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Haitians Protest Outside Clinton’s Offices

The charge is interesting, though as far as I know, not at this point substantiated: that the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti aid program was used to funnel kickbacks from foreigners who were seeking to influence Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They want a look at her emails.

Either way, the notion of Haitians protesting the Clinton Haitian relief program does not make a pretty picture for Mrs. Clinton.

6 Responses to Haitians Protest Outside Clinton’s Offices

  1. The Haitians should protest in front of the Capitol, on Wall Street, and down on the Bush ranch in Texas.
    Where did the money go?
    The Clinton/Bush organization garnered $54million dollars in donations, and the biggest expenditure was $2millon to help build a luxury hotel in Haiti.

    The Island is still a miserable, poverty stricken place where an estimated 500,000 people are still living in tents and lean-tos.
    The money our government alloted to Haiti was wasted, recovered, and given to special interests who loaded their coffers on the misery of millions of people.

    MrsClinton is not the sole reason for the current conditions in Haitie as her part isn’t clear in this , well, scam that profited almost everyone but the victims.
    Every American taxpayer, every kindly person who donated to the relief funds have a right to ask “where did the money go”.

  2. The only stark improvement of the earthquake damage I’ve noticed is the “palace” has been rebuilt.

    As far as the billion or so we good hearted citizens donated, the housing situation doesn’t look that impressive. I used Bing search for images I guess I was expecting a more suburban feel rather than the tiny boxlike homes being built now.

    So I thought of the Clintons fundraising efforts too. I think most of it goes to keeping them in privates jets and snazzy hotels around the world….to fundraise of course.

  3. A guest reporter on FOX said that Bill is so despised in Haiti, he couldn’t get elected Mayor. All he does is take care of his wealthy friends.

    All of the Clinton shady dealings have to be dealt with. They are the most corrupt power players on the planet. And that Chelsea…oh what a chip off the old block. She is now totally in charge of the family business.

  4. I am a former journalist who understands well the political situation in my native land. The charges against Ms. Clinton are politically motivated. Those Individuals do not represent indeed all Haitians.