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Obama Calls to Give Bibi Hell

Well, President Obama finally called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Thursday evening to “congratulate” him on his election victory, but it wasn’t your typical congratulatory call. It was congratulations, Obama style.

It’s a little like congratulating someone on their wedding by saying, I hope you get divorced soon.

During the call, according to the New York Times, Obama threatened to change – presumably not in a good way – the U.S. relationship with Israel:

In a striking indication of how bitter tensions remain between the two, Mr. Obama told Mr. Netanyahu directly that the United States would have to “re-assess our options” after the prime minister’s “new positions and comments” on the two-state solution, according to a White House official who spoke without authorization to detail the private conversation.

According to reports, Obama also brought up Netanyahu’s election day warning that left wing organizations were busing Arab voters to the polls, employing the same rhetoric Obama aides have used suggesting the statement was “cynical” – i.e., racist.

Oh, and then there was the congratulations.

What Netanyahu said about Arab voters being bused to the polls is a fact. No one argues with it. What they criticize is his motivation for saying it.

Of course, statements of uncomfortable facts these days are often adjudged by the liberal elite as racist, intolerant, sexist, whatever. No matter that they are facts.

Here’s what Netanyahu said:

The right-wing government is in danger. Arab voters are going en masse to the polls. Left-wing NGOs are bringing them on buses.

What I don’t understand is, how are we to know that Netanyahu intended this to energize his – by implication of the criticism – racist voters? Everyone knows that Arabs were voting against him. Could Netanyahu’s statement not also have been an attempt to clearly delineate the threat to Likud?

It was the left that was actually targeting the Arabs.

If tens of thousands of Israeli Jewish delicatessen owners opposed Likud, and the Left was offering them free, quality pastrami if they go to the polls, wouldn’t it be natural for Netanyahu to warn Likud voters that delicatessen owners were being induced to vote?

What is never mentioned is that Netanyahu actually did soon try to clarify his message. He said:

What’s wrong is not that Arab citizens are voting, but that massive funds from abroad from left-wing NGOs and foreign governments are bringing them en masse to the polls in an organized way, thus twisting the true will of all Israeli citizens who are voting, for the good of the Left.

But there was no deterring the thought police at this point, who not only want to dictate your thoughts, but who think they can deduce them as well.

One of the policemen gave Netanyahu a call last night. And he’ll be writing tickets for the next two years.


26 thoughts on “Obama Calls to Give Bibi Hell”

  1. Heh heh.
    Ring, Hello this is Bibi.
    This is Barack…
    Hello Barack…., your efforts to defeat me failed.
    My efforts were intended to defeat you but the racist efforts you used was not in the principles of an honest election process.


  2. Obama is a bully, which means he’s also a coward. He just got metaphorically smacked down by Netanyahu and doesn’t like it because nobody else has had the courage to give him the beat down he deserves.

    1. While I was out, I was listening to Rush make a very detailed, discription of o not worried about numbers, failures, etc., however he rarely has anyone stand up to him, and when they do, he DON’T LIKE IT!

    2. The beat down that he deserves.
      Take that to the bank.

      I find it incomprehensible that the congressional members that oppose his policies are not pressing him to release the records that many agencies have requested under the FOIA.

      1. All of them! If he did something like dance in the front yard nude. A lot of them would still find a good reason to suck up to him.

  3. What the heck should it matter what Netanyahu said to his people to warn them of the left’s efforts to get voter’s to the polls? Barry sure says whatever he feels is necessary to get what he wants and damn the consequences.
    This whole drum beat of racism when things don’t sit right with someone’s silly little feelings or point of view is sickening.
    And who the heck is Barack Obama to meddle in the campaign of the leader of another country or how their citizens vote anyway?
    I think Lord Barack is clinically insane at this point. His arrogance is astounding, his overreach is pathologically dangerous. If we had a Congress worth a damn they would kick his skanky butt out the door.
    I hope Obama was left holding the phone to his ear and listening to the echo of his own voice, while BiBi savored his victory.

    1. Nice rant. IMO, both of the Obamas have gone off the rails. MrO is saying things that others have to walk back or explain, and this hatred of PMNetanyahu is pathetic, not to mention dangerous.
      MrsO’s attire and actions on her mysterious Asian trip is beyond understanding.

      1. What, does IMO mean please? I see it often but can’t quite get it figured out. Thanks.
        Yes, MooChow’s dress was a horror, but I cannot say I have ever seen her in anything resembling “classy.”
        Have you seen the latest “mandate” from MooChow? She commands that children in daycare be weighed and measured and the findings reported to the federal government.

        1. Great rants today! It is appalling that Congress allows Mooch to dictate what food children should eat and how much they should weigh. And noww that they’re going into preschools, even the private home based ones is unacceptable. Look at Barry and Michelle’s gluttony, for heaven’s sake. 14 pies at Thanksgiving. On pi day they were pictured with their chef and numerous pies. Did they not understand the difference between pi and pie?

  4. Obama must be retarded. He funnels money to Arab voters and by doing so Israel’s election was not a free one. It was criminally manipulated by Obama. Pushing and paying people to vote is what Obama and the left do. The way he tried to fix Israel’s election is the way Obama and his criminals fixed the United States election to favor Obama. You can just see how the democrat/communists do not have a fair election, all con and dead people. Its all manipulation and coercion. Obama has showed how the democrats ever win an election now! The way he illegally sent money to Arabs in Israel shows us that Obama is nothing but a thug, a criminal, someone without integrity, character, honesty. He is a manipulator in a way that is completely crominal regarding elections and he must be impeached and thrown out of office. He cannot be trusted, always lies, is evil, likes to hurt people in the most idiotic way, no class, no morals, he should be in jail for manipulating our elections and Israel’s elections. Impeach now, he has brought nothing but hate, criminal activity to the White House. We must build a new House after he leaves.

  5. Liberals always accuse others of the very things they practice themselves. As they say in AA, “If you can spot it, you got it.”

  6. Dear Iranians: I an getting rid of Israel at the United Nations and, as you requested, Israel will be destroyed. Now, will you sign the deal?
    Signed Barack Obama, The Fool and the hater of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

  7. Given Obama’s recent over-the-top uptick in his campaign to get rid of Netanyahu and his constant bashing of Israel, is it unreasonable to consider that part of the secret “negotiations” is to do just that–to get rid of Netanyahu and destroy Israel? Is that why he refuses to let the Senate participate in the negotiations?

  8. The now running stage play, “World Tragedies” Current world leaders are cast in their own roles. Dressed in native costumes reflecting historical culture each actor enters on cue to say their lines. Play goers boo and hiss as USA president Obama all too often speaks his lines out of sequence, off script, long winded diatribe making little sense in the plot of the story..Attendance has been dwindling.

  9. Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.

  10. Obama should have called Netanyahu in a timely manner. It seemed to me that waiting showed disrespect for the Prime Minister. Having said that,it boggles the mind that Israel allows for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. Not only that, but we, the US taxpaper pay for this.
    How very sad that jewish children are being aborted every day in a Jewish state that must import Jewish people from other parts of the world just to maintain a diminishing population.

    1. I am surprised about the abortions in Israel. It is sad and I hope that not too many people in Israel abort their children. The Israeli people are smarter than that and I would think that there are few of them. Do you have numbers or statistics of how many abortions in Israel?

      1. Yes this is very sad and I’m sure shocking to many.
        Check out-
        the piece was written by Debra Kamin Jan.6 2014–
        “Israel’s Abortion Law now among world’s most liberal”
        I don’t have the stats. I did,but unfortunately, did’t bookmark it.

  11. where the hell are the Jewish members of congress and the leaders of all the Jewish organizations
    We need not forget
    Dershowitz should be apologizing
    Foxman should be apologizing
    Schumer should be apologizing
    and on and on
    jstreet should be attacked the way obama is attackinng Israel and bibi

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