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When Will We Start Talking About Bill?

So far, the press has focused on Hillary. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at the aggressiveness of the coverage.

But what exactly has Bill been up to for the last 15 years? Suddenly went from treif to kosher? Doubtful.

The Ronniebuss hasn’t forgotten that Bill will also eventually be an issue.

23 thoughts on “When Will We Start Talking About Bill?”

  1. Interesting subject – Bubba as First, um, Horndog.
    First Gentleman – FGOTUS – fi-goot-us just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

    Gramps will not connect with the younger set, won’t have any fond memories to share with the public that remembers the Blue Dress, and probably won’t have the stamina to actively campaign as hopeful FirstLadies have done. He might get some sympathy from other old coots who think his wife is a, well, whatever she is.

    The thought of Gramps choosing the table decor for the next StateDinner is laughable, or of him sharing tea with visiting wives of foriegn leaders.
    Some people might be “ready” for Nana as President, but we’ll never be ready for Gramps as FGOTUS.

    1. “…sharing tea with visiting wives of foriegn leaders.” – srdem65

      I COULD see that, actually. Mostly because I figure he’d put Roofies in the tea…

  2. Bubba’s indiscretions are ancient history. We have a new majority DEM ‘voting bloc’ ..most of whom can neither read, write or speak English.

    It has been 20 yrs. since the Clinton scandals of the 90’s. The 18-25 voting bloc has no clue – nor do they care. The Clintons are counting on the passage of time and the ignorance of the ‘New Americans’.

    Unless Bill and Hill have a DeM challenger, they will prevail…with the aid of Obama’s criminal ‘get out the vote’ enterprise. It’s a numbers game now…and the DEMS have it down to a science.

    1. Joe Klein says he has sources claiming that Hillary’s current scandals are the result of leaks from ValJar, out of fears that a more “moderate” Hillary might undo some of Barack’s legacy.

      1. Although I no longer watch, Valjar has been showing up on MoJoe recently. Mika is now part of the inner circle and has been quite vocal about the Hill emails. I wonder if her knee pads are gold plated.

  3. “When Will We Start Talking About Bill?”

    Well, we’re ignoring a lot of OTHER laws, so has Obama decided to unilaterally suspend FCC standards yet? Unless and until he does THAT, it won’t be possible to discuss publically what Bill’s been up to lately, since we’re going to need some of those forbidden verbs to discuss his typical activites…

  4. The office of the president will be completely diminished after 8 years of the o’s and add any more c’s to it, forget about it, trashed.

    1. No Island Girl.
      I am looking forward to a resurrection of the Office of the Presidency.
      It happened before with Carter leaving and Reagan re-establishing the American values and revamping our military and bolstered our position on the world stage.

      The Obama administration has shown us the bottom,…there is a lot of room to the top and the right person can raise this Country back up from the doldrums she is in now.

      Sometimes you need to see the darkness in order to appreciate the dawn.

      Never underestimate America.
      Never underestimate our resolve to preserve Her and the things that She stands for.

      1. “Behind every blade of grass”.
        I fully agree AFVet, it is the PEOPLE that make up America, not the politicians, because, well their politicians and they stand for whatever the current polls say.

      2. Dear AFV, I agree with your words of resolve and hope. American’s should never be underestimated.
        God Bless America
        God Bless our Military

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