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Cruz: Imagine a President Who Stands Unapologetically With Israel

Yeah, just imagine.

Ted Cruz received a standing ovation at the world’s largest Christian university today, Liberty University, when he asked the students to imagine, instead of a president who “boycotts Prime Minister Netanyahu,” one who “stands unapologetically with the nation Israel.”

I say as a Jew, thank God Israel has conservative Christian allies. Because if it had to rely on the liberals most of my fellow Jews associate themselves with, Israel would be sunk.

That Israel was a massive applause line for Cruz is a sure sign Republicans will make support for the Jewish state a central theme of their primary campaigns, and of the upcoming contest with a Democratic candidate. And this may drive substantial number of Jewish voters into the Republican column for the first time since Ronald Reagan got 39 percent of the Jewish vote in 1980 defeating another Democrat whose support for Israel was suspect, Jimmy Carter.

22 thoughts on “Cruz: Imagine a President Who Stands Unapologetically With Israel”

  1. The video is Reagan’s policies resurrected.
    I think that this guy can bring true conservatives back to the polls.
    The upcoming debates are going to be most interesting.

    Barry, you need to be very afraid of this man.

      1. My thoughts exactly. No ‘prompter’ or notes. Obama must have taken a course in ‘The Presidency for Dummies 101’. He still can’t string two sentences together or answer a single impromptu question from a reporter.
        His forum is the late night comedy shows.

        1. I noted a couple of days ago, he also gets very flip with the reporter. It was a reporter from the Associated Press, who wanted to question the Iran issue, and o only want to answer question about his Global issue. The reporter told him it is possible to answer both. (In so many words).

        2. That speech came from the heart.
          I feel that he has just set the bar very high.
          He is reminding us of the Shining City on the Hill, that we all miss.

      2. In my previous career I had to do quite a bit of public speaking, presentations etc. If you know what you’re talking about you don’t need notes because you are speaking based on knowledge and not lies. For the converse to this, see one named BHO.

        1. I cannot look at o speak, for a couple of reasons. One is that I find my self doing nothing but looking at his face going side to side. Side to side, side to side.

          1. I can’t stand the monotone, bla bla BLA…I readsomewhere, a huge report on how he was taught to hypnotize his listeners.

  2. srdem mentioned that he spoke without a TelePrompter.

    Rush just mentioned that the libs are going bonkers trying to imagine how that could be.

    It’s because the words come from his heart and soul.
    He needs no ‘prompting’.

  3. Referring to Cruz’s time as a student at Harvard Law, Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.”

    Cruz has no use for a teleprompter!

  4. The ball is in the GOP’s court.
    It will be interesting to see their response to a speech that is right up there with one of the best.

  5. Sorry to spoil the fun but it appears that there is no way he is QUALIFIED to be Pres per the requirements of the Constitution. He was born in Canada, to an American and a Cuban, who was not yet a naturalized Citizen. He may be good, but he won’t fly. If i am wrong, please correct me. I’ll keep checking back…….because i’d love to be wrong this time.

  6. Anyone who is willing to admit faith, is supporting Israel 100% and is speaking from the heart about conservative beliefs rather than having to use a teleprompter – is someone I can trust.
    Cruz has never used double speak, lied about who he is or pretend to be someone he is not.

    He is also a darn good speaker!!

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