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Poll Shows Hillary in Trouble

The wheels coming off a Hillary Clinton campaign is not something unexpected. But this is very early for a meltdown.

A new CBS poll is out showing only a quarter of Americans have a favorable opinion of Clinton and less than half think she is honest.

These are not the numbers of a frontrunner. Watch Elizabeth Warren closely.

19 Responses to Poll Shows Hillary in Trouble

  1. MrsClinton is the “Pigpen” of Dem politics:
    “Pigpen is a human soil bank who raises a cloud of dust on a perfectly clean street and passes out gum drops that are invariably black.
    Charles Schulz”
    She carries a bag with her that has flies buzzing around it, indicating something rotten is inside.

    It was hers in 2008, she had it won, until dome mixed race guy with a funny name jumped in the race. How could she ever expect to win our over Repubs with squeaky clean backgrounds.
    Every scandal, every misstep will follow her and give her opponents ammo that she alone provided.
    She should retire from the public scene, before more dirt is discovered.

    • I no longer believe Hillary will run the race to the end. She’ll have a “health” problem, or some other issue and she’ll be gone. Oh, the D’s will let her start out in the race, just to satisfy her ego, but will drop out eventually. She’s got the message. Get out!

  2. We can hope the wheels are falling off that rickety old bandwagon. I wish the scandal had come later so it would be more fresh in people’s minds when it’s time to vote.

    Warren is no picnic. She’s a pure socialist. Not the Islamist Obama is, but she’s big government incarnate. Crazy Uncle Joe is just a joke. He’ll be “in” the campaign for a few weeks for comic relief. But wow, there’s no one else at this point. They have been banking on Hillary.

    My fear is Obama is working to take out Hillary with no Dem alternative available, so that the Dems won’t oppose it (much) when he cancels the election.

  3. The longer any of us live, the more history we have. HRC, however, is full of so much dirty linen that she beats any of us older folks.

    Pocahontas really scares me.

  4. ‘The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be’. Hillary needs to be put out to pasture before she starts scaring little children with those bug eyes and that cackle.

  5. I totally understand Hillary’s “campaign” going south, but who really thinks Elizabeth Warren is a credible candidate for POTUS? As noted, she has even less experience than O’JugEars and she’s a proven liar. Even the Dimocrats should be able to do better than her.

  6. Obama’s assigned task was to create chaos in the system (stage two in Hegel’s three stage “change” formula). Stage three is to ram down the solution to the chaos– with this: “the government will now take over every last aspect of your lives to eliminate the chaos”. That’s Warren’s assigned task. Like Obama, she has a questionable background, lies constantly and fools lo’ info, gullible voters. So she will be Obama on steroids. Another puppet.