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The GOP Road to the White House Runs Through Israel

I have new piece running at the top of the Reuters opinion section this morning, “The Republican road to the White House runs through Israel.” 

The gist of it is that Israel is going to become a huge issue in the 2016 election and that Republicans will benefit – both against each other and the against the eventual Democratic nominee – from trumpeting their support for the Jewish state. Not so much because it will help them gain Jewish votes – but because it will help them with Christians.

I hope you’ll take a look.

12 Responses to The GOP Road to the White House Runs Through Israel

  1. Thanks for the article Keith. I could understand the old-schools Dems, having a lot of support from the Jewish people hear. However I do not understand them standing behind what o has been a part of.

  2. Excellent piece, Keith. I couldn’t agree more. Regardless what the US decides as it relates to Israel, God will always save a remnant of his chosen people. We can’t foil His plans.

  3. Spot on, Keith. When November 2016 rolls around and ‘if’ Hillary is still the presumptive candidate; it will be a good time to remind everyone how she never said a word during this time, thereby condoning his despicable behavior with her silence.

  4. It could be said that MrObama’s attitude toward Israel, and his pandering to certain Islamic goals, might just be the catalyst that provides the beleagured country with the protection from other MiddleEastern countries from Iranian madness.
    As word comes that the Saudi elites have emerged from their silk tents and sent the harems away so that they can fight the worst Islamists who threaten them all, and they mean to protect themselves from a nuclear Iran, one of the benefits will be that Israel might just be a tad safer.

    If MrObamas refusal to deploy American troops to stem the tide of the radicals has forced the Middle East countries to defend themselves, then we might want to reconsider just how clever the Obama foreign policy really is.

  5. I’m so glad to read this, Keith! I am a Republican precinct delegate in Michigan, and I’ve been trying to get my higher-ups to understand this. Republicans have a golden opportunity to shave off some Jewish votes–and as you point out, money–away from the Democrats.

    it was just announced that Obama declassified info about Israel’s nuclear program. this is unprecedented, and should remove any last doubts about Obama’s feelings about Israel.

  6. I have had my attention on the plane issue, and the Bergdahl issue.
    I just pulled up to to that:
    USA to allow **** to run **** thingees at underground bunker.
    Rouhani writes to o as talks near deadline…
    Deal Sunday?
    O declassifies Secret document revealing Israel program…
    Unprecedented move…
    If this makes everyone more worried are concerned, you may feel better that o will be going to play golf in S. Florida. sarc.

  7. Excellent article, Keith. I agree with you that Israel will likely be an important issue in the next election when it comes to the Christian vote. Sadly, not enough Jews in this country have begun to turn away from the Dems. I will never understand how so many of them support the Democrats, especially Obummer in 2008 and 2012.