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The Obama Morning News || March 26, 2015

White House still thinks Yemen is a success . . . It’s a counterintuitive claim that puzzles national security experts and enrages Republicans. In a testy exchange with an ABC reporter Wednesday, Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest insisted that the United States continues to “enjoy the benefits of a sustained counterterrorism security relationship with the security infrastructure that remains in Yemen.” Washington Examiner

Allies down with “Islamist extremism” term . . . While President Obama and his aides insist that Muslim extremists have nothing to do with Islam the religion, other world leaders are leaving that approach behind. Washington Times

Five Taliban commanders for a deserter . . . Congressional Republicans continue to complain that Obama had paid too high a price for Bergdahl, that he’d effectively negotiated with terrorists and that he’d kept Congress in the dark about a decision in which it should have played a role. Some Afghanistan veterans charged that soldiers had been killed or hurt while searching for Bergdahl. Politico

White House readies campaign to defend Iran deal . . . Obama and his top national security and foreign policy aides will defend the deal forcefully to the public and in private talks with wavering senators and representatives. They will emphasize the deal’s intrusive monitoring and verification of Iranian nuclear facilities. Yahoo News

A new birth for Biden? . . . The vice president isn’t exactly running for president, but Clinton’s email missteps have focused new attention on the possibility that he might. Politico

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 26, 2015

  1. I am sure Obama will face many dogged questions on his Bergdahl swap during his appearance today at a nearly-all-black community college in the deep south.

  2. Notice how every time it gets hot in the kitchen, Obama books to make a speech in some college and leaves his lackeys to handle the hard questions.
    Obama is a bully, and bullies tend to be cowards.

    Yemen is another example as per Earnist’s ridiculous answers in yesterday’s press briefing to John Karl.

    How long can this nonsense continue ?

    WH is preparing to defend the Iran deal ‘forcefully’ to the public and in private meetings with wavering senators and representatives.

    Wavering congressional members ???

    The abject stupidity of this administration is astounding !

  3. Obama orchestrated, approved, and continues to defend his decision to trade a deserter who cost other soldiers their lives for five hardened, America-hating Islamists, three of whom have allegedly returned to terror networks.

    Other than another America-hater, now charged with violations of U.S. Military Code, Obama got absolutely nothing in exchange for the five America-hating terrorists.

    I just don’t get it. How could anyone dare question Barack Obama’s love for the United States?

    • Obama’s record of foreign policy is horrendous.
      He is what you get when foolish people elect a man with no military experience, no private sector experience, and an obvious disdain for this Country just because he is black.

      Couple that with his wife’s demonstrations of childish behavior on national TV and a stated hatred of America and Her symbols.
      “All this for a damn flag.”

      1 and 3/4 years and they will be out of office, but not out of our lives.

    • Jed Starnes they way they handled the trade, was also dangerous for the present, and or future people that have, may be taken hostage.