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Sunday Open Thread || March 15, 2015

43 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || March 15, 2015”

  1. Good morning all. Coffee is ready.
    By the way, A.J., You had asked me yesterday if I was related to Robert E.Lee. No. Lee is my nickname, it was Leelee as a young girl. :)
    There was no room left to respond on thread after your question.

      1. Ya’ll. :)
        I try not to say Ya’ll, while I am typing. Years…ago, I did didn’t use it while I was at work. Out of towners wouldn’t think much of the conversation, even though other parts of the Country have their slang word. Younins, Yous guys.:)

  2. Top of the mornin’ to ya Patriots.:)
    Looks like Keith got the site working again.
    In perusing the various websites, it looks like Scott Walker is getting a great reception across the Country.
    Now I’m waiting for Karl Rove to begin his attacks against him in favor of Jeb Bush.

    1. Funny I had the same thought about Rove about an hour ago. Walker lives in the neighborhood my husband grew up in, he’s certainly not a wealthy man. He’ll need lots of money to win.

      1. Ugh, I forgot the money, he’ll need to raise a billion for sure. With hopes his grassroots base will rally hard enough to overcome that pesky detail. Of course, there’s the media too, sigh.

        1. Good point Denise.
          He won’t need a billion if the grass roots supporters come to his defense.
          He has already been vetted by the most extreme tactics by the left and the unions and has survived all of the onslaughts even to the point of converting Wisconsin to a right to work state.
          That had to be a bitter pill for the unions to swallow.
          They lost again.

          Walker may be as close to Reagan as we’ll see in a long time.

      2. If he keeps his nose clean, he’ll get all he needs from Tea Party Patriots that are tired of the GOP establishment that are presently showing us what they say to get elected isn’t what they do once in office.

  3. Just heard Kerry on Face the Nation trashing beyond trashing Cotton and the letter. Obviously he is failing on the negotiations and need a straw man to blame it on.
    The Cotton letter was spot on and not anything close to the unconstitutional, traitorous act the left is pushing it as, but I do wish they’d have waited until the deal was announced. All it’s done now is provide cover for America’s enemies: domestic and abroad.

    On that note, make sure to start marking March 10th on your calendars as National Hypocrites and Hucksters day because between the Cotton attacks and Hillary’s presser it was all out in full force:

    Now I’m off to do battle against a couple of local political hypocrites here in s/w MO. Have a great Sunday all.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. Sen Cotton’s letter was a simple five paragraph, one page letter simply outlining the role of Congress in negotiating and approving foreign treaties. No harsh words, no over the top hysterical rhetoric. Might be good for Obama to actually read and understand Cotton’s letter.

      Here’s the letter for those who missed it:

    2. Typical Obama tactics Geoff.
      Creation of straw men and then the destruction of same.

      Good luck on your efforts to war against the Godless hypocrites.

    3. I just went back and read your article. Thanks. This information should be placed on a screen/board on the news & displayed next time Congress meets. To remind and inform everyone.

  4. O/T The is running a story that Valerie Jarrett outed Ms. Clinton’s e-mails. And there are five more investigations to come against the Clintons.

    1. I heard Ed Klein being interviewed yesterday about his new book and he explained Jarrett’s role in the attack on Hillary. Apparently, the Obama/Jarrett team believed that the Clintons worked the phones with Democrats running for election/re-election in 2012 and suggested to them to not invite Obama to campaign with them because Obama was destroying the Democrat party. That’s what Ed Klein says his contacts told him. Well, Jarrett went bat snot crazy when she found out about this, and launched or pushed for six investigations targeting Hillary—including her State Department expense accounts, who she met with with as Secretary of State and what was said, etc. and, of course, the email issue. Jarrett and Hillary have been enemies of the first rank for years, and now the fur is flying. This is going to get really nasty before it’s over. There’s no way Bill and Hillary won’t retaliate against Jarrett, and I think she will be one sorry person before this is over. Bill Clinton is better connected than Jarrett ever was or will be, and he’s calling in his chips right now, you betcha.

      Here’s the Daily Mail story on the saga Nina referenced.

      1. Great link Marcus.
        Jarrett is the definition of the word nefarious, and so is Obama.

        The Clintons though are no easy adversary.
        They are just as insidious and manically vindictive as the Obama administration.

        ValJar, watch your back.

        1. Yep, both teams in this little political hockey game are ready to tear the face guards off and go at it. Broken hockey sticks, torn shirts, pucks flying everywhere, trip-ups, screaming and cussing, protective gear ripped off….oh yea, it’s gonna be great!

          1. After seeing how people have responded, or should I say not responded enough to the Long list, I think some lame final excuse, reason will be dropped in our lap. Than we will be told more or less end of story. I would be a little more optomistic, but people in office, and a lot of blind sheep citizens, are not giving me reason to think otherwise.

          2. I know. We aren’t always sure what path events might take in the MSM or in other political interests. Depends maybe on what phase of trhe moon we are in? ;+} Lotsa cooks in the political kitchen.

      2. I wish the Clinton’s would leak his school grades!

        And info about his trip to Pakistan when he was a student.

        Was he getting money as a forien student is another question.

        1. That would be sweet !
          He’s got those locked up so tight no-one will be able to get to them as it would expose him for the fraud that he is.
          They very well have already been destroyed.

          If they would destroy his credibility, why keep them ?

    2. No topic today Nina.
      You name it and we will respond.

      Someone said in another thread that even NPR is questioning Hillary’s display of arrogance concerning the e-mails.

  5. I read where king maker Sheldon Anderson has already picked Bush to be the candidate. The man that brought us McCain. : (

    Home ownership as a percent of the population is now the lowest it has ever been.
    The median net worth of us citizens is 46k.
    The second biggest Mexican city in the world is Los Angels. Only Mexico city has more!
    California has the highest gas prices in the nation.

    1. As far as Anderson is concerned, I see the comments on this site and others that have been burned in the last elections by people that manipulate the voters into embracing their selected candidate.

      I think that we are beyond that now.

  6. About MrsClinton’s secrets:
    We know that everything we text, e-mail, log-on, buy, etc is known to someone in the government closet known as NAS. Even the local sheriff can find out where you went last week, how long you stayed there, and were you really at the carwash when the bank was robbed.
    MrsClinton probably e-mailed hundreds of people in and out of the government with her rinky-dink server. People in high and low positions in our government notice what the big wheels are doing, and at least half of the people on her ‘mail’ list were not her friend.
    The ongoing comedy where this group or that individual is going to sue to look at those secret e-mails is just that – a comedy meant to distract or cover up the fact that many people already know, or have read those elusive missives.

    Part of this farce is played by the MSM who seem to be so upset by MrsClinton’s actions and are determined to keep up the charade of a unbiased press. Quick to denounce government agencies like the FBI or the CIA for allowing hackers to infiltrate their hallowed bits, the MSM hasn’t even hinted that the Clinton network might not be as secure, and has already been hacked by nefarious evil-doers.
    Get some popcorn, this show has just started and there are twists in the plot to come.

    1. Yes, the show has started, but it appears that it is a very long boring movie.
      The constant stonewalling by the government agencies lull people into a state of lethargy.

      That is the reason behind the effort to thwart any efforts to bring these people to justice.

    1. Prosecutor Mcculloch said they filed charges. 20 year old. This point on going. Charge is result of investigation so far. Public gave info that lead to the arrest. He admitted to shooting. Bond 300,000.

  7. Has anyone been involved in their Community with keeping out a company?
    The town hall meeting seemed to do the trick in stopping the Company. That was announced. Than a couple of days later it was listed as pending. The town citizens are meeting again.
    So again, if anyone is familiar, What has to happen once the second try is pending? Tks.

  8. Watched Ferguson press conference. Fascinating that the very last question was “could you tell me the ethnicity of the perp?”
    African American, was the answer.
    Previous question, is the man from Ferguson? Answer, maybe not from Ferguson proper but yes, local.

    So what’s going to happen to MSNBC and CNN’s theory of the out of town agitator? Not to mention why the shooter is black. Uh oh.

  9. A suspected shooter arrested in Ferguson:
    That’s good news, and let’s hope it’s the last of violence there.
    The accused is said to have claimed he wasn’t aiming at the police, but rather at someone in the crowd of protesters and, well, missed his target.
    For all that we abhor and denounce the attacks on the police, had the accused shooter actually hit his supposed target in the crowd, the whole incident would have gone ballistic and probably into a violence that would cause such harm that no end would be in sight.
    The refrain of ‘…don’t shoot’ was easily believed without any proof at all, so it would have been easy to blame the shooting of the protesters on the assembled police force.

  10. Re: The Ferguson arrest – First, the media immediately spun it to claim that this guy is not a regular protester:

    And, now they’re putting out allegations that he was beaten by the police last night during his arrest:

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