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Live Stream || Ted Cruz Presidential Run Announcement

Cruz is at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, the world’s largest Christian university, to make his announcement in front of a crowd reportedly totaling 11,000.

The event has concluded.

6 thoughts on “Live Stream || Ted Cruz Presidential Run Announcement”

  1. Thanks Keith.
    Cruz just explained his father coming here from Cuba. He explained his father leaving his mom. A friend invited his father joined a prayer meeting. God transformed his heart, bought ticket back to his mom.
    There are people that wonder if faith is real. No doubt in his family. Imagine a little girl comes back to America, from Africa. Sell bread. That was his wife. Speaks well of his daughters. Imagine another teenage boy raised in Houston hearing about prison, cuba, torture. He studies the constitution. Heading off to school and got two jobs to pay for school. He just paid off a few years ago. These are all of our stories. Who we are as Americans. Yet for so many the promise for America come from God Almighty. Constitution to, Bind the mischief of Government. Promise of America. People fear it is slipping away from our hands.
    240 years ago today, a 38 yr old lawyer Patrick Henry, said GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. He said imagine thousands of conservatives stand up in unison statng we demand our Liberty. Imagine millions of young people standing together for Liberty.
    A lot of those young people are cheering…..
    Five yrs ago today, o signed ocare.
    People booed…. Withen hours law suit was filed. People cheered.
    Instead of millions loosing jobs, there insurance. Imagagine Pres. appealing every word of o care.
    Imagine keeping govt out of you and your doctor. Instead of Tax code that crushes innovation. Imagine a simple Flat Tax. Imagaine abolishing the IRS. Instead of lawlessnes and amnesty, we have a pres that finally secures the border. Welcome those that come to achieve the American Dream. Instead of Federal Govt that goes after Hobby Lobby, etc. Imagain a Govt that stands for rights of every American. Imagine Govt that appreciates human life and marriage. Instead of Govt that undermines our 2nd Amend. our ammunition, but have one that protects our right to bear arms. Instead of Govt that seizes your emails and phone. Instead of Federal Govt to dictact school Common Core. Imagagine appealing everything in Common core. Every single child of every race, religion as a right to proper education. Every child. Instead of Pres. who boycotts Netanyahu, Imagaine a Pres who stands with Israel. Standing cheer….. Instead of President that goes to United Nations to un run Congress, and Iran will not get nuclear weapons. Imagine if pres. said we would defeat radical Islamic terrorist, and call it by it’s name. We will defend U.S. If you look in history of America and were back in 1175, or 1776 regarding Uniting, and than in 1777 and watch Washingto loosing battle after battle. Imagine listening to Roosevelt in 1933 but have nothing to fear but fear itself. 1979 listening to Raegan, and him saying crushing econmomic bad economy and bring down Berlin Wall. That is what happen with the Grace of God. People have always rose to challenges. Power of U.S. when we stand up for Liberty. Knows no bound. If you are ready to join a grassroots army, will tell you to take your cellphone out and text Constitution to 33733. God is not done with America yet. I believe in thousands of Conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of America. That is why I am running for President. Standing cheer……..
    It is time for Truth, Time for Liberty, Time to RECLAIM Constitution. Willing to stand with each and everyone. to reclaim future for our children and our children’s childen. OUr Fight. The answer will not come from Washington, but from people from citizens, standing together. Get back to restore shining city on the hill. God Bless

  2. Leftists will make an issue about the venue – the world’s largest Christian university, as well as the content of his speech. I’ll bet Barry is pissed.

  3. Sorry to spoil the fun but it appears that there is no way he is QUALIFIED to be Pres per the requirements of the Constitution. He was born in Canada, to an American and a Cuban, who was not yet a naturalized Citizen. He may be good, but he won’t fly. If i am wrong, please correct me. I’ll keep checking back…….because i’d love to be wrong this time.

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