In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Kerry Sucks Up with Condolences for Iran’s Now Motherless Leader

A sad thing happened to the leader of a brutal dictatorship that has vowed to destroy Israel – ostensibly our ally – and that is responsible for the deaths of many American servicemen and women and is also trying to undermine the United States throughout the Middle East. His mother died. Aww. Secretary of State Kerry snapped straight into appeasement mode, lavishing condolences on the ruthless totalitarian, Iranian President Rouhani. He expressed

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Obama Calls to Give Bibi Hell

Well, President Obama finally called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Thursday evening to “congratulate” him on his election victory, but it wasn’t your typical congratulatory call. It was congratulations, Obama style. It’s a little like congratulating someone on their wedding by saying, I hope you get divorced soon. During the call, according to the New York Times, Obama threatened to change – presumably not in a

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The Obama Morning News || March 20, 2015

Despite Hillary promise, foundation did not disclose donors . . . In 2008, Hillary Clinton promised Barack Obama, the president-elect, there would be no mystery about who was giving money to her family’s globe-circling charities. She made a pledge to publish all the donors on an annual basis to ease concerns that as secretary of state she could be vulnerable to accusations of foreign influence. At the

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Haitians Protest Outside Clinton’s Offices

The charge is interesting, though as far as I know, not at this point substantiated: that the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti aid program was used to funnel kickbacks from foreigners who were seeking to influence Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They want a look at her emails. Either way, the notion of Haitians protesting the Clinton Haitian relief program does not make a pretty picture for Mrs. Clinton.

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