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Obama Ignores Congress Because He Thinks It Lacks Legitimacy

It occurred to me, after President Obama’s pronouncement last week in favor of forced, universal suffrage, that behind his contempt for Congress and his many end-runs around it is most probably the determination that Congress lacks legitimacy.

Now, where would more votes appear were there universal suffrage? Among Obama voters, of course, as he said:

If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country, because the people who tend not to vote are young; they’re lower income; they’re skewed more heavily towards immigrant groups and minority groups; and they’re often the folks who are — they’re scratching and climbing to get into the middle class.

So that’s his sentiment. More voters – no matter that they have less than low-information and can’t be bothered to vote except at gunpoint – make for a better democracy.

Now think about how he was elected and reelected president. By drilling down into his base. That is, making the electorate more representative of “the people.”

And when Republicans seized all of Congress in 2014, Obama wasn’t the least bit in awe of the event. Rather, he noted, only a third of voters went to the polls, and the views of those who didn’t show up were important too.

“To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you,” he said at news conference the day after voters handed the Senate  to the GOP. “To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too,” he added.

Ah yes, non-voters made a principled stand! Assuming they weren’t supine and asleep.

boehner Obama

Many more people vote during presidential election years than during the off years, and in Obama’s case, the electorate, in his view, looked more like America.

Add in the influence in Congress of all those filthy lobbyists headed round the “revolving door” between K Street and Capitol Hill, and you have a much purer representation of democracy at the White House, in the mind of Obama.

So why listen to Congress?

26 Responses to Obama Ignores Congress Because He Thinks It Lacks Legitimacy

  1. It’s only his enormous ego that makes him think that forcing everyone to vote would keep the Dems (and him) in power forever.
    If everyone were forced to vote, then we would have to scuttle the two-party system and become a parlimentary type government or one of those countries that have hundreds of candidates for any one office.
    Shame on me – this is a non-issue, will never happen and that I even chose to make a comment is proof that we have an idiot in the Oval office.

    • So what will the penalty be if you don’t vote, and how are they going to track the non-voters ?

      This is still a free Country Barry whether you like it or not.

      • Who cares? Better not happen in America because of this disaster of a “president”.

        Off topic, but saw that this regime of an administration is using the word “occupation” describing Israel, just like the President’s terrorist friends do. He is having his other people in his administration say the word, OCCUPATION, he would never say it himself.because he’s a coward. He has OTHER PEOPLE spread HIS evil all the time!

  2. White folks need to realize that Obama and the media are making war on us. Congress lead by boner and Mcdummie are there to help.
    Its not that congress is irrelevant , its they are on board.
    Here in Mexico North (California) we are already lost, and over run by the illegals and the Jerry Brown government.

    • McDummie! I love it! So true, dumb and dumber, or they don’t care, Repubs only interested in themselves. The people are getting ready to revolt, they want Obama impeached! For the way he treats our friend Israel and the deserter got special treatment in the Rose Garden? For those two things alone he should be gone. Nixon was a saint compared to this anti-American moron.

  3. Does anyone remember what happened to the last King who tried to rule us by decree? I thought there was some kind of revolution involved…

  4. OT: Bergdahl charges, Desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.
    News conference at 3:00 eastern time. Just heard on Fox.
    Charges for him. Now: What about the people that were sent back home? Will anyone be held responsible for them being traded?

    • Why would any president who loves his country allow 5 hardened, heartless, America-hating terrorists to be traded for a deserter?

      Think of the number of American soldiers’ lives put in danger in search of this weak weasel, Bergdahl. Now think of the number of non-Islamists put in danger by the return of these Taliban to their own.

      A firing squad is in order.

    • There is too young to vote, (dumb & indoctrinated by government schools) and also too old in some cases…my own mom at 87 should not be allowed to vote any longer. She is stuck in the early 1960’s and believes EVERYTHING the msm tells her. It is so frustrating, she believes the Tea Party are radical terrorists…

      • Don’t feel bad, you are not alone. My Mother thinks the Today Show and the Boston Globe are pillars of truth. I decided some time ago to give up on her, don’t want to spend what time she has left arguing about politics.

  5. “Lacks legitimacy?” On most days I would agree except for a few members.
    Nevertheless, this is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black (pun intended)

  6. If only Mitt Romney could have said the same in ’12….

    To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. To the millions of you who inexplicably chose not to participate in the process yesterday, but did in 2008 when the election was over in September, I hear you, too,” he added.

  7. As long as Congress keeps letting Obama get away with it and keep claiming a false legitimacy by virtue of a superior ability to hear “non-voting voters” then Obama will keep abusing his co-equal branch and short-circuiting the checks/balances of power.

    I would maintain that the genius in our system is we can replace 100% of the Congress every 2 years and a third of the Senate precisely to hold them accountable to our will.

    America is in the midst of that process and soundly rejected Obama and his policies which he admitted “were on the ballot” in Nov 2014. The democrats have been hemorrhaging coalition members since they went against the true will of the people on Obamacare.

    If Obama thinks Congress lacks legitimacy does he also then admit that Obamacare is illegitimate? Not only passed by bribes (Louisiana Purchase and Cornhusker Kickback) and financial Pig Lipstick (taking the “Doc fix” deficit off-balancesheet and pairing 10 years of taxes with 6 years of expenses) but also via illegitimate methods like “deeming it passed.” All against the majority will of the American people.

    The system is working as designed to correct for Obama’s behavior. But the people we put in need to have a backbone. We are not seeing that yet.

    Obama will have no Legacy but his lawlessness.