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“Can You Pick Me Up? I’m Flying Into Obama”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel floated the idea Wednesday of naming one of Chicago’s airports after President Obama.

According to Politico:

When asked at a candidate forum at Chicago State University why he was no longer supporting his own proposal to name two high schools after Obama and influential religious and community leader Arthur Brazier, Emanuel said that he was still looking for ways to “acknowledge people who have done significant things.”

“We have an airport, two of them, you know, Midway Airport, O’Hare Airport,” Emanuel said. “[Obama and Brazier] are people who have been transformative in the city of Chicago. But we have airports named after battleships.”

Don’t smirk. Eventually, something named after Obama could be coming to a place near you.

41 Responses to “Can You Pick Me Up? I’m Flying Into Obama”

  1. There’s already an elementary school named for “Barack Obama” in Prince Georges County, MD, just off of Ritchie-Marlboro Road not far from Rt. 4.

  2. O’Hare renamed “O’Hare International Airport” to honor Edward O’Hare, the U.S. Navy’s first flying ace and Medal of Honor recipient in World War II.

    Midway renamed in 1949 to commemorate the battle.

    Get a clue, schmuck.

  3. After SenBarry Goldwater passed, some faithful Repubs wanted to change the name of our regional airport from Sky Harbor to Goldwater.
    Saner heads prevailed as the sheer cost and confusion that changing the name would have brought.
    Cape Canaveral is another case of sentiment and well wishes gone off the rails.

    But, we’re talking about Chicago – a place unlike any other in the USA, so who knows.
    I don’t think the Black community there is all that in love with the Obamas anymore.

      • Back in the early 70’s I lived in the TOWN of Cape Canaveral, FL. Non-Floridiots were constantly trying to tell me that NO I lived in Cape Kennedy, FL. I pretty sure all Cape Canaveralites were as irritated as I was. Was kind of fun to be literally rattled right out of bed by the night launches from “The Cape”!!

  4. Back in the day, I hated that DCA changed it’s name to Reagan Airport. I grew up, but DCA is still what I call it. I think that’s what the airlines still use too ;)

    • What does DCA stand for? I was stationed in Alexandria in ’71 and ’72 and we just called it “National Airport”. Oh wait, just figured it out, District of Columbia Airport!?!?

    • I was thinking more along the lines of renaming Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for Obama but I have it on Absolutely No Authority Whatsoever that Leavenworth is going to be renamed the “Bowe Bergdahl Recreation and Incarceration Center”!!!!!

  5. …Emanuel said. “[Obama and Brazier] are people who have been transformative in the city of Chicago.”


    Obummer has been “transformative” in the city of Chicago? Really, Rahm? Okay, please tell me what it is exactly that Obummer has ever done for Chicago (other than get the hell out of there)?

    Just name one thing this so-called community organizer and his big mouth wife have ever done for the city? Hmm, a “community organizer”? So, did I miss the news about a community center he helped get financed and built to get the kids off the street? Anything? Has he done a single freaking thing for Chicago??

      • It would be wonderful if they’d leave. I’d contribute my last cent to get them on a flight out of here. Maybe they can buy a mansion in Iran.

  6. There was a proposal here in his “birthplace” to rename a beach after him about 6 months ago and it was absolutely voted off the island.