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Hillary Ripped Off Carly’s Book Cover

Kind of weird.

12 Responses to Hillary Ripped Off Carly’s Book Cover

  1. OT: Tunis attack. At least 7 tourist, and one Tunisian have been killed. The gunmen targeted a museum in the Tunisian capital. Tourist from several European Countries were taken hostage. The same time I was reading this, Fox stated 8 tourist were killed. The museum is very near the parliment.

  2. Carly tends to speak in quotable quotes mode, hoping a sound bite will go viral. Making Hillary her constant target doesn’t help her either. It’s like a tune with one note.

    I like Carly, just not her approach.

  3. OT: guess who else is in Toyko with MrsO…uh huh.. Bubba Clinton.
    The former Pres and hopeful FirstLady is in Toyko, gave a speech with the USAmbassador to Japan, his neice Caroline, in attendance.

    The photos of MrsO arriving in Japan did not show our Ambassador in the welcoming committee.