As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Picks Kentucky

The White House released President Obama’s NCAA bracket Wednesday morning, revealing the president has picked favorite Kentucky to win it all.

Obama has Arizona, Duke, and Villanova also making the Final Four, with Kentucky beating Villanova for the championship.

Here’s the sheet he filled out. You can see it better here.


21 Responses to Obama Picks Kentucky

  1. Sure why not, he has plenty of time as Val Jar does his thinking for him.

    Obama the destroyer lead by a small Iranian women who hates us all (whites).

    What a great country, we let foreigners run it, while our elected officials get rich from being bought by whom ever has the money. China, Saudi, and the rest.

    And we can have our office remade in the shape of Downton Abbey. Oh he got caught…….some fun!!

  2. The Kentucky coach should call Obama and chastise him for jinxing his team.

    May I remind you of his record,….
    Chicago Olympics…
    Raum Immanuel….
    Bibi Netanyahu….

    Give it up Barry, you suck at predictions.

    • “see I don’t care”.
      HA !
      Yes he does.
      He is seething with rage.
      Maybe his next target will be the people that he sent over there to throw the election.

  3. the scribbling bears a remarkable resemblance to Valerie Jarrett’s……Not that she ever had any influence over the President


  4. Obama uses a similar bracket as a crib sheet when trying to figure out the nations of the world and their rankings. His USA team was eliminated in the first round. So now he is perplexed going into the final playoff.