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Netanyahu Gets a Congratulatory Call . . . From India’s PM

Now this will be very interesting, to see how the White House handles Netanyahu’s win.

It’s their worst nightmare, of course. Not only did the hated Netanyahu cruise to victory, but he did it opposing President Obama’s key Middle East policies: a nuclear deal favorable to Iran and a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians.

Who will call first? Obama or Netanyahu? The answer is, apparently – the prime minister of India.

From Israel’s i24 News:

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the ranks of world leaders who congratulated Netanyahu on the victory, going one step further and delivering his message in Hebrew.

“מזל טוב ידידי Bibi @Netanyahu אני זוכר את פגישתנו הנעימה בניו יורק בספטמבר האחרון,” read the post on Modi’s official Twitter account; it translates as “Congratulations my dear friend Bibi, I remember our pleasant meeting in New York last September.”

Obama will probably call Netanyahu soon, because it will make him feel like he’s being big about things. And then he will freeze Netanyahu out as much as possible. Because if Obama thinks he can do U.S. affairs without Congress, certainly he thinks he can do the Middle East without Israel.

20 thoughts on “Netanyahu Gets a Congratulatory Call . . . From India’s PM”

  1. The Daily Beast:

    Bibi Wins, Israel Loses
    BY Jonathan Alter

    A desperate Netanyahu used fear to grab the most seats in the election, but his rejection of a Palestinian state will further isolate the Jewish state.

    Of course, civilized foreign leaders would send best wishes to another leadeer who just won another election, it’s the thing to do.
    MrObama should, must send congrats on behalf of the American people, too.

    1. Really? Use fear? The fear is imagined by Netanyahu and Israel? Really? How dare you — The Palestinian Authority joined with the Terror thugs Hamas, so how could there be two states now? There should be a state of Hamas? The fear is real and the bombs are real that they drop, thousands of them. And they should have a state? You are as bad as Obama. Israel is just trying to survive and thats all they can do right now with Obama making deals with Iran who says every day Israel will be wiped off the map by them and calls them names of animals. Obama wouldn’t call Netanyahu today because he said he didn’t like the rhetoric by Netanyahu about the Arabs, but Obama must like Iran’s murderous rhetoric. People are so dumb and always quick to judge the Jews, antisemitic is the word. The facts are that the Palestinians could have had a state when Clinton was President and the Palestinians turned down what was 99% of what they wanted and could have had at that time. They don’t really want a state, they just want the Jews out and dead.

  2. What a schmuck! Then again, we have known what he is for the last seven years. Nothing tops the thrill of watching His Pettiness receiving his just rewards on a silver platter.

  3. “Obama will probably call Netanyahu soon, because it will make him feel like he’s being big about things.”

    You got that right Keith.

    For Obama, everything is about Obama and how he feels. Still, that call will probably include some oneupmanship by Obama to assuage his ego for having lost.

  4. Obama will not ever, in a thousand lifetimes, call Netanyahu and congratulate him for winning the election. Hell, Obama’s campaign people are still in Egypt wondering what the hell happened to their brilliant scheme to overthrow Netanyahu. I hope the Egyptian Secret Service (a very, very tough bunch) lock them all up for the crime of trying to screw up their election.

  5. Obama’s low class and dumb the way he has ALWAYS treated Netanyahu and Israel. Antisemitic, he’s worried about the Arabs in Israel not the Jews and the Israelis know it now.

  6. Canada’s Prime Minister Harper tweeted:
    “I congratulate PM Netanyahu on his election results. We look fwd to working w/ the gov’t once formed. Israel has no greater friend than Cda.”

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