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Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 19, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Attends an event at the Department of Energy
2:05 pm || Meets with Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at Noon

41 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 19, 2015

  1. Not a big fan of Charles & Camilla…but why isn’t the parasitic wife of the fake POTUS going to be at the WH to greet them? She doesn’t live there anymore, you say? Ah, that explains it. In that case, cut up her damn credit cards and change the locks on the front door.

    • Snap that’s what I thought. She’s on a little jolly
      freebie. I’m betting she’s peeved due to the lack
      of class she’s shown the Royal’s. Also they
      wouldn’t give her Downton Abbey early and her
      no invite to the big wedding. Poor MO:-(

      • Queen Elizabeth ll has a job which she’d been doing, and doing extraordinarily well, for the past 62 years. The Royals actually bring millions of pounds into the British economy. Barry and Michelle have annually cost the American taxpayer far more than the royal family costs the UK.

    • But Queen Mooch has descended on Japan to preach to them about educating girls! But where are the two little wons? That is the question of the day!

    • Girly1, I agree with you. If… her very expensive trip was planned before Prince Charles and C. were due to come. Fine. However some type of live video from her mentioning she regrets not being there, etc. should have been done.

  2. How nice, our President can confer with other global warming nuts and they can plan how to screw up the lives of people who don’t have private jets, limos, or big butt boats to play on.
    We can expect a joint statement of some kind where they insist that the little people give up their gas-guzzlers and return to the earth-friendly travel of horse&buggy day.

    • Eew. Remember about a year ago, an audience member said something to 0 about his gas guzzling extremes. Stupid, a hole, 0 told the guy to get rid of his SUV & cart his 5 kids around in a Prius or leaf…then shut the guy down as he was explaining the safety & need for a safe family auto. Ok for me, not thee!

  3. Has 0 done ANYTHING of relevance lately? Geez, what happened to “I won’t rest until (fill in the blank with the crisis du jour) has been made right.” He is totally coasting, for the next two years??

    • Unfortunately, the fanatical Obama is not coasting. He’s pedal to the metal on implementing his destructive, Progressive agenda, and there’s no one to stop him. Congress is broken. The Supreme Court has gone goofy. Half the country is asleep or waiting for their next government check to come in.

    • Did you hear the latest? Wherever he was today…Ohio?…he started agitating for..(drum roll, please)…MANDATORY VOTING!!!
      The guy is insane!!!

      • Yeah, I read it first in the Washington Times when I got an alert from them late this afternoon (and immediately went on a rant):

        Then, Hannity mentioned it on his show tonight. Obummer would love mandatory voting because it would force all his lazy ass lo-info voters out to the polls.

        I’ve been behind on reading the comments here the last few days so I’m not sure if it’s come up, but did you read about the new law in Oregon? The new Governor advocated for it when she was Secretary of State, and she just signed it into law a few days ago. Now Oregon is the first state with AUTOMATIC voter registration:

        When people get a drivers license, they will be automatically registered to vote. Hmm, which party do you think has lots of potential voters who are too stupid or lazy to register to vote? Watch the Dems start pushing for this in other states. All I can say is thank goodness so many states have Republican governors and legislatures.

        • Automatic registration? Guess they don’t trust the illegals to fill out their own Motor Voter forms when they apply for a DL.
          We will never have a legitimate election again. O/Care exchanges also have a check box for voter registration with no ID required.

  4. I have, as you know, followed American politics here for a long while but I am beginning to feel a little bit disillusioned. I am not sure why the Republican alternative is better anymore ( unless Rand Paul will be in the race but I am sure that he won´t ). But that doesn´t mean that I have changed my mind about the present administration, Obama and his crowd are a true disaster. However, I read a very interesting article by Pat Buchanan today. ( Paul Craig Roberts, ” Republicans are the party of death” ). I think Buchanan makes sense here.More conservatism, less of the neo variety.

    • I thought about you earlier when they were discussing dicussions being held there.
      They mentioned on Fox that they are dicussing keeping 6,000 centrifuges, which would make them (****) unable to move any further.

  5. The “other” Obama Schedule:
    Here’s a photo of MrsObama as she speaks about her push for educating girls or something:

    US First Lady Michelle Obama (right) speaks while Takata high school students Mayu (left) and Natsuko (second, left) listen during a discussion with female students while attending the Japan-US Joint Girls Education Event at the Iikura Guest House in Tokyo

    – See more at:

    The ever-polite Japanese made her sit in a chair that’s obviously 3 or 4 inches shorter than the other women’s chairs.

      • Caroline always has a sour puss look, the “I’m a Kennedy and Don’t You Forget it”.

        I wonder now that she’s the ambassador if her contract pays for her children and “husband” to fly over at our expense? I’d love to read the perks she gets.

        • I didn’t even reconize her. I glance quickly had mo’s frlly dress, and compared the other dresses. She may be embarrassed as well.

    • Thanks for the link, srdem. The Japanese may never recover from the sight of our hulky fashion icon in the blindingly bright orange flower pot dress and dirty-looking wighat. The only thing missing was a watering can.

      • I’m picturing those front lawn cutouts of the fat lady in a big flowery dress bending over with her knickers/bloomers showing ;)

  6. I noticed the frilly dress she wore, compared to everyone else. Yes it does look like her chair is a bit lower. I mentioned yesterday, she she have been sitting in some of the worse schools here to chit chat about the importance of education.

  7. Israelis problem solver to Iran

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