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Hillary Tries to Joke Up her Lousy Press Relations

These two political handicappers don’t like her act. I dunno, I thought she was kind of funny.

Mrs. Clinton spoke at the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting. She took no questions. And the audience of MSM reporters gave her a standing ovation anyway.

9 Responses to Hillary Tries to Joke Up her Lousy Press Relations

  1. IMO, there is nothing funny, cute, amusing, inspiring, or any other positive adjective that could be used for MrsClinton.
    She is a greedy, clueless and careless member of the political elite who promises nothing but more misery for the American public.

  2. Funny ?
    No, she is trying to soften her image as a sharp tongued devil.
    She is again preying on the fools that think that she should be the first female president.

    I have no opposition to a woman president, but not her.

    She is a harpy, look it up in the dictionary.
    Her picture should be beside the definition.

    Funny, no.

    Dangerous, yes.

  3. Keith – Don’t kid yourself. This woman is the next coming of Bonnie Parker. A promise of transparency and access followed immediately by a “modified limited hangout.”

  4. A contemptible shrew who should not be allowed anywhere near the WH! It’s just another way of saying: “What difference does it make? I am the Queen, and don’t you forget it!”

  5. It’s not funny when a public official laughs off a big mistake.

    It wasn’t funny when GWB pretended to look for WMDs.

    Look there’s no back lash for public officials who coverup or lie or make mistakes.

    And they shouldn’t be laughing at it…

    it’s not a whoops.