – EMK Institute March 30 Dedication Speaker Lineup

      President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, Senator John McCain, and MA Governor Charlie Baker to Deliver Remarks

      • why is mccain wasting his time there?

        I wonder if the Liquor cabinet that was in Teddy’s Senate office is making an appearance at his museum.

        I wonder what Mary Jo would have to say about this?

        • The Edward M. Kennedy “Institute,” built at a cost to taxpayers of $43 Million, includes something called an interactive “Senate Immersion Module” that visitors are encouraged to experience.

          If this “immersion” takes place in the back of a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont, please count me out.

  2. That trip to Boston really cut into his golf weekend. I’m betting those two don’t even speak unless there is a camera pointed at them.

  3. It’s no surprise that they conveniently scheduled a DNC fundraiser while he’s there in Boston. The DNC rarely pays for his travel; they always find a way to put it on the tab of the taxpayers.

    The only question is will Mooch be at the DNC event, or will she fly back to DC on a separate plane?

    • Moral turpitude is in the Kennedy gene pool. Look how corrupt Robert was, JFK was a womanizer. Young RFK’s wife commits suicide after being emotionally browbeaten. Teddy, there are no words for how much of a scumbag he was.

  4. The building is so ugly! At least the ceremony is after and before rush hour. The traffic in Boston is horrific every day. I miss my old stomping ground.

  5. My most retweeted tweet from yesterday sums my feelings up on this whole Kennedy crap:
    “Teddy kills a woman, gets an institute. Billy sexually abuses dozens, is a revered party leader. Yet it’s Repbubs waging war on women? #tcot”
    And as far as I’m concerned the people from Massachusetts who kept re-electing that vile scum have blood on their hands as well.

  6. He was barely in Florida for 24 hours and that cost us a half mil or more? Wow. Now wheels up again for Boston? MO was in Jersey over the weekend. Malia was college shopping in the northeast last week.

    This family’s costing us about a million+ dollars a day to flit around. Because they can.

    • But Denise, he’s busy “Delivering remarks”. That’s what he does for a living, sprinkling magical verbal fairy dust all over the place. Yes, it does cost us hundreds of millions of $, but isn’t the world a far better place because of his efforts now? Isn’t peace blooming all over the place? Aren’t Jihadists dropping their weapons and spreading daffodils and rose petals after hearing Obama “remarks”. Perhaps you don’t read the Daily Kos enough? Excuse me while I jump off the roof. ;+}

  7. OT,….well my dinosaur computer finally went kaput.
    Working on getting his one up to speed so to speak.
    Everything working except for the sound.

    Windows 8 sucks.