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Obama Schedule || Friday, March 20, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:25 pm || Hosts the Second-Annual White House Student Film Festival; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at Noon

37 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, March 20, 2015”

  1. “Hosts the Second-Annual White House Student Film Festival”; that’ll get the ol’ economy hummin”!! I’d feel better if was billed as the “LAST” Annual Student Film Festival!!

  2. It’s those empty hours & hours we need to be concerned about.
    Cozying up with the UN to destroy Israel & take away our 2nd amendment rights to start with.

    1. Exactly right. We know Obama hides much of his daily activity, who he is meeting with, what’s being plotted and decided upon. Someone, somewhere in the White House or Executive Office is keeping notes on Obama, and will write a tell all book in time. And it will be explosive. It should be written now, of course, but that is too much to ask for, given the vindictiveness of Obama and his crowd.

        1. That is the truth! Most likely there will be a gaggle of bootlick writers who will pen books arguing that Obama was the greatest president since Washington. We know those books are coming. Hopefully, the writers who are committed to telling the truth about Obama aren’t intimidated by Obama’s henchmen. And then again, we know Obama will “write” some sort of BS book about his presidency (Calling Bill Ayers. Hey, Bill, are you free these days?)

  3. 2:25 p.m. Second Annual Student Film Festival.
    Hmmm….Malia must be showing off her film-making prowess tomorrow. So what is her father doing? A teleprompter reading?

    Rumors are flying that Obama bought the $9M Magnum PI mansion in Hawaii. A Chicago lawyer with ties to Obama is putting the deal together.
    I can just imagine Obama wandering around the Island shouting “Book ’em, Dano!”

      1. I don’t see the O’s retiring to Hawaii. NYC and Palm Springs are my guesses. O needs the limelight, like Bubba. Michelle is a helicopter parent and with two kids yet to fledge, she wouldn’t want to be that far away.

        Speaking of the kids, where ARE Sasha and Malia? There’s no way in heck they are hanging out alone at the WH. This is their two week vacation. With mom gone, someone must have invited them to a sunny Caribe island or skiing. We taxpayers are always the last to know.

      2. I noticed this tidbit from the story you referenced: “Nesbitt is the chair of the Chicago-based Barack Obama Foundation…” Yoinks. Obamas are taking a page from the Clinton playbook, it looks like. Is that the sound of buckets of money swishing around we hear?

    1. Who planned this film festival? The girls were supposed to be on this “educational” Spring Break trip with mom this week.

      Since this seems to be a tax funded event (at the WH right?) hopefully we’ll get to see the winners’ entries. I’m sure Malia had help from the family friend Speilberg :)

  4. And we are waiting for a great solar eclipse over here. In an hour. It will be interesting. Well, it should also make us realize that we earthlings live together on a tiny speck in the Universe called Earth. We should take care of it, there is no other planet that I prefer to live on……

      1. …and the only place were you can have fresh strawberries and whipped cream in the sun while the black-birds are singing in the chest-nut tree….

  5. Morning Briefing….bet Bill Clinton loved those….wink wink

    And you can bet BHO’s briefing are not as interesting….

    1. Denise, on Mooch’s trip to (I guess) show the Japanese how to better educate their children, here’s an analysis of academic achievement by country. Japan is rated 4th best in the world and the US is rated 24th. Shouldn’t the Japanese be coming here to show us how to operate our schools, rather than the Mooch going to Japan? Estonian and Vietnam students do better than US students, for crying out loud.

      1. I thought of this back when they were planning ‘the theme’ this worthless trip.

        She couldn’t use her nutrition excuse, Japan has one of the healthiest diets in the world too. :)

        I would have been more impressed if she travelled to Afghanistan with Malala and her education message.

      2. There’s something very odd about this trip. There couldn’t be a worse spokesman for education than Michelle Obama. Even stranger, is the fact that her own daughters are not traveling with her. Just a You Tube make-up artist.

        1. Yes, there is something very strange about Mooch’s trip. There’s no there there. What comes of this trip that’s worth the money it costs? Nothing, that’s what. Mooch is prancing around with kids who hardly know who she is, talking with adults who have to be asking, “What is the purpose of this trip?” Are there not enough issues in the US to occupy her?

    2. How ironic. MO is traveling with the Vietnamese You Tube make-up artist star… and her wighat is a mess.

      Also, the pics with Carolyn Kennedy and her son speak volumes. Doesn’t look they are enjoying each other’s company.

  6. OT: Just read an article on Fox:
    Deal-Breaker- Iran nuke talks reportedly hit snag over sanctions.
    US & European diplomats, for their part, hold that sanctions should only be lifted once Tehran accounts for it’s past nuclear activity & is confirmed to be using nuclear energy for peaceful mean by the United Nations nuclear watchdog.
    Can lift some, however the issue of lifting sanctions imposed by U.N. is more complex & according to negotiations, is likly to take years not weeks or months, to accomplish.
    For it’s part, the International Atomic Energy says that Iran has failed to turn over key documents about it’s nuclear progam , it has also denied access to scientists & nuclear sites.
    I than pulled up There was an article title: As relations with Israel plummet to new low, o cuts video to Iranian people praising Ayatollah Khamenei
    There are a lot of comments listed!

  7. Keith, I have a dumb question: do you have a sense of what Obama does in the mornings when he’s at the White House before his seemingly regular 10.00 Daily Briefing? Do you know at what time our leader tends to roll out of bed in the mornings? Thanks.

    1. good point. Most effective managers are up early, like 530am, work out, breakfast, get it done early…this guy starts his day at 10am…yep

    2. We sure knew GWB’s full daily schedule, up at 5am and they made fun of his early 9pm bedtime.

      I think BO’s a night owl, the only time he can sneak smokes? Then he just sleeps in.

  8. Matthew David Yarnell remains have been determined. He died in the S. Tower on 9/11. Twenty Six year old American Citizen. God Bless. RIP.
    God Bless his family has well waiting 14 years.

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