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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 18, 2015

11:25 am || Departs White House
1:00 pm || Arrives Cleveland, Ohio
1:30 pm || Tours a MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network); Cleveland State University
2:55 pm || Delivers remarks on the “middle class economics;” City Club of Cleveland
4:45 pm || Departs Cleveland
6:10 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at Noon

26 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 18, 2015

  1. No time for a briefing? Guess he heard about the Bibi news though the grapevine.
    Meanwhile, he continues to feed his addiction to AF1, the limo, the motorcades, and his pre-selected audiences of clapping seals.

  2. It’s an embarrassing schedule. I’d be fired if I did that at my job. What does he do before 11:25 AM. Is that a secret? Does he sleep in?

    • “What does he do before 11:25 AM?” Easy answer – He sleeps in everyday till 10:00 AM before he is literally slapped and shook awake by obsequious White House flunkies from his previous night’s drug and alcohol fueled debauchery, then Imam Obama light’s up the first butt of the day, chugs a mug of coffee lashed with brandy, and then is carried bodily to the shower where he is vigorously scrubbed down and dressed by his government salaried valets. This whole daily laborious process of reviving Dictator Obama takes some doing and a eats up a lot of time. Between having to cater to the whims of Dictator Obama and Moochelle, Moochelle’s mother, and of course President Valerie Jarrett, who are all nesting at the White House, the plight of the White House household staff is bleak and depressing.

      Hope this clears up what Dictator Obama does each morning.

  3. At first I thought this was just a mere distraction from the fact that Michelle and the girls were off to Japan. However, an article on Breitbart (about the You Tube star accompanying Michelle) says the girls aren’t going with their mother. So, where in the world are they going for their spring break?

  4. Obama’s in Cleveland? Here in the People’s Republic of Cincinnati, I THOUGHT I smelled a foul wind blowing in from the North. But between Krazy Kasich in Columbus and The West Chester Weeper that is John Boener, the wind from THAT direction usually smells pretty much like Democrat @ss anyway…

  5. o has yet to congradulate Netanyahu.
    Netanyahu said this morning he will do what ever it takes to keep Israel safe. With this type of schedule above, he does not have any excuse to have not called.

  6. To all the writers on this site it is a shame that the PM of Israeli makes History in the Jewish sate and the POTUS does not even call him to well wish him ever single jewish American should be screaming at the top of there lungs why because he just pissed all over your homeland and you what a shame this man is even called POTUS

    • You are right, bad enough he didn’t call him, he’s now putting out racist comments about him not treating the Arab Israelis right. Obama is antisemitic and has always been probably from childhood from his family, like a lot of low-class people are taught to hate the Jews.