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Sorry President Obama: Netanyahu Wins Big


From the Jerusalem Post:

The Israeli elections took a dramatic turn in the early morning hours on Wednesday as official tallies from nearly all precincts indicate that Likud has opened up a significant lead over Zionist Union, a far cry from the virtual dead heat that television exit polls had reported Tuesday evening.

With nearly 90 percent of precincts reporting before dawn on Wednesday, the Likud holds a major edge over Zionist Union in the distribution of Knesset seats.

According to the official up-to-the-minute tally as of 04:20 local time, Likud wins 30 seats while Zionist Union comes in second at 24 seats.

This went from being a likely loss for Netanyahu to an affirmation of his policies. And a rejection by Israelis of Obama’s appeasement of Iran and ultimately, the acceptance of Iranian nuclear weapons.

Divine intervention? Wouldn’t be ruling it out.

This will make things more difficult for President Obama. Israel is gravely threatened by a nuclear Iran, which Obama’s deal would probably guarantee. With the Israelis solidly against what Obama is doing, it will strengthen the hand of those in this country who are pushing back against the emerging agreement.

Original story:

At 5:47 ET in the United States, Israeli media are reporting exit polls showing Likud even or a little bit ahead of its chief rivals, making it likely that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to form a coalition to continue governing Israel.

Netanyahu has already declared victory, but his chief opponent, Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog, says Netanyahu has spoken too soon.

The result, if it stands, would be a grave disappointment to President Obama, whose former campaign aides are in Israel right now trying to arrange a victory for Netanyahu’s alliance of opponents. A Netanyahu loss would pull the rug out from under opponents of Obama’s emerging deal with Iran, suggesting that even Israel was opposed to a tougher approach to the ayatollahs.

57 thoughts on “Sorry President Obama: Netanyahu Wins Big”

  1. don’t want to jinx the final results…but YAY!!!!!!

    I don’t know which makes me happier: that Bibi won, or that Obama is likely to be furious.

    ok I do: “Obama furious” wins every time. ;-)

  2. If it makes Obumbler disappointed then I am all for it! He is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country.

    Jeb bush will try his best to hurt us if he gets elected.

  3. All that State Department money Obama funneled to anti-Netanyahu Arab groups and leftist organizations in Israel, does we get that back now that Netanyahu seems to have won? You know, for building all those bridges and repairing potholes in this country.

      1. “We can do better”. One of Obama’s favorite lines.

        If the people of this union really believed in standards, he would be run out of D.C. on a rail for his blatant hypocrisy: Campaigning for Rahm while claiming that meeting Bibi would be interference — all the while his staffers are using tax money to try and sway a foreign election. Again, Joe Wilson is proven right.

        1. Yes, Joe Wilson has been long vindicated. I do like the idea of applying tar and feathers, and then putting the entire Obama administration on the first stagecoach out of town.

        1. Having watched that dancing performance, you make skip purgatory altogether and move right into heaven when that time comes. You have completed your penance.;+}

    1. All that money, our taxpayer money, and we love Netanyahu, so I hope they prosecute Obama and his “handlers”, they should, how long will this “PRESIDENT” be teflon? He’s got the nerve to use our money when we love Israel and Netanyahu, to unseat him? Impeach, Impeach, already, what would it take? He used our money to unseat yet another leader from another country? and Used our money? Congress, do something this guy should return our money and be impeached.

    2. Marcus, it was really money well spent. It backfired. The Israeli voters were very upset that there was outside interference.

  4. If Obama operatives are still skulking around Israel,they still can apply a dose of “Chicago/Obama tampering.
    Voter turnout was 71.8%.
    Anybody recall our turnout last election?
    Netanyahu’s victory made sweeter knowing that Obama is having snit, come on, you know he is.
    Any bets he disappears for a day.?

    1. Heard reports of large clouds of very pungent smoke billowing from White House. Secret Service Agents exposed to smoke seen giggling and eating Cheetos by the fistsful!

          1. High school…yes…..”Fast Times at Ridgemont High”=Obama White House. We know that’s what it’s really like in that building.

    2. No, he won’t disappear, he’s having the media, CNN call Netanyahu a racist now to get even. Thats how viscious he is, He could never be graceful about it, he’s too low-class, he had to start rumors and his favorite rumor, “he’s a racist”!!!

      1. AJ,”vote’s coming from Chicago”.
        Plenty left over from last election.
        Old joke (?)
        Story goes that a Chicago suburb was short election machines for a upcoming important election.
        30 or 50 machines were borrowed from Chicago Board of Elections.
        After votes were counted, Richard J. Daley was the winner.

        1. Oh lord, I do believe it!! Ya know, it’s not that conservatives DON’T cheat, it’s just that they’re so BAD at it. I think it’s because they know it’s wrong and the guilt shows. Libs, on the other hand, go by “the end justifies the means” ergo cheating is just part of they everyday life. Otherwise dead people would vote republican at least half the time!!

  5. News flash!
    A 150,000 absentee ballots were discovered in the Israeli election, but were voided after the Central Election Committee of Israel noticed the votes were for Obama.

    1. Now, in all fairness, I ALWAYS walk around with 150,000 votes for ME in my back pock just in case it would be in the best interests of the world for me to be the “Big Guy”. I mean doesn’t EVERYBODY??

    1. I know I do. If only we could have a real leader! Instead we have mister “If you step over this line I’m gonna be mad. Well, if you step over THIS line I’m gonna be REAL mad. Will you PLEASE stop stepping over my lines, I’m getting really stressed and Michelle has a Vakay planned in your country and I DO NOT want to have to tell her she can’t go!!! I’d rather have sex with a wolverine.

  6. Will be waiting for Sir Putts-a-lot to state that it’s all Bush’s fault.

    Maybe it was a good thing that Bibi didn’t meet BO & Company during his last visit. As we all can see it’s not helping Rahm much (after BO made a “special” visit)

  7. And of course, low-life Obama couldn’t handle the Bibi win, so he had CNN hosts call Netanyahu a racist because Bibi was worried about all the Arab votes and he said so! Racist? The Arabs, Palestinians, lobbing bombs, saying the Jews should all be killedand that Israel will be blown up — Who are the racists? Netanyahu is just worried about his country unlike Obama who calls all white people racists any chance he gets. You can get the entire media to call Netanyahu a racist 24/7, no big deal, Netanyahu won, you lose.

  8. Thankfully Israel returned an adult to the world stage. Hopefully we Americans will follow suit in 2016.

    Congratulations to the Likud Party and PM Netanyahu.

  9. It would be glorious if someone would put their nose right in O’s face after he has flung the race card and just say to him: Okay, buddy! What else you got? Is that all you got? The Not So Secret Service would of course wrestle that person to the ground, if it’s in their training manual.

  10. Our incredible shrinking ‘president’ just can’t play in the big-boy leagues — China, Russia, Iran, and now Israel. He can bully a Congress led by wimps and RINOS, but when it comes to the real world, he’s in way over his head. The mullahs will really be screaming at john Kerry now.

  11. Mr. Keith,
    Thanks for the e-mail up date. This early AM… Good start for this day. Netanyahu News, is good news for this supporter of the IDF.

  12. Dumbocraps lose in 2012,2014.The stench of BO in the WH is still arrogant and smug. Still a brat. Now he has no influence in Israel. We still have dumb liberal jews here in Romerica. I hope this is a trend for the dumbocraps in 2016. Dump them all. The sheeple are stirring.

  13. Turned on Fox, got a run down of msm with ugly comments regarding Netanyahu’s win:
    Destroy peace plan.
    End of Peace.
    Not a lot of optimism.
    Now when are we going to hear of another committe to investigate the tax money poured into this election?

  14. This may be speculation, but it seems to me BiBi and all those folks (channeling BHO there) that voted for Likud and the right wing parties, get it. Fascism and antisemitism are on the rise everywhere, but especially in Europe and the U.S. Something needs to be done ASAP. He’s the right man for the job and needs to be taken off the leash.

    Israel has to realize they are now fighting a new war. BHO is not an ally. Hell, he’s not even neutral. He’s a threat. I mean what kind of ally tries to remove your government.

    If I were Bibi, I would start making plans for a major realignment in the Middle East to replace the U.S. hegemony. Maybe join the crowd and pivot towards China… At the same time, I would make BHO’s life miserable the next 18 months with a little outfit called the Mossad. I’m pretty sure they’re sitting on some scandalous info that might get out into the open. Maybe they can find the real birth certificate or his transcripts from college… LOL.

  15. We expect our soldiers to be brave but not our politicians. So it must be really galling for Obama to have a brave man stand before him, tell him what he did not want to hear, oppose the president of the most powerful nation on earth–for a principle–for what he thought was right—like David facing Goliath, to protect his nation–and then win.  

  16. We expect our soldiers to be brave but not our politicians. So it must be really galling for Obama to see a brave man stand against him, tell him what he did not want to hear, oppose the president of the most powerful nation on earth–for a principle–for what he thought was right—like David facing Goliath, to protect his nation–and then win.  

  17. Lord Barack is probably furiously chomping on some Nicorette right about now.
    The Lord does not like arrogance and our Liar-in-Chief is the most arrogant of all.
    Payback is a b*tch.

  18. Did our “sorry” president even send any message of congratulations to P.M. Netanyahu?? This must gall him – along with many other things. He is so petty.

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