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The Obama Morning News || March 18, 2015

Obama gets to keep Bibi . . . After six years of testy relations, U.S. President Barack Obama may have to resign himself to the likelihood that he has not seen the last of Benjamin Netanyahu. Reuters

Obama-linked nonprofit that interfered to revise tax status . . . The American nonprofit OneVoice Movement – under scrutiny by a U.S. Senate panel over possible links to a campaign to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – quietly filed paperwork that would allow it to engage in political activism after two leading Republican lawmakers questioned its use of government funds. Fox News

Obama quietly pushing global climate deal . . . The president is pushing for a global climate change accord that could seal his environmental legacy. Politico

Openness administration sets censorship record . . . For the second consecutive year, the Obama administration more often than ever censored government files or outright denied access to them under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.

Loretta Lynch going down? . . . Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s attorney general nominee who once appeared to be on a glide path to confirmation, is now a vote away from losing the job after months of delay, thanks mostly to her views on illegal immigration. Washington Examiner

Liberal scholar: EPA “burning the Constitution” . . . “EPA possesses only the authority granted to it by Congress,” Laurence Tribe, a liberal constitutional scholar, told lawmakers in a hearing Tuesday. “Its gambit here raises serious questions under the separation of powers . . . because EPA is attempting to exercise lawmaking power that belongs to Congress and judicial power that belongs to the federal courts.” Daily Caller

Obama Cuba deal strengthens its military . . . Castro’s real heirs are the generals, and they’re going to make a bundle from normalization. Politico 

Iran, Hezbollah no longer terrorists? . . . ​A decision to strike references to Iran and Hezbollah from the “Terrorism” subsection of the U.S. intelligence community’s 2015 Worldwide Threat Assessment report is stoking controversy, with critics suspecting that the administration is pandering to Iran in a bid to smooth the nuclear negotiations as they come down to the wire. CNS News

White House blitzes Congress on Iran . . . The White House is moving aggressively to limit Democratic defections on Capitol Hill that could undermine its negotiations with Iran, dispatching senior officials and President Barack Obama himself to lobby senators against taking action before a nuclear deal with the rogue regime is reached. Politico

10 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || March 18, 2015”

  1. Bill Kristol had the funniest Tweet today that set off tons of ha ha ha ha comments:

    Bill Kristol
    BREAKING: British PM Cameron, in close reelection contest, has called WH to ask that Obama intervene against him.

  2. o may have to resign/not seen the last of Bibi. I mentioned on the other tread, that he did not even call to congradulate.
    o getting ready to sign off on this climate issue. Discussing with foreign leaders, and not advertising that he is. When will he do something that I can be proud of him?
    o sets censorship record. That shredder must be a “BIG ONE”. OK, who is in charge of that Dept. and when will we have another committee to look it to that?
    No T for them. Once again: I would like to ask: What the dickens is everyone telling their children that go along with everything he is up to?

  3. On the issue of Loretta Lynch,…McConnell needs to get rid of the nuclear option that Reid put in place and going back to the 60 vote majority it takes to confirm a nominee.

    If he doesn’t,…she will be the next AG.

    1. Our meathead Sen. Dick Durbin commented that the Republ’s won’t vote for and don’t want Lynch as AG because… you guessed it, she’s black and a women!
      Tiresome and boring you are Dickie boy.

      1. I don’t care about her color or her gender.
        Her ideology and the adherence to the Obama immigration policy does.
        She is nothing more than a female Eric Holder.

      2. Yeah, because she’s black, Right, because she will be Obama’s slave, thats why they shouldn’t vote for her. She wants 20 million immigrants here to take our tax payers hard-earned money, benefits, welfare, etc. and to hell with the American citizens who can’t find a job and don’t have enough money to pay their rent and eat. Thats why. Get rid of her — do we need another anti-American in the Justice Department? We need someone who loves ALL the people that are LEGAL!!!

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