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McDonough: “An Occupation that has Lasted 50 Years Must End”

I’m beginning to wonder if President Obama is going to provoke another Intifada.

What has happened is clear. Secretary of State Kerry tried to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize – and who knows, a second for Obama? – by negotiating a “peace” agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Now that this didn’t work, and with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu firmly ensconced under the skin of Obama, the administration has decided to ratchet up the pressure and force Israel to accept what it couldn’t get through voluntary negotiation. To this end, the United States will abandon its support for Israel in certain international fora, increasing worldwide pressure on the Israelis to accept a Palestinian state.

And Obama will have support from many American Jews, who are traumatized at the criticism by their allies on the left of Israel’s lack of “social justice” and are aghast that their Israeli cousins voted overwhelmingly for right wingers. The divide between Jews in Israel and the United States is outlined in this piece by Dennis Prager.

Just look at this video. Here is White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough receiving wild applause during remarks Monday from the leftist Jewish group “J Street,” a rapturous, standing ovation for a statement that could have been made by the leader of Hamas:

An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end, and the Palestinian people must have there right and live in, and govern themselves in their own sovereign state.

This is frightening. I hope those screaming their approval will plan some travel to Israel once ISIS or the equivalent takes over the Palestinian “sovereign state” and explosives begin raining down on the heads of Israelis.

And think of how this was phrased. “An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years.” As if Israel were an evil, colonial force rather than a nation trying to preserve some kind of buffer for itself between existence and doom.

With the White House now siding with Israel’s enemies, one has to wonder if the Palestinians, enthralled and emboldened by their new White House backing, will calculate that it would benefit them to add to the pressure with a little of their vintage terrorism. What’s more, the violence could provoke an Israeli response that would further antagonize the world, and Obama.

The White House is playing with fire. All Israel has is America. And now, with America about to deliver to the Iranians a nuclear weapon and hoping to hand the Palestinians a state, Israel is in mortal jeopardy.

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  1. You know Keith, WHD is my daily must read (multiple times). You are incredibly insightful and often witty, but you are depressing the heck out of me lately. (I know you don’t do the stupid things, you just report ’em). What is so obvious to us us completely missed or ignored by so many!

    • All of us ‘regulars’ appreciate Keith for his unbiased reporting.

      Check in on the weekend open threads,….sometimes we get a little humorous, and the topics are not so serious.

      • I do. I may not regularly comment, but I do regularly read. But the country is still going to heck in a hand basket and that’s depressing.

        • Nope,..this Country is NOT going to heck in a hand basket.
          You must be optimistic.

          This Country is ours and the likes of Barack Obama or a left wing congress to tell you differently is to be dismissed as another attempt to ridicule you and the other Americans that love this Country.

          Chin up, eyes forward, into the fray.

          Never ever let the enemy convince you that you are wrong.

          Always hold to what is right.

        • Don’t be discouraged. Never, ever, lose hope. I agree with AFVet. Obama’s Reign of Terror will end and the Progressive/socialist/Muslim Brotherhood terrorists he has installed in the government will go away. We have all the tools we need in the Constitution to reset the course of the nation, and we will do it. It will be a monumental task, just the right size for Americans.

      • The most depressing period of my life, ever, was after Obama was elected the second time. The first time, I was open minded and willing to give him a chance. The second time, I was in stunned disbelief and depressed for three months.

  2. They never stop, they just keep spewing hatred to ‘others’, lies, misdirection, hyped-up spin and it’s wearing, tiresome.
    Approve ‘climate change’ or we’ll penalize you, stop acting “White” or we will destroy your career, your life, and embrace Islam or we will sic the world’s anti-semetics on you.

    6 years of ‘you and yours are obese’, your health insurnace is crap, you must love illegal aliens or else, war is peace, a part-time job is a good thing, and on and on until we are wearied of it all.
    But this – this embrace of a culture that promises “death to America” is beyond simple politics and moves into the possible death of innocent millions.
    I’m not Jewish, have no Jewish friends, so why am I, a Christian, a staunch supporter of Israel while American Jews seem to be ashamed of them? I don’t get it, don’t understand how one little state created out of global sympathy for the plight of the Jews could now be a disruptive, hated even, antagonist for a billion Muslims.

    • Maybe it will take this amount of relentless diatribe to wake up enough people to throw this ideology out for years to come.
      We can only hope that it will.

      I’m right there with you srdem, I am SO sick and tired of it, but we cannot take our eyes off the prize.

      An America that can be what She was founded to be.

    • srdem65: why am I, a Christian, a staunch supporter of Israel while American Jews seem to be ashamed of them?

      I know why. Because you are a conservative, a lover of freedom, and a lover of free people. Plus as a Christian you want the Holy Land to stay free. If it were in the hands of the Palestinians, or Hamas there is the likely hood that your access to the land will be gone. Only under the Jewish people has the land been accessible by all people of all faiths.

    • I am exhausted as well of the number of things and more that you mentioned Srdem65. What I do not understand are the Jewish people who are still standing behind this mess. The are two sides two every story, and they are not paying attention to the danger that has/is upon Israel. What is still so shocking is the fact the bad news that will or pending to effect me/us comes into the news several times a day.
      By the way o is speaking now, I just turned off the TV……..

  3. I keep waiting for Obama to step in it so deep that there will be no recover.
    I thought that the new congress would be able to put some pressure on his tactics, however it seems that they are flummoxed and stonewalled at every turn.

    How does a guy with no experience blindside congressmen and women that have DECADES of political experience ?

    Why are they afraid of him ?

    Is it because they have so much baggage that they are afraid of his retribution if they confront him ?

    It has been established that Obama has used thuggish tactics to get where he is.

    The recent threats to republican governors because they don’t embrace the climate change mantra that the administration is shoving down our throats is disgusting, a blatant display of an attempt to bully the leaders of states that refuse to believe rhetoric that has been proven wrong.

    Obama will never give up.
    He has to be stopped.
    I feel that this congress is only capable of slowing him down at best.

    So much for the effort we made at the polls.

  4. One word: LEGACY!

    The wreckless, criminal, unconstitutional actions of this malignant narcissist will have repercussions of seismic magnitude once he vacates his public housing.

    ObamaCare, Immigration, Cuba, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and now… Israel. We have a madman on the loose while the derelict Congress stands by and does nothing to stop him.

    • Oh yes Girly1, I’m sure that the congress critters will regroup over the Easter break.
      New demands on the Obama regime will be forthcoming. /sarc

    • That is an astute observation Girly1.

      As far as his legacy is concerned it should go down in the history of the United States as a major mistake by the voters to allow a Marxist/communist into the White House.

      I could go on and on as I know you could.
      We are preaching to the choir on this site.

  5. Seems the occupant of the White Mosque can give an ultimatum to Israel, but not the enemy, Iran who promises “Death to America”.

    • who controlled the land before Israel? Not the Palestinians. It was the Jordanians who didn’t give the Palestinians any say or power.

  6. “I’m beginning to wonder if President Obama is going to provoke another Intifada.”

    Why not? He was successful with Ferguson.

  7. Never has an American politician of any stripe spoken so disrespectfully against Israel. McDonough’s remark is shocking and disgusting. Clearly, he was quoting Obama.

  8. No Israel has the makings of a Quadruple Alliance : Egypt , Jordan and Saudi Arabia . And now that so-called AntiZionism in Europe and the US is at last seen for what it is , Jew Hatred ,Israel needs to find allies where they are now and not where they once were . And end the occupation of the so-called West Bank : Annex Judea and Samaria .Any arab that doesn’t like it can be removed to Gaza

  9. I just turned off the Five.
    Juanie said Bibi needs to stop spying on us. Where is Bob Beckel?
    At least Bob understood certain things, and disagreed with certain things o and crew have or have not done. Did a bunch from the left call up and say, your show is unfair because Bob agrees with you every once in a while?

    • The fact is that all governments spy on each other to one degree or another. Obama’s spymasters not only spy on the leadership of Israel, Germany (remember when Angela Merkel blew her top about it?), the UK, etc, but he has ordered them to spy on every citizen, in effect, in the United States. Obama’s digging up dirt on every American, storing the information, and using it when the time is right. Watch what happens to Ted Cruz in the next few weeks. No doubt in my mind ValJar, as the keeper of said dirt, has boxes of information on him and othr R candidates. Remember what happened to Hillary? ValJar ordered the MSM to taake her down and they did.