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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, March 24, 2015

10:45 am || Begins meetings with Afghan President Ghani;
2:20 pm || Holds a press conference with Afghan President Ghani; East Room
4:45 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Kerry

All times Eastern
Live stream of press conference at 2:20 pm

18 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, March 24, 2015”

        1. I do not know what is being thrown, but they probably decided to meet in person, and no longer chit chat on any phone, or computer. I think they should have met on the street to discuss this, instead of within the house.

  1. I still maintain that Ghani is the same guy as Karzai, but with a different hat! Or NO hat!! That’s gotta be a big friggin’ offense to Allah, the most merciful and bloodthirsty!!

  2. Oh, oh Dictator Obama is meeting with Botox Face Kerry this afternoon. Probably they will be masterminding a new foreign policy disaster in the Far East now that they have transformed the Middle East into a cauldron of savagery and war.

    Said it before and I’ll say it again: Dictator Obama and his fellow democrat communist party America haters are going to get millions of Americans killed.

      1. Sadly, Generals have been weeded out and most of the remaining ones have become “yes” men/women. Look at how BO’s Yemen strategy has fallen apart after he spiked the football last year. He was warned it would happen, yet ignored what was obvious. Those who opposed were sent packing.

        It will be interesting what is proposed for the Afgan withdrawal. Review lessons learned?? Maybe. To little too late?? Absolutely.

  3. OT: Ailine crashes in France. It was traveling from Germany. No survivors expected. It went down in the mountain area (French Alps.) Discussing on Fox now.

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