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Cruz Announces he is Running for President

As you are probably aware, Sen. Ted Cruz is announcing Monday his candidacy for president.

He actually did so at 12:09 pm ET Sunday via Tweet: “I’m running for President and I hope to earn your support!” He’ll make a formal statement this morning at around 10:00 am at Liberty University, a conservative, Christian college in Lynchburg, Va.

An interesting choice of venue, suggesting he is trying to cut into Rand Paul’s natural constituency of students, who often run a little  toward the Libertarian. And of course there’s never any problem generating wild enthusiasm on a college campus, as President Obama has proven time and again.

The Associated Press nabbed some photos of Cruz doing a dry run at the college, including a cute photo with his girls and a rehearsal of the Official Campaign Announcement Kiss with his wife.

Being the first to get in will give Cruz a little extra attention from the press, but it won’t otherwise provide much of an advantage over other GOP candidates, who are expected to wade in early next month.

Cruz also unveiled a website and produced a video, which you can see below.

And with that, the preseason is over.

28 thoughts on “Cruz Announces he is Running for President”

  1. It’s interesting how long Presidential political campaigns go on in the USA. What do you have to look forward to, two years of it? In Canada the campaigns for election of the Prime Minister only last about three months, which is long enough, in my opinion.

    1. It is because the 17th ammendment and the money. Once the Senators discoverd they could sway elections by bringing home fed dollars they were no longer required to do the right thing. In other words they started acting in thier own best interests (reelection). The more funding and favors, the more money fed to the election.

  2. Donald Trump made comment of the announcement on Fox. He said Making America great again is what he says.
    He is a good person, smart, and could make it. Don’t want to say to much, because I may be running. Putin is throwing around the nuclear word. Not leadership, of course he was noting o. o cannot talk to anyone, just runs around signing Executive orders. He said it looks like Iran is getting the better of him. Deals that take this long, are usually no good.

  3. I’m more a middle-of-the-road Republican so Cruz doesn’t appeal to me in the sense that I don’t think he’s capable of forging alliances intra-party, let alone bridge gaps between parties. He’s smart and well-spoken, has an incredible story of success, so while I wish him well, he won’t be getting my vote.

  4. Takes a brave soul to walk out into the public arena in this new age world. Making ones self a sacrifice to be sliced and diced by the current loud-mouthed super critics. Everyone is an expert, know it all. News room snakes, internet trolls, those that reside hidden in the dark shadows but jack their jaws none the less. The world never was a painless place to exist. Now it is brutal to the bone…The ultimate battle continues: Good vs Evil

    1. Spot on comment, w. The lame-stream media should’ve done its job, and sliced and diced Obama’s history and motives. Good vs evil, pray that good triumphs.

    2. With Cruz’s being the first out of the Republican candidate chute, the instructive thing to watch will be what tactic the MSM will choose in this election round to destroy him and the other Republican candidates. We know in the past they have gone after R candidate’s families, including children, grandparents, silly gaffs, and dug up meaningless and obscure events from the candidate’s early childhood to mock the R candidate. So in the eyes of the MSM, Cruz is the Judas goat. One thing we know for sure, the MSM will not evaluate the issues Cruz and the other candidates raise. They are incapable of doing that. It would be against the rules of the Progressive cult they are members of.

  5. The 2016 Cruz to No where: Smart, level headed, conservative, but not yet his time. Plus I don’t think the left/right coasties will ever vote for him.

    John Kasich is the sleeper that will emerge later this year…God willing.

  6. Now the long knives come out. It started with Gov. Moonbeam saying Ted Cruz is “unfit” for office. WTH does that mean anyway?
    I’m glad Ted threw his hat into the ring. More choices for us. So sad that the Dems are running on empty with their slate of candidates. Exactly where we were in the last 2 presidential elections.

    1. I love Cruz, but I’ve always have qualms about voting for a Senator or anyone who has no EXECUTIVE experience and prefer Executives (whether that’s as CEO, as a General, as Vice President/Sec of State)

      That’s why the American People have only voted for 4 of them in our history (the last one is Obama, and see how inexperienced he is).

      Cruz, Rand Paul, and all the others won’t get my primary vote.

      I like Walker personally but is he ‘sexy’ enough, or is he too dorky looking. That’s a problem with American culture.

      1. Spot on Scottso. Executive experience, regardless of which side of the fence you come from, is a prerequisite. Our very best leaders knew how to lead before they got to the WH. Our current President knows how to spout, but is no manager.


      2. I respect his thoughts today as well, however I do agree with you regarding experience.
        Now I would like him to come out today with The List. Everyone may disagree with me, however anyone thinking of running needs to assure me, they will take care of fixing everything o put his grubby hands on.

        1. It’s a deep Republican pool.
          Most of them would be better than any Democrat that I see will run.

          I want Cruz to be Senate Majority Leader one day.

          1. It is a good pool, and we all have our favorites in that pool. That’s a good thing. Anyone of them would be more constructive, more eloquent, more honest, more patriotic and more appreciative of the United States than Barack Obama. On the Democrat side, we have Hillary and not much else. Hillary signifies the end of the long national Progressive/Alinsky nightmare this country has been through for far too many years.

        2. The List….excellent! Every viable candidate should hold up a white board with bullet points, ten initiatives that can be described in tweet format that we can all understand.

          Put up or shut up


  7. I agree Ted has a very long road ahead that will most likely not lead him to the White House, but this is very exciting. Ted will highlight issues we would never hear a peep about from the Rinos. I tip my hat and wish him well, go Ted!

    1. Tip of the hat well deserved. I do not want to hear anyone on TV insulting him. If so, they can than explain what the dickens, they would have done, if thousands of illegals were walking over their state line with a welcome matt given by offis.

    2. The attacks have already begun.
      Glenn Beck just read an e-mail to his show from someone that is claiming Cruz isn’t eligible because he was born in Canada.
      His mother was an American citizen, therefore that makes him eligible.

      1. Some people keep insisting he’s not eligible, despite the fact that he relinquished his Canadian citizenship. And Cruz has been thoroughly vetted, unlike the current usurper in chief.

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