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U.S. To “Reevaluate” Approach to Israeli-Palestian Question

In the wake of an election that saw Israelis return President Obama’s detested foe – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – to power, the White House today said it would “reevaluate” its approach to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

Sounds menacing to me.

Earnest, who spoke aboard Air Force One as Obama headed to Cleveland, noted that in the last days of the campaign Netanyahu reversed his support for a two-state solution, saying he wouldn’t allow a Palestinian state.

From the press pool report:

Netanyahu “indicated a change in his position” in the recent election and based on those comments, “The United States will reevaluate our approach” to the situation.

“It has been the policy of the United States for more than 20 years that a two-state solution is the goal of resolving the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians,” Earnest said.

Going forward, a the U.S. continue to believe a two-state solution is the “best way to diffuse tensions” in the region.

“Based on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments, the United States will reevaluate our position and the path forward in this situation.”

Earnest did not apparently hint what the “reevaluation” might entail. The Palestinians are seeking, with growing international support, recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state by international bodies. In December, the United States blocked a resolution that would have otherwise passed the UN Security Council setting a deadline for a Palestinian state.

Earnest also waded directly into internal Israeli affairs, slamming Netanyahu for his pre-election warning that his opponents were bringing Arab voters to the polls in force – all but suggesting it was racist and saying it “undermines” the U.S.-Israeli relationship.”

Arabs voted overwhelmingly against Netanyahu.

The rhetoric “sought to marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens,” Earnest said.

“The United States and this administration is deeply concerned about rhetoric that seeks to marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens. It undermines the values and Democratic ideals that have been important to our democracy and an important part of what binds the United States and Israel together.”

“Rhetoric that seeks to marginalize one segment of their population is deeply concerning and it is divisive and I can tell you that these are views the administration intends to communicate directly to the Israelis.”

Gosh, I’m trying to figure out how many Jews have the vote in Arab countries.

Earnest said Obama would not call Netanyahu to congratulate him for a few days, asserting that after previous Israeli elections Obama had waited until Netanyahu was directed by the Israeli president to form a government. Secretary of State Kerry called instead.

44 thoughts on “U.S. To “Reevaluate” Approach to Israeli-Palestian Question”

  1. What a horrible mess this naive President has inspired in the Middle East. By appearing to be weak by not forcefully backing Israel, or insisting that the Arab nations mind their own affairs, not Israel’s, this smoldering fire will never be smothered.

    1. He isn’t finished yet srdem.
      We have a little less than two years left to put up with his devastation of this Country on the world stage.

  2. Bibi’s defiance is breathtaking! Obama will just have to sit in the corner and contemplate his navel for the next two years —until we have an adult in the Oval Office.

      1. X2 AFVet. As well this is another moment that our enemies are either laughing or cheering. I always wonder what the people in the military are thinking as well, by his actions & non-actions.

      2. And yet, still, 0 believes he is the superior intellect & Statesman. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad & true.
        0 is drug damaged & emotionally stagnant & stuck at age 13 (or younger). Kicking sand at others & hogging the swingset.

    1. As soon as our child-president is out of office, rest assured, Netanyahu will go out of his way to strengthen his American relationship.

        1. I hope Bibi does not accept any call from the miserable little troublemaker. He will obsessively get the UN to declare a Palestinian state. Everything O idiot does is laced with hate and retribution. A sub-human like him should never have power, he only abuses it. He is not in his right mind and he is not doing his job as the fake “president”. Only interested in getting even with someone all the time, riding on AF1 at our expense, going to schools and speaking to 13 year-olds like his 13-year old mentality. Someone must stop him before he really hurts Israel and America with the 20 million or more immigrants he wants here for the votes, he could care less about legal Americans if they work or eat or pay rent. Spiteful low-life. See how dangerous it is when you vote for the wrong person. The Republicans Boehner, McConnell do nothing to stop him, senate investigation about our taxpayer money going to Arab Israelis to unseat Bibi? Something better come out of that investigation. How long will Boehner and McConnell do nothing about this traitor?

  3. This issue of him not calling, and having Kerry call was another pathetic move. Reevaluate our approach. They should be using those words while dealing with I***.

    1. All he is is a puppet for the Obama/Jarrett White House.

      His attitude is disgusting.

      The entire administration shows an arrogance that is over the top and it is becoming obvious to the American People that this president is a petty little puss that needs to get his way or else.

      Too bad he is outclassed on the world stage.

      Go ahead Barry,…fill out your brackets and ride your AF1.
      At this point, you aren’t fooling anyone.

  4. Lord Barack is going to lift sanctions on Iran and slam them on Israel. He is such an embarrassing fool to himself and also to America.

        1. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Lord Barack “don’ need no stinkin’ Congressional approval.” And there aren’t enough people in Congress that have the cojones to show this scumbag the door.

        2. They haven’t yet.
          Many attempts to get documents have been stonewalled by the administration and many other agencies under the control of the White House.

          I give the congress credit for trying, but the arrogance of the regime is off the charts.

          It is obvious at this point that they have many issues to hide, and many of those issues will drag Obama, Holder, and Hillary into a quagmire that could go on for years.

          Obama’s transparent government was just another lie promulgated by a charlatan.

          1. We just take all his campaign ‘promises’ & expect the total opposite.
            Yea, we’ve been on to him for such a while now.

  5. Obama is not timid, he is arrogant.
    Congress IS timid, no balls, afraid of the media, afraid of the administration.

    WHY ?

    Some members of congress are willing to confront Obama and his policies but they are shouted down by the old guard GOP.

    It’s time for that to stop.

    We will never move this Nation back to where she should be unless the conservative voices are allowed to speak.

    1. Blame McCain! The man who constantly speaks from both sides of his mouth; he has no neck, just that duality talking head sitting atop his torso.

  6. “Rhetoric that seeks to marginalize one segment of their population is deeply concerning and it is divisive…”

    It is laughable this Administration – of all things – has the gall to call out somebody ELSE for being divisive.

  7. The hypocrisy in this statement is rich. He might have said something like this:

    “The United States and this administration is deeply concerned about rhetoric that seeks to marginalize Republican citizens. It undermines the values and Democratic ideals that have been important to our democracy and an important part of what binds the United States together.”

    But he’d never say that, would he?

  8. The real question is:
    How many Arabs can vote in Arab or Muslim countries ?

    They can vote in Israel

    How many countries can Palestinians live like citizens if they came there after either 1948 or 1967?

  9. The Great Wedge Driver Obama. Thinking things could have been a tad more peaceful here at home, if Obama would play golf all the time. Meddling always meddling. Obvious Obama didn’t have any toys to play with when he was a kid..

  10. In the strange land of Barry Bizarro, “re-evaluate” means “retaliate”. Watch out Israel. Just remember how Obama acted (and still is) toward Egypt when General el Sisi busted up the Muslim Brotherhood there and threw them out of the government of Egypt? Obama’s still not talking to Egypt.

      1. I totally agree on Scott Walker. Pair him with Carly Fiorina or Dr. Ben Carson (maybe he can straighten out healthcare). One would get the women’s vote, the other the black vote.

  11. Amazing how Obama comes up with these ridiculous and childish excuses for his anti-Netanyahu, anti-Israeli actions.

    He doesn’t want to meet with Netanyahu for fear of interfering with the Isareli elections. Now he won’t congratulate him for several days.

    I wonder if Bibi will ever get over a lack of congratulation from Obama. Somehow, I think he will.

    Once again, our president embarrasses us.

  12. When is this admin, particularly dumbo in chief, going to recognize and understand most of the world could give a s*** less about what they say or think. Another reason for hiding his school records…they may show a very low IQ.

  13. While our president was busy smoking dope, Benjamin Netanyahu was part of the Israeli army. These two aren’t even in the same league. In fact, our glorious leader acts like a junior high school mean girl. I truly believe Netanyahu has the blessing of God on his stewardship of the nation of Israel, so good luck with that Mr. Obama.

  14. Now now he must just be upset because his little woman has flown away to educate the Japanese children….on our dime of course. Is he having to babysit his daughters and mom in law and feed the dogs? $&@

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  16. Meanwhile, the so-called Palestinian Arabs are begging for peace with the Jewish state of Israel. Not. Never have. Isn’t gonna happen.

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