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Here’s What You Paid For

Just want to make sure you have seen exactly what you paid for when you flew First Lady Michelle Obama round trip to Los Angeles Thursday – on a separate flight from the one her husband took to Los Angeles.

Here it is.

You paid for the fun!

Michelle couldn’t just appear on Ellen’s show from from a studio in Washington. Because, you see, she had rehearsed the moves.

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    • Yes. Yes, it is. When a husband and wife take two separate planes to the same destination and cost their subjects tens of millions – and that’s exactly what this cost, TENS of millions of dollars, $4Mil+ in flying time alone – to appear on TV shows and at DNC fundraisers (that only rake in $835,000 for the DNC) then, yes, yes, our presidency is broken. There is a flaw in the system when there is no measure of containing the excess of people who have no shame, no decency, no sense of empathy, and no self-discipline.

  1. The reason this is not a national outrage is because the ones who don’t care don’t pay.
    The minute the makers stop paying for the takers is the time this country begins the long trek back to liberty.

  2. I’m not sure what outrages me more, the hip thrusting first lady or her private jet on our dime.

    The WH only said “their schedules weren’t in sync” for the two planes. They still think we’re stupid :)

    • Yes, they still think we’re stupid.

      Obama was elected, then proven an incompetent liar, then re-elected.

      Gee, I wonder what would have given them the impression we’re stupid.

  3. “Give Me Five”; that’s what MrsObama is demanding from the American public. Acting as a national scold who tells us our children are obese wasn’t bossy enough, now she’s taken some lessons from a drill sergeant late of Parris Island boot camp.

    Who annointed her, who gave her permission to abuse her honorary position, and why are we paying for her every whim or wish? We pay for her posh vacations (and the vacations of her extended family and hangers-on), we tolerate her faux concern for our military, but she is going way too far.
    I say “give me five” minutes, hours, days without having this insulting woman pushing herself into everything.

    • We do not tolerate her idiocy.
      We are outraged by it.
      This thread confirms it.
      Their constant “in your face” attitude demonstrates it.

      Obama made a comment not too long ago,…”so sue me” !

      The arrogance is astounding, and it will only get worse.

  4. I’m guessing her appearance on Ellen (and Barack’s on Kimmel) was orchestrated to get the youth to come out and vote for the next Dem candidate. Otherwise, I see no other reason for her vulgar dancing. Can you imagine Laura or Barbara Bush stooping this low? Hillary came close in that bizarre dancing at a beer hall. Michelle doesn’t deserve to be called a Lady.

  5. Okay, I’ll be the one to say something positive. She dressed nice. She has fun. She’s a good dancer.
    HOWEVER, she is the First Lady for crying out loud. Stop already! Show some dignity. If nothing else, stop embarrassing your kids in front of the nation.
    And, I’ll say again, what on earth are these people going to do when their national entertainment/travel resources are not at their beck and call anymore. I don’t want to ever see these people again after they leave office.

    • We both served this Country A.J.
      It sickens me to see this display of disdain for our Nation and the total disregard for the office of the presidency.

      Protocol is under attack by these people almost on a daily basis.

  6. Ok, Since everyone else thinks its ok to jump into the slime bucket, I will too:

    At what point will the First Lady be seen on BET twerking?

    Lord, forgive me


  7. For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country…and have been for six years.

    Before the first election, we were in Chicago at a business mtg where the buzz was all about the Obamas. A very distinguished Black gentleman started to laugh and joked that uppity Chicago Blacks refer to Michelle as ‘ghetto girl’. I now realize he wasn’t joking. She is too ignorant to realize the difference between class and trash.

  8. I don’t mind being politically incorrect in this instance.

    I don’t give a damn if she is black,….



  9. They want to be celebrities. To be the most important people in the room. To be in the spotlight. Their egos are massive.

    Think about where that money to bring her back and forth could have gone (other than the debt). Even if were only $10,000 it would have been better spent elsewhere.

  10. Of course, those infatuated with the Obamas will just brush this off, “She looks cute! I just love them!” They’ll pretend it doesn’t cost THAT much to fly two separate jets and supply security, etc. Someone will say, “Bush vacay’d a lot,” and everyone will nod, satisfied the Obamas have once again been made to seem the snazziest, Americanest, historicest couple in history.

  11. The Daily Mail had pictures of her hubby and the amount of security to go film himself reading tweets on TV that were almost as disgusting as this.

  12. So this whole trip was about TV auditions for Mooch and Barry. She auditioning for “So You Think You Can Dance” and he trying out for a late night TV comedy show. And we paid for their travel to do this. While the world is on fire because of Barry’s ignorant policies. Dear Lord, take me now. I can’t deal with it anymore.

  13. “There is some hip thrusting,” the first lady said after the microphone battery pack clipped to her waist came undone as they began the routine. “There’s a lot of it.”


  14. Classless, trashy, tasteless, crass, and totally unbecoming of any White House personnel much less the “First Lady”…
    So SICK of these hacks!!!

  15. This irresponsible behavior from the first lady is both disgusting and a new low for her. I mean, appearing on Ellen is not what first ladies should be doing. And Barack Obama needs to realize that he is squandering taxpayers’ money with his incessant TV appearances and Democratic fundraising junkets on Air Force One. It is undignified and tacky, to say the least.