As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Mitt Sends Himself Up on the Tonight Show

Somehow this late night show appearance is done with a little more dignity than, you know, the other guy does it. IMO.

Also noteworthy how warmly Romney is received. I’m sensing some buyer’s remorse, even in New York City . . .

14 Responses to Video || Mitt Sends Himself Up on the Tonight Show

  1. I think these skits are stupid. Why these politicians do these stupid stunts is beyond me. I don’t want a comedian in the White House. I want a Leader.
    Yes, I realize I am in a “vast right wing” minority.

  2. The ‘buyer’s remorse’ is a bit late to the table.

    Obama’s administration presents a target rich environment, and anyone that wants to use their first amendment rights to do so is OK by me.

  3. Yep, makes you wonder why in 50+ counties across the county, out of hundreds of thousands of votes cast; not one single person voted for Mitt.

  4. ______________________________________

    The chairman of the English dept., Marshall Craig,
    liked telling a story about how Mitt Romney,

    when approaching graduation, came to him seeking
    advice on pursuing a DOCTORATE in English Literature.

    “You can afford to read all the books you’d like,
    but WHY would you get a PhD and STARVE ?”

    Craig often recounted telling Mitt Romney,
    “You should get an MBA.”

    Marshall Craig propelled Mitt to PURSUE SUCCESS.

    Mitt Romney, who earned cum laude recognition,
    would attend Harvard to pursue an MBA.


    Gov. Mitt Romney’s mentor:

    I must PLAN THINGS
    IF I want to SUCCEED.

    The Greater the CHALLENGE,
    the HIGHER the STANDARD must be.


    Gov. Romney says:
    In this country, we want SOMEONE