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Kerry Sucks Up with Condolences for Iran’s Now Motherless Leader

A sad thing happened to the leader of a brutal dictatorship that has vowed to destroy Israel – ostensibly our ally – and that is responsible for the deaths of many American servicemen and women and is also trying to undermine the United States throughout the Middle East.

His mother died. Aww.

Secretary of State Kerry snapped straight into appeasement mode, lavishing condolences on the ruthless totalitarian, Iranian President Rouhani. He expressed his sorrow personally both to Iran’s foreign minister and Rouhani’s brother, who are helping negotiate our surrender to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Meanwhile, the State Department issued a statement – on the passing of a foreign leader’s mother, if you can believe it – and then Kerry Tweeted it out.

From your Department of State:

We extend our deepest condolences to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr. Hassan Rouhani and his family on the passing of his mother, Mrs. Sakineh Peivandi. Such a loss is especially hard coming on the eve of Nowruz, traditionally a time when families gather together in joy and hope. We share in his grief and that of his brother, Presidential Special Advisor Hossein Fereydoun, who has been participating in the talks in Lausanne, and we keep their family in our thoughts.

Yes, in our thoughts.

During today’s State Department briefing, Associated Press correspondent Matt Lee was incredulous:

I’m just wondering aren’t you guys laying it on a bit thick here? Is there something that you are expecting in terms of Iranian concessions in the negotiations with this display?

This is the leader of a country – clearly the loss of one’s parent is tragic – but this is the leader of a country that you accuse of being the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. You accuse of trying to develop a nuclear weapons with which its leaders have said it will use against one of America’s top allies  . . . Are you sending flowers as well?

As I noted before, this administration is under the mistaken impression that appeasement works with dictators. Rather, it connotes weakness.

And that is why the Iranians, in these nuclear discussions, are taking us to the cleaners.

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    1. Chris Kyle was a True American Hero and will always be remembered with Honor and Respect.
      God Bless our Military
      God Bless America

  1. Stop! Go back several years. If someone would have told you want would be happening left in right in America, you would have laughed at their suggestion.

  2. It’s, now, it’s the guy’s mother, and MrO is hoping, praying, begging for something, anything, that will look like a win for himself in the Middle East and kissing up when the guy’s mother passed is like, well, it’s something nice.
    We all know that ‘nice’ or civilized or polite is not in the Iranian vocabulary and yes, it indicates weakness to them.

    The problem facing MrO is that he needs this pact, he needs it bad. Everything he’s tried to do, or has done, in the last 6 years is falling apart, has been a loss or a disaster. His legacy is no jobs, failures, angry crowds and he will give away anything or everything to get something.
    A very dangerous place for a POTUS to be negotiating from.

  3. LOL……You gotta love Matt Lee of the AP! Tweedle Dumb and Dumber hate him! I am shocked they did not pull his press pass a long time ago.

    1. you know what Grandma, you’re right. I can’t even find the words to explain how sickening this is, and how scary for America and Israel.

    2. Grandma Di, I’ll have to send you some of my duct tape (for exploding heads). I’ve recently gone from purchasing it by the caseload to having a truckload delivered to my house each month. I might have to change that to a weekly order.

  4. Dear Iranians: I’m getting rid of Israel at the United Nations. Israel will be destroyed. Now will you sign the deal? I’m begging.
    Signed by Barack Hussain Obama, The Fool, a/k/a Hater of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

      1. I guess I’m just psychic == I don’t know, I was just sitting around with a bad cold by the way, and it occurred to me that why, during negotiations with Iran is this nut O threatening to go to the UN to throw Israel under the bus? To gain favor with Iran so he will get a deal?This is how evil he is and I wouldn’t put it past him. Obama hasn’t done a thing regarding Israel and the 2 state thing and now all of a sudden he’s angry. Yeah right, he’s doing it to show the Iranians he hates Israel too.

  5. I turned on a show earlier on the Travel Channel. They were discussing a German immigrant who brought down the largest spy ring in America History. He risked his life to spy and tape, etc.
    I pulled it up on the net.…/new-yorker-risks-life-double-agent-nazi-underground-brings-duquesne-spy-ring-new-book-article-1.1864628
    My point of mentioning this, is the point that I always state, I am waiting for that one person/hero to come out with the truth.
    Still waiting. Everyone is at risk with this insane deal the are negotiating.

  6. This is just sickening. What does Obama hope to gain? Is he negotiating for release of the Americans they hold hostage? Meanwhile, he can’t say a nice word about America’s law enforcement officers because he thinks they’re racists. None of our military families receive a “handwritten” letter of condolence – they receive a copied form letter. Yet they send fake condolences to a leader of a terrorist country who most likely is building nukes.

  7. Oh,Herr Hitler, we know you must have been devastated by the loss of your beloved dog Blondi. What can we do to make you feel better? Oh, I know, we’ll give you the Balkans! Feeling cheerier now, aren’t you?

  8. What hasn’t been reported in the main stream press is that after Jean Francoise Keree’s “heartfelt” overture Rhouhani threw several centrifuges over the wall protecting the White House. When asked about it, Rhouhani would only say, “Well, actually, they weren’t MY centrifuges”.

  9. Reader Warning: The following contains naughty language. Reader discretion advised. No one under the age of 7 allowed without someone ELSE under the age of 7!!

    Ya know what Kerry and the diminutive for Richard have in common? They’re both Dicks!!!

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  11. OT: Gowdy sent letter to telinquish the server. Gowdy’s letter suggested the server could be turned over to State Dept. Inspector General. He asked for response by 4/3. He warned if she won’t comply, He will tell House Speaker, Boehner, so he can use the “Full Powers” of the House to take “necessaru steps”.
    Another article:
    Congress subpoena emails of “close to a dozen” State Dept. Employees who worked with Hilla.”
    My question: Why did it take so… long to subpoena?

  12. Why don’t we just bend over and take it. Might as well.

    I am truly embarassed to have these people representing our proud nation in such a demeaning light.

      1. Bought — or sold himself long ago. I have long wondered what hold muslims have over The One. It can’t just be his ego speaking — he’s got to have a little idea that he looks foolish.

        But this is the admin that is going to stop the flood of illegal “children” at our open border, not by closing same, but by making them instant refugees and streamlining them into American social programs.

        1. He doesn’t care that WE think he looks foolish.
          All he cares about is accomplishing the agenda his puppet masters dictate to him.

  13. Note the introduction of a new holiday into our lives — Noruz, or whatever. It will appear on pocket calendars next year, I’m sure.

    This is humiliating — they’re like the loser boy who dances attendance on the boarding school bully — “I’m your friend! I’m in! See how close I am to this tough guy?”

  14. I’m too an sorry to hear of the Iranian’s mother’s passing – I’m sure that he will miss the jackal that birthed him

  15. Every story with John Kerry in it, should start by describing him as ‘the man who lied about and defamed American servicemen in Vietnam. It should try to work in that he is a millionaire who tried to avoid sales tax of $500,000 in his home state of Mass., by mooring his $7,000,000 yacht in Rhode Island. this man has no honor or scruples.

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