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President to Play Golf While Fate of World Decided

It’s the final, tense days of 18 months of negotiations over one of the most critical treaties of modern times – the terms under which Iran will either be permitted or not permitted to obtain a nuclear weapon.

It will be permitted to obtain one, but stick with me here.

The president’s emissaries, led by his Secretary of State, are in Switzerland feverishly negotiating the final details, hoping to ensure the toughest bargain possible to prevent the advent of an historic new peril to the world: Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran’s crazed Islamist theocrats.

The president this weekend will be hunkered down in the Situation Room, in constant touch with his envoy, issuing last-minute orders and ensuring that his careful instruction are complied with and none of his red lines are crossed.

This just in now from the “pool” reporters covering the president:

On a sunny and beautiful, if chilly morning, the president left the White House residence at 9:30am, wearing a light blue button-up shirt with no tie, a navy blazer and khaki slacks.  He waved to the pool but didn’t respond to your pooler’s shouted question about the new Indiana religious freedom law.  The president got into Marine One . . . The helicopter was wheels-up to Joint Base Andrews at 9:34am. Handing over now to the travel pool . . .

Marine One touched down at Joint Base Andrews at 9:41 a.m. POTUS bounded down the steps at 9:45. We’re headed for warmer climes. Up the AF1 steps moments later. You can tell this is a non-work trip (because) someone forward of the press cabin ordered 3 beers at 9:26 am.


Obama is headed to the Floridian golf club in Palm City for two days of golf, according to local news outlets. Not that he didn’t just have a golf extravaganza in California last month.

This is beyond appearances, symbolism, optics, and so forth. This is a genuine statement about the care, attention and seriousness being given the Iran nuclear issue, perhaps the gravest problem confronting the United States and, indeed, the world.

obama goofy

It is not possible to completely compartmentalize your life. When you are on vacation, there is a different attitude that takes hold, one that doesn’t want to be bothered with too many details or critical issues. It is not merely disgraceful that the president is on a golf junket this weekend. It’s frightening.

If Ayatollah Khamenei is out playing golf or shuffleboard or competing in a backgammon tournament or whatever the Hell they do over there for recreation, I’d be very surprised.

This deadline for a nuclear deal has been scheduled for many months. This is no surprise.

Neither, sad to say, is Obama’s choice of priorities.

62 thoughts on “President to Play Golf While Fate of World Decided”

  1. You dont jet off of the office early, unless the work is done, which it is.

    The utter arrogance that he display is appalling. At least “look” like you give a hoot, Mister President!


    1. Great find Denise.
      He slaps us in the face every chance he gets and relishes his ability to do so.

      I think that St.Lucie is the area where Rush Limbaugh lives.
      His radio show might be interesting on Monday.

    2. I voted its a waste of taxpayer money in their poll. 60 some percent feel the same way.
      Say I’m a private pilot in the area and have weekend plans to fly out of the area, then find I can’t have my fun weekend cuz little 0 has cut off my flight area. How typically selfish of this pos.

      1. Not to mention roadblocks and most of the golf course shut down and other side effects of his royal presence. It’s spring break season in Florida now, I’m sure there’s an impact on some venues that depend on drunk collegiate bucks.

        1. How about members that have invited guests to golf with them for the weekend? Maybe those guests had to fly in at their own expense, unlike this pompous POS. He is, after all, king.

  2. Hey !
    Everything is going according to plan.
    Why not take some time off and relax ?

    The destruction of America as we knew it is on cruise control.

    They don’t need him in the White House.
    He’s as useless as teats on a boar hog.

    1. Officially, I’m sure he is a pain to work with; all the smoke breaks he needs, his constant whining about being bored & how much longer is this gonna take…
      We got a hint of this as he was forced to prep for the debates.

      1. You would think by now, he would say: Let me do somthing that is good for the Country. Just to fool everyone for a litle while. He does not bother to even pretend to show respect for the Country as a whole.

        1. He won! As he stated to John McCain at a meeting in 2008: “…John, I’m president of the United States, I won the election, you didn’t….” Or something very close, it just rang with his conceit & smug attitude. He is so gross. I worked with this idiot (her white daughter dates only black men) she voted for 0 because he ‘talks pretty & looks like my future grandkids’.

  3. I’ve got to be honest: given the leaks of the negotiations thus far, I’d rather have Obama on the golf course than at the negotiating table.

  4. I’ve run out of invectives to use on this pompous, self-indulgent, grossly over-rated pond scum!

    It would be a move in the right direction to throw the gay caballero and his beard out of the WH and put Biden in charge. Both of the Obamas are out of the closet now…and we are footing the bill for them to go their separate ways – which was their intention all along.

    He is running the country…into the ground, while she goes globe globe-hopping/tripping and embarrasses us to no end.

    I repeat, ad nauseum… Where is the damn Congress???

    1. “Where is the damn congress ??”
      They are being stonewalled and the documents that they requested are redacted to the point of being useless.
      Congress is there, Obama and his regime are laughing at them.

  5. It really does not matter what Obama does….or does not do. It all rides on the leadership of Bibi and the Israeli people to handle…..which means, IMO, an Israeli attack on Iran.

  6. One more thing.
    We have never had a POTUS who gallavanted around the country every other day looking for the limelight.
    There used to be a certain amount of decoroum and pomp and circumstance when a sitting POTUS ventured outside the confines of the WH.
    They never, ever showed up in local eateries or late night comedy shows, or radio talk shows on both English and Spanish speaking media outlets.

    They never entertained hip hoppers or American-hating Muslims in the WH. They never closed the WH to public tours. They never brought Al Sharpton in as a close advisor.

    My head is exploding now…Obama is beyond incorrigible! He is the Enfant Terrible!

    1. In all his travels I don’t remember one of those visits resulting in anything positive for the American people. Just droning campaign speeches that blame republicans for all the bad stuff. He has never been out of campaign mode.

      1. He also has captive audiences to insure that there will be no jeering.
        I’d love to exercise my free speech and have a go at him…

  7. Everyone on the planet has noticed that Obama is a loafer, a slouch, a goldbrick, a sluggard, a dawdler. He’s a mediocre golfer, that’s it. That’s why he has to practice so much while the world is on fire. He’s no more qualified to be POTUS than Elmer Fudd.

    Here’s the new Fortune Magazine list of the 50 greatest leaders in the world today (you may have already seen it). Obama is not on the list.

          1. The same place they found Hillary and Elizabeth. They thouyght they were putting up a male candidate over a female. Boy, were they wrong.

  8. I can’t even take my clubs to Florida to sneak in a round when we visit relatives there several times a year, but then again, I have kids to take care of and other responsibilities when I go there.

  9. It is obvious to all of us that the Obama’s used the White House as a gateway to stardom, and TV appearances while demeaning the office of the presidency.

    Bill Clinton started it and the Obama’s have exacerbated it to a degree that was incomprehensible not too many years ago.

    Sadly, many of the people that voted for him commend this behavior.

    1. I noticed his supporters think it’s great he’s getting a break from having to deal with Republicans all week.

      Really, he deals with Republicans? That’s news to me :)

      1. No, he tells them what he wants and then tells them that the meeting is over.
        Boehner once said that trying to negotiate with him is like trying to get jello to stick to the wall.

        Putin said that dealing with him is like playing Chess with a pigeon.
        A pigeon with a 747.

  10. This is clear indication that Obummer is not really in charge. ValJar will be hard at work this weekend getting the deal she wants for her birth country! IRAN ! With Bilderberg relative Vernon Jordan’s help no doubt.
    O reads the speeches and pretends while the real powers decide what to do next.

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    1. Obama has his own brewery in the WH for gawd’s sake. Miller’s Lite isn’t good enough for him. I read that he paid for his brewery with his own $$$. More lies!

    1. I think a lot has changed since the 1950s, didn’t have this terrorist threat all over the place. Different times, I’m glad I grew up in the 50’s, fun time for kids :)

  12. This is a seriously dangerous situation we’re in, thanks in no small part to how dangerously unserious our president is, in the face of it.

  13. While he is playing. There is things being planned. I read early this morning on regarding Special Forces set to swarm the southwest. If one of our Vets here at WHD will pull the couple of articles in the middle column of Drudge, and let me know your thoughts on this matter. I would appreciate.

  14. Obama never gives anyone a break…ever! Always the show-off…the exhibitionist.

    Floridians were hoping Obama would helicoptor in from the airport to the heli-pad at the Floridian Golf Club. No such luck. He opted for the motorcade (as he did in 2013).

    1. I hope there was not a tournament. I do not know much about golf. However the golf course near me was jammed packed with cars. There was a sign that stated today was a tournament. So I hope they did not have a tournament in Fl., only to have o delay it.

  15. It is all rather scarry with Obama playing golf as if nothing serious was going on in the Middle East. And if that isn’t bad enough, he has no clue how to solve America’s problems either, yet he is good at making things far worse than they were before he took office. Can’t wait until the worst president in America is out of office? There is absolutely no doubt that Barack Obama is the worst president in America’s history, by far.

  16. Are we really worse off with Obama on the golf course? Afterall, he’s less likely to make decisions that affect the country (or to implement Jarrett’s decisions) when he’s out there.

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