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Sunday Open Thread || March 22, 2015

54 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || March 22, 2015”

  1. Holder and Obama might have some “splainin'” to do, now that the Washington Post has given Four Pinocchios to both “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “Every 28 hours” (a black person is killed by a cop).

    Safe bet: Darren Wilson will NOT be getting an invite to a beer summit, and the DOJ and WH will NOT be pillars of transparency on the truth here.

    1. They do not know what the word “Splainin” means.
      o should explain his cut off comment to the Associated Press reporter, Mark Smith.
      I mentioned earlier on the previous thread.
      Scroll down just a bit, if you care to see o’s cut off answer.

  2. Just finished up Meet The Press and watched lil Chuckie Todd repeat the now administration lies that:
    1. Bibi’s comment about Arab Israelis was racist (He and the rest of the Obama media refuse to include the context of that comment)
    2. That Netanyahu completely backed away from the 2 state solution vs again including the context of the 2 state solution is not viable “today”, as in you can’t have peace while 1/2 the Palestinian government is loyal to Hammas.
    I chose that topic for my Sunday column and will now sit back and wait for the local liberals around my area to have to double their blood pressure medications to counter the facts presented:
    Have a happy rest of the weekend all and as a loyal alum from many moons ago, I must end with: GO SHOCKERS!

        1. I just read your article you listed above. Spot on!
          As far as Chuckie and the rest of the msm leaving out important facts of the news, it is getting old faster and faster. I feel they are doing a diservice to the many people who cannot, or do not have the time to pull up news from the web.

    1. All the MSM is doing is furthering the destruction of their credibility with the intelligent people out there.

      Obama doesn’t care what you think of him.
      The congress that he is harnessed with for his last two years, I feel we will see an arrogance that will be off the charts.

      Any challenge that he gets will be met with a media montage of claims that we are racist.

      1. F them — they are the biggest poisonous racists and should be run out of town on a rail. Why do we normal people have to put up with immoral insanity and disgusting treatment of our friend Israel by such jerks that think they rule the world. People have to step up and get rid of these crooks who take our money for their hair-brained projects and racism that doesn’t exist.

      1. The pictures will display Lee.
        The arrows you see at the bottom of the picture will provide the text that goes with the picture.
        Click on the arrow to get the next pic, then click on the arrow again to get the text.

        1. I will try again later. Waited for the picture. The bottom of the screen read that it was downloding the blackbird, however picture did not appear. :)

    1. When I was in the Air Force I worked with a Major who was a former Blackbird Navigator. They didn’t have all the fancy Nav equipment available today. He had to do it with charts and dividers. He said he learned to be VERY fast. AND that it helped that he could see the WHOLE DAMN WORLD from where he sat!! I also had the privilege of walking around an actual SR-71 while on AF biz at Beale AFB. Awesome machine in person. HUGE!!!

      1. They flew on the very limit of atmosphere vs. space.
        Above were the stars, below the earth.
        The only thing closer to what they did is space travel.

      2. That’s one of the reasons they were retired.
        The satellites that we have now hover over the earth 24/7.
        No need to fire up an aircraft and put pilots in jeopardy when a essentially a robot can do the same thing.

        Technology is a grand thing.
        I’m glad that the SR-71 was retired.
        It is no longer needed.
        Nor is the the Spad.

    2. I was passing through Beale way back when (can’t even remember why I was there), and saw an SR-71 take off. Holy sweet molasses, that was a sight. I remember the afterburners lighting up the night sky on that thing. Another aircraft, the U-2. When I was at Hanscom, another electronic technician and I were assigned to set up a basic backup communications set up so the U-2 people on the ground could communicate with the pilot. I remember clearly, at one point, the pilot saying he was over Bermuda and was out of fuel, but was coming in to Hanscom on schedule (Hanscom is in Massachusetts, just west of Boston.) I remember thinking yikes, we have a problem, that’s too far awy for him to come in safely. But none of the U-2 ground crew looked concerned at all. Then they explained to me that the U-2 would basically coast in to Hanscom, riding the wind currents. The pilot was perfectly safe. And sure enough, some hours later (can’t remember how many) in comes the U-2. all safe and sound. We were able to watch the U-2 take off a couple of times, and that was a sight. After clearing the runway, and dropping the side wheels, at 200 ft altitude or so, that thing turned straight up like a rocket and flew out of sight in minutes. An amazing bird. I think it was Kelly Johnson at Lockheed who designed both the SR-71 and the U-s. He was a genius.

  3. Latest news has it that Microsoft is finally going to kill off Internet Explorer. (Thank God !)
    Evidently, there are many more browsers out there that are far more secure and more efficient.
    Windows version 10 will not have a browser ?
    I wonder how they are going to get people to buy their OS ?
    Maybe they will give us a direct link to .gov websites.

    1. Saw an article about this yesterday. windows 10 WILL have a browser, but NOT I.E. Supposed to be pretty good!?!? But then, Obama was SUPPOSED to be pretty good!

        1. Interesting A.J.
          I never liked the fact that IE was embedded into the OS.
          That is why Firefox and other web browsers gained popularity.
          They are free, and upgraded on a regular basis.
          Firefox is Linux based, far more secure than the DOS base that Windows uses.

          I have never been one to jump on the next biggest thing, especially software.

          Hell,….I drive a 22 year old Dodge truck.

          Thanks for the link.

      1. I’ll stick with Firefox and XP until the computer melts down.
        This thing is old in computer years. 15.
        The other day it couldn’t find the C: drive.

        1. I upgraded from xp to win 7 by buying a used computer from Amazon. Works great quad core, 1tb hard drive, burner, 8gigs of ram. Dell 780. All that for $230 dollars.
          Win 7 is much like xp

  4. OK,…since the thread has seemingly migrated towards computer issues,…here’s a quiz.

    1) Who invented the mouse ?
    2) Who invented the GUI, (Graphical User Interface )?

    1. I don’t know the man’s name that invented the mouse but I remember hearing/reading the news reports of his death a few years ago.

    2. The answer to the quiz is Xerox Corp.
      They had something similar to Windows 3.0 when Bill Gates got a whiff of it.
      Xerox also invented an optical mouse that used a sensor and mouse pad that had a grid printed on it as opposed to the concept we use now.

  5. In case anyone is interested, the creep who occupies the Oval Office is attending a women’s college basketball game today in MD. All of this while our troops are fleeing Yemen!

    He just doesn’t give a rat’s azz about the optics surrounding his bizarre behavior. He just lets it all hang out. He’s becoming more grotesque with each passing day.

    1. I agree that he’s becoming more grotesque each day. It frightens me to think what 2016 will bring.

      As for the game, I read elsewhere that Michelle’s mom and Malia accompanied POTUS to the game. No mention of Sasha…

    2. I am very interested. I mentioned earlier this morning on the other thread that it states Pentagon looses track of
      $500 Million in weapons, aircrafts, & Equipment. It is feared to be in the hands of Iranian backed rebels, and Al Qaeda.
      I am interested in the United Nations meeting they are holding this afternoon. I was unable to pull a site up, however I am not sure if it will be live or not.
      As far as what he is doing today, I am not surprised.

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