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White House to Bibi: You Can’t Take it Back

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today declined to accept Israeli Prime Minister Netayahu’s reversal today of his earlier rejection – which had been made during the final moments of a campaign – of a two state solution, saying the White House “reevaluation” of its stance toward Israel would go forward.

Why? I’ll tell you why. Because the White House has wanted to do this for a long time, and Netanyahu’s statement rejecting a Palestinian state was the perfect pretext for moving ahead.

Under repeated questioning, Earnest’s only hint of flexibility was to say the U.S. would monitor Netanyahu’s future statements.

Earnest spoke during the daily White House briefing:

What is apparent is that in the context of the campaign and while he was the sitting Prime Minister of Israel, he walked back from commitments that Israel had previously made to a two-state solution.

So it is, as we mentioned yesterday, cause for the United States to evaluate what our path is forward, given the Prime Minister’s comments. And so we’ll have to sort of see what sort of policy and priorities the Prime Minister chooses, but we certainly are in a position to evaluate our approach to these issues, given that the Prime Minister essentially backed away from commitments that Israel had previously made to this effort.

This despite Netanyahu’s clear statement that he want a two-state solution, albeit with some reasonable caveats, according to NBC News.

“I don’t want a one-state solution,” he told NBC News in an interview. “I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution.”

But he cautioned that “circumstances have to change” for that to happen. He said that the Palestinian leader refuses to recognize Israel and has made a pact with Hamas calling for Israel’s destruction.

“And every territory that is vacated today in the Middle East is taken up by Islamist forces,” he said. “We want that to change so we can realize a vision of real, sustained peace.”

Earnest also specifically suggested that the United States, as part of its “reevaluation,” might change its policy of protecting Israel against hostile resolutions in the UN.

19 thoughts on “White House to Bibi: You Can’t Take it Back”

  1. Speaking of this BiBi/Obama situation, I’m listening to a London UK talk/call in radio show discussing this very issue. The vast majority of callers are extremely critical of Obama’s behavior toward Netanyahu and Israel. I would say they are even angry about it. I’ll be polite and not use the words they are using to describe Obama on this matter, but you get the idea. Interesting. Not sure how other countries across the pond are dealing with it.

  2. Israel has offered “land for peace” many times, and has always been rebuffed.

    they were willing to give all of Gaza, 99% of the West Bank, and part of Jerusalem in the 2000s, and the Palestinians said no both times.

    Israel removed every single Jew from Gaza in 2005–to the point where the IDF had to physically drag women from their homes, but they did it–and please remind me, Mr. President, did Israel get peace in return? hardly. instead, Hamas shortly took power and began a rocket campaign of terror against Israel that has never really stopped.

    this idea that the poor Palestinians can’t have a state is ridiculous. they’ve been offered a state four times, starting in 1947 when modern Israel was founded. believing Israel is to blame can only be explained by ignorance or anti-Semitism. and there’s plenty of both going around these days.

    1. Well stated! AFVet mentioned on the last thread that a lot of journalist were missing today. I wonder if they had a very good idea of what Josh would be ranting again.

    2. Thanks, rulierose. One of the saddest memories I have of my mother was her watching the gut-wrenching and physical withdrawal from Israeli towns. She sat at the edge of her bed and cried her eyes out. It was a biblical moment …”By the rivers of Babylon – there we sat down and wept when we remembered Zion.”

      1. He has no idea or appreciation for how much agony and persecution the Jewish people have been thru! It will never register for him; just another golf trip or understanding at all!

  3. And Obama has never flip-flopped on an issue to win votes?
    It wouldn’t do for me to be in that press briefing room asking questions; Earnest would blow a fuse.

    1. I agree. The journalist there have to remain professional. They have to follow some type of polite protocol, I would assume. I do not wish for it to turn into some shouting match, on the other hand they are all tax paying citizens of the Country as well. If they are just a tiny bit as worried, sad, and angry at The List, and The Mess, and the Threat of our Constitution and our safety, I cannot understand them just sitting there, with out putting their foot down, and demand a sufficient answer, or telling him to tell o to go buy a little bity island and start his own Country.

      1. They should tell Obama impeachment papers are on the way. I mean, even if they don’t kick him out, he should be impeached. He’s a spiteful low-class antisemite and he needs to be impeached

  4. Threatening NOT to protect Israel against UN hostile resolutions should be of the most important concern of every ally (are there any?) of the USA!

    The Obama WH Adm has just put a ‘target’ on Israel and every Jew for the haters ~ aka Islamic terrorists ~ in the Mid-East, Europe, the USA, and across the World!

    BHO’s behavior is ‘despicable’ and will be directly responsible for continued unrest!

    1. He’ll never take ownership, just has he and Holder will never take ownership of all the ills of black communities. The lot of them rather enjoy the world in flames. If it’s not burning, they’ll send fuel and matches.

  5. Such a despicable excuse for a human being! I have the same loathing for Obama as I have for Hitler. Evil comes in many shapes and forms. It’s unmistakable.

  6. Why aren’t impeachment papers being drawn up? For murderous Iran deals that will bomb Israel and the United States. Why isn’t he impeached for saying Israel is racist all over HIS media? which they are not. Impeach Obama for not respecting our Israel whom we have a treaty with to protect them. Why aren’t 60 dems and Repubs bring up impeachment charges for this traitor to our friends and country. And for also sending money to Israel lefties for Arab votes? Obama trying to steal another country’s election? What the hell is going on, why does this birdbrain get away withb this viscious stuff? That is our taxpayer money? Are the Republicans on Obama’s side? When the bomb its, they will all be sorry that crazy Obama has not been impeached now. Hethreatens people, steals Taxpayer money, our money and no ones stops him He rules the media and tells them what to say, CNN relatives work for Obama, just like a dictator. If he goes to the UN, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THAT.O

  7. The administration does not care that Israel is concerned about the rise of ISIS, the increasing numbers of terrorists at its borders, Hamas’ continued control of the Palestinians, and the spread of Iranian troops throughout the region; it wants to use Netanyahu’s statements as an excuse to throw Israel under the bus. Obama does not care that conditions have changed—for the worse for Israel.

    The situation is tantamount to Netanyahu promising for years that someone could borrow his car, and that person now shows up drunk and demands the car keys. Obama and Earnest think Netanyahu should still hand over the keys.

  8. I’ll say it again!

    Dear Iranians:
    I’m getting rid of Israel at the United Nations, as you requested. Israel will be destroyed.
    Now will you sign the deal?
    Signed by Barack Hussain Obama, The Fool a/k/a Hater of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

  9. All of a sudden Obama is worried about Israel and the 2 state thing. He hasn’t done a thing on this matter. Is he throwing Israel under the bus to gain favor with Iran? He would, you know, he’s evil and has to be stopped before its too late. Do you hear me Congress, are you wimps, deaf and dumb, selfish like Obama, unpatriotic or what? This nut has to be impeached. Do we want to lose Israel because of a fraudulent two elections. The guy has no scruples, is obsessively looking to hurt anyone he can. The only way is by force. He has to learn a lesson, Impeach him! What more does he have to do before he will be impeached? Even if they can’t get him out like that, so what, maybe 60 dems and Repubs would want to throw HIM under the bus instead of Israel.

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