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Why Israel Should be Very Worried

Let me tell you three things about President Obama that auger very poorly for Israel.

1. Obama is, at heart, an internationalist. It pains him to make the United States the stumbling block in front of international opinion. Now he feels he is free to join with the consensus of the other internationalists at organizations such as the UN and pressure a rogue nation into “proper” standards of behavior.

2. Israel recalls for Obama issues that are central for him – racism and oppression of minorities by a dominant culture. Obama’s default stance is with what he perceives as the aggrieved minority, not the majority, no matter the threats the majority faces. It reminds him not only of the struggle for racial justice in the United States, but one of the defining issues of his political coming-of-age during the 1980s, the fight against the Apartheid system in South Africa.

3. Obama is not lazy, but he’s not the hardest working president we’ve seen either. But he is extraordinarily competitive. When faced with competition, as during one of his political campaigns, he shelves the golf, focuses like a laser, and does everything he has to not to lose.

With his own reelection, Netanyahu has soundly humiliated and beaten Obama. He did so while upstaging and defying him in his own backyard with a grand speech to Congress. The well of the House is a stage Obama feels he owns, not some foreign interloper.

Make no mistake, Obama will strike back hard. He is furious about Netanyahu’s unexpected victory. He will not allow the Israeli leader to have the final word. He will win at all costs. And that will have grave consequences for Israel.

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    1. Keith, one thing to add. He is also vindictive. He doesn’t like those that call him out or say he’s wrong. And he gets back at them. Or he has someone else (in or out of government) get back at them.

  1. Obama would love nothing more than to see Bibi spend the rest of his life in prison on war crimes charges. An execution would be better yet, in Obama’s eyes.

    Behind that fake flash-bulb smile is a ruthless psychopath who will stop at nothing to ‘punish his enemies’.

    1. It is scary how ONE person, regardless of his “position” can have this much control over foreign policy! This is just all about HIM, not us, not Israel, not anybody, just him!

    2. I just heard a member of congress say on a Fox news report on the radio say that there is bi-partisan support for Israel.
      Sorry,…didn’t catch the name of the congress critter.

      I don’t think that they will allow Obama to carry out a vendetta against Bibi.

      1. Well, if Obama is an internationalist as Keith infers, he will take his case to the UN.
        He has already shown what he thinks of America’s system of government. Congress is something to be used for political gain and discarded when it doesn’t suit him.

        1. I agree, but there are a lot of egos in congress too, and I doubt whether they will let Obama convert the presidency to a dictatorship.

          1. They’ve wussed out of the contest so far — at least the leadership has, pretty much — but with the egos in Congress, and the constitutional power it still has(though not really used), if pushed far enough there could well be a severe backlash. Rumblings over the Israel/Iran business suggest something of the sort may be brewing already.

    3. How far will Obama will go to continue his harassment of Israel? There are no limits. How’s this one–Obama may demand the recall of Israel’s ambassador to the United States.

      It’s the same Obama madness shown when he wanted the Europeans to kick out all the Israeli ambassadors to European countries back in 2012.

      There’s enough antisemitism coming from the White House to gag a goose.

  2. Very well said, but scary as H*ll.

    We, the little people, the nobodies, can put into words what other high profile people can’t and it’s this:
    MrObama shares the irrational hatred of all Jews in the same way as his Islam associates and people who should know better.
    Demanding that Israel allow a Palestinian state is an affront to the democratic, inclusive way of life that all who live under Israeli rule enjoy.
    We could imagine the outrage of Americans if some pushy outsider demanded that we return our western lands back to the Indian tribes so they can form their own country, or we ‘give’ Hawaii natives their own state without oversight of our national laws.

  3. Either Obama is incompetent or a anti-Semite or both. I am leaning towards both at this point.

    It is just sickening how he is trying to destabilize our relationships with our allies and embracing our enemies. I never thought our country would put Israel at risk. Does this mean every Democrat and Republican President since Truman was wrong about a strong Israel?? Very Scary……..

    1. He isn’t incompetent, he is divisive, manipulating and vindictive.
      As Keith said above,….he doesn’t like to lose.
      His efforts to throw the election fell short of what he wanted to happen and he is pissed.
      Now he is going to try the UN route.

      I doubt whether he will succeed, but this is going to be interesting to watch.

    2. You are right…he is both. His policies and his unswerving desire to punish his enemies will put Israel at risk, for sure, but it also puts the US at great risk. There is no doubt about it. Our enemies consider Israel the “Little Satan”. Guess who the “Great Satan” is?

  4. Surely Netanyahu realizes the depths to which The Scorned Peasant will go to exact his revenge. I believe he has his plans in place and is prepared to do what he has to do to protect Israel. With or without the USA.
    Unlike Obama, whose belief and confidence is in his politics and the government; I think Netanyahu’s belief and confidence comes from God, his Creator. We are talking about God’s chosen people after all. And if Obama were the Bible believing Christian he claims to be when it is convenient, he would know that to reject Israel is to invite The Lord’s wrath. Unfortunately, that wrath will fall on us all.
    Keith, you ascribe qualities to Obama that I do not believe are really deeply held beliefs. When I consider the words and actions of this man, I see him as swaying with whatever morals, beliefs and political winds that he perceives will serve him best. He is a shallow, insouciant, dilettante who never seems to have developed in character past a petulant 12 year old.
    It is going to be rough on Israel, no doubt. But God is in charge and in control and nothing will happen that is not meant to happen.

    1. I was just listening to a Brit radio station and they are quoting Netanyahu as stating (today, I believe) that he is NOT against a two-state agreement with Palestine, but that he is is far more concerned about a PEACEFUL two-state solution. That’s the challenge. That’s not what Obama is peddling. Maybe Obama ought to read his PDB once in a while.

    2. I mentioned his drug induced emotional retardation on a separate post recently. Funny how we can all see this. Yet given 0’s immature, persistent petulant attitude, his behavior will not justify his means. And in God We Trust, our ‘after 0 future’. Bibi is so far removed intelectionally from our dead beat CIC.

  5. Off topic, I am sorry, but I just had a look at the pictures of Mrs Obama meeting the Japanese Emperor and wife. Hilarious pictures. Maybe, maybe she could have chosen flat shoes and a tad more discreet dress. Now it looks like a great , big gaudy thing is assaulting that tiny, little, defenceless couple.

    1. Great observation! Like someone said; the incredible hulk tripped her way into an unwanted bow to this leader of a very intellectual & educated leader of Japan. The US should take note of THEIR education system, not sleazily act as though we are in the same league.

  6. 1) Sorry Keith, but Obama IS the laziest president – ever! I’ll bet he didn’t miss ESPN this morning.

    2) He is the most vindictive of all presidents – but he has people to take care of that (the lazy b@st%$d!).

    3) I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, nor the UN. I’m sure Bibi feels the same way.

  7. Yes, yes, and yes. Everything aside, Obama is acting true to character. He has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We can’t be surprised by his actions, really. Disgusted? Yes, but not surprised.

    “To the extent that people are pathologically narcissistic, they can be controlling, blaming, self-absorbed, intolerant of others’ views, unaware of others’ needs and of the effects of their behavior on others, and insistent that others see them as they wish to be seen.[22]”

  8. I’ve been to many a dictatorship and what I see in this country now scares me to death. I fear my own government more than ISIS or Putin or the Chinese. We have created a monster and now it is consuming all of us.

    And if you believe electing a republican in 2016 will help, I hate to bust your bubble, but it won’t. The establishment republicans are part of this cabal. I guarantee you, with complete control, the GOP will only undue a few of Obama’s decrees. Yeah, they may get Obamacare, but what about the thousands of other regulations that go under the radar. Corrupt government only grows…

    At some point, everyone is going to make a decision to submit on their knees or fight for their freedom.

    1. I agree, FormerFederale. I am disillusioned about todays American politics too and I doubt that the establishment Republicans will make any difference. I like Rand Paul.
      Ronald Reagan once said:” We are a country with a government.” Today it seems to be more like a government with a country.

    2. I agree. Politicians, R and D, in Washington have been seduced by the long term, evil environment in Washington. Congressional approval is at, what, 10 percent? We hate these politicians, and that’s the truth. The Washington political environment is the worst of all possible political cultures. There’s too much money floating around, the bubble which isolates politicians from the people who elected them is too dense to penetrate. Lying is a way of life. Secret backroom deals control the flow of legislation. All this influences a group of humans who often (not all) lack the most basic elements of openness, candor and honesty. So we have a long term catastrophe on our hands. Terms limits. We need them now. Throw these crooks out of Washington, R’s and D’s. They aren’t fooling anyone.

  9. Internationalist. To me a dirty word. But it sounds better than a vindictive anti Semitic racist with an eternal chip on his scrawny shoulder.

  10. Keith: “Does Obama not see the ironies in this?”

    Obama doesn’t process “ironies”. He doesn’t recognize them. They go over his head. Example: a couple of days ago he was quoted as saying, “Once governments lose the trust of their people, it’s hard to get it back.”

    Here’s Obama talking about governments (including this one, one would like to think) losing the trust of the citizenry. Ironic, no?

  11. Well, it only goes to show how unfair, evil and stupid Obama is. If I were Netanyahu I would never give in to him. Because it wouldn’t help either way. I believe that the only thing that would stop Obama is FORCE. He appears to be a coward and at this time he thinks he can pick on Netanyahu and nothing will happen to him. Netanyahu must stand up to him. Never show an animal fear. Thats what I think Obama is all about. He acts friendlier to the Iranians? That alone should show everyone how stupid he is. And he would never try this stuff with Putin, Putin would never take it. Hopefully Netanyahu will fight Obama every step of the way. If Obama goes to the UN, then Netanyahu will have fight back legally, Netanyahu is not stupid. Most people can outsmart Obama, its just that he has a lot of power now and he shouldn’t. A person as evil as Obama should never have any power like he has. He has no integrity, no character, no compassion for Israel or America and he is abusing it. Someone has to put Obama in his place. He must be taught a lesson and I hope its from Netanyahu. Netanyahu is a hero, he is brave, he fought many times and was wounded about 3 times. Surely, he can fix Obama who is just a dumb spoiled coward who, by the way, spends our taxpayer money on trying to get rid of Netanyahu without our consent? When will he learn he can’t just take our money from us and do what he wants with it? C’mon Senate whats happening with the investigation. Will he get away with his 25th or so crime?

  12. Perhaps Obama should consider the role that Yahweh, the God of the universe, played in Mr Netantahu’s “surprise” landslide victory. It might be wise to consider what this all-knowing, all-powerful Being might do to thwart little boy Barack if he continues acting like a kindergartner.

  13. The blood of many will be the result of actions taken or not by the USA in the recent past and not too distant future. This may be in the homeland or elsewhere, but the blood will be on the hands of many but most significantly on the current leadership.

    I expect that millions will die. I do not believe that my grandchildren will see a natural end to their lives but will be murdered by the ideas and forces we are not working to prevent. It will not likely be during my lifetime which is near its end but certainly before the end of this century.

  14. Not to worry. Should the bookies post a line Obama or Netanyahu I put my bet on Netanyahu. My guess is the Mossad has more files on Obama than anyone else in the world. Including all the unavailable background information on Obama’s total life starting before conception. Israel is not a blindfolded ignorant backward nation. Man for man Netanyahu stands taller with wisdom on how the world works.

  15. Obama aka Barry Soetero has 2 more years to continue leading our country to destruction. He has alienated former friends and allies, and we have few left, if any. I put nothing past him as far as Israel, and fear he will stop at nothing in his personal, jealous rage at Netanyahu. Obama’s arrogant, condescending attitude toward Jews, and others, resembles another evil madman in history…Hitler used his power with similar tactics and it took a WW to stop him. If Obama makes a deal with Iran, we are doomed. We have no money,oil, or military strength to win a war. There is no defense against a nuclear war–he can’t hide behind a teleprompter, meaningless sanctions, or threats. Until and unless he is forced out by whatever means necessary,he will continue on with his own agenda.

  16. You may well be right, Keith, and you certainly are closer to the issues here than most of your readers, me included. But I’m not ready to concede that Obama will ultimately win this set-to. Or, if he does, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. BiBi will be no pushover, and taken as whole I believe Congress and the American people would oppose that to the utmost.

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