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Senate Probes Federal Funds Used to Try to Oust Netanyahu

Fox News is reporting that the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has launched a bipartisan probe of State Department funding of a group connected to former Obama political operatives in Israel who are seeking to use the tactics they employed to elect President Obama against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau.

According to Fox:

A powerful U.S. Senate investigatory committee has launched a bipartisan probe into an American nonprofit’s funding of efforts to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Obama administration’s State Department gave the nonprofit taxpayer-funded grants, a source with knowledge of the panel’s activities told . . .

According to the source, the probe is looking into “funding” by OneVoice Movement – a Washington-based group that has received $350,000 in recent State Department grants, and until last November was headed by a veteran diplomat from the Clinton administrations.

A subsidiary of OneVoice is the Israel-based Victory 15 campaign, itself guided by top operatives of Obama’s White House runs, which seeks to “replace the government” of Israel.

“It’s confirmed that there is a bipartisan Permanent Subcommittee inquiry into OneVoice’s funding of V15,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity about the American group, which bills itself as working for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In his television interview, Netanyahu said the coalition seeking to oust him is generously funded by foreign donors who are also encouraging a high voter turnout among Israel’s Arab and left-wing voters in a bid to replace the existing leadership.

What we know is that Obama, who pretended to be so concerned about appearing to interfere in the Israeli election that he refused to meet with Netanyahu earlier this month, has not called off his dogs in Israel – which presents the same appearance. What we don’t know is the extent to which Obama or his White House have supported or even authorized the sudden presence of his former campaign aides in Israel.

30 thoughts on “Senate Probes Federal Funds Used to Try to Oust Netanyahu”

  1. Obumer is trying to make the world into his vision. (blind to reality).

    I read Sheldon Anderson has picked Jeb Bush to be the next GOP loser. Bush III would be a disaster for conservatives!

    Obummer continues to be the most destructive force in the universe. Helped by boner and Mctrader. Welcome to the one party rule of the USSA or soon to be named Mexico North.

    1. I question this also. If it is not a crime. Why, isn’t anyone asking o why this money cannot be redirected to help the refugee’s or help fight against ISIS?

  2. Jeremy Bird, is same Bird who was the deputy national campaign director and then national campaign director for Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, respectively.

    V15 (as in Victory 2015) and on its tax form, where it is required to state the purpose of grants it makes to entities or organizations outside of the U.S., including the grants it makes to the “Middle East and Africa,” the purpose it states is “educate peace and condemn violence.” Nothing about running a campaign field office. And how could it, given it is a 501(c)(3) entity.

    1. Let’s see now.

      Obama won’t meet with Bibi just before his election in Israel because it might affect the race.

      Obama goes to Chicago immediately before the election to stump for Rahm.

      Obama’s staffers are using tax money to undermine BiBi’s chances for election in Israel.

      And they say something is wrong in DENMARK?

  3. Just another indication of the arrogance this man has.
    His administration has no business trying to influence foreign elections, especially Israel.

    He is a vindictive little man that thinks that his opinion can change the world, and any attempt to thwart it is met with vicious attacks on whomever or whatever dares to oppose him.

  4. Since I have the board all to myself, I can rant!

    Median net worth for the USA is 46k now. Lower gas prices did not make retail sales go up.
    Some Euro countries are giving loans with a negative interest rate!
    Boner and Mctrader are democrats (RINO)
    Jeb Bush is a democrat.
    GDP and unemployment figures are fake.
    Home ownership as a percentage of the population is the lowest ever!
    All data from the gov is now fake.

    That felt good! Have a great day.

  5. This isn’t much different from Obama’s other interludes into Middle East politics…and they turned out sooo well…for him and his buddies. Chaos!

    It wouldn’t surprise me to to see some serious backlash if BiBi makes it through. Like Mossad level… Like realignment… Look at Egypt getting away from buying high dollar U.S. arms. It may suck for a while, but getting out from under America’s thumb will be a good thing. Wish I could…

  6. Obama, world class community disorganizer, is way more underhanded than anyone is willing to admit. To quote Gene Wilder in “Blazing Saddles” in a PC modified way: “You shifty n-word.” Doubt this will get past the screen, but it was fun typing it anyway.

  7. Øbama is a nasty, vindictive a-hole who is making sure his people do everything they can to oust Netanyahu. He would love nothing more than to be free of Bibi for his final two years. I’m praying he does not get what he wants!

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  9. Just an excuse to get on TeeVee.

    Don’t believe me?

    Whatever happened to the Benghazi hearings; Fast & Furious; the IRS? Who got fired? Who went to jail?

    Congress is just about show business. That’s all!

  10. I don’t know very much about Israeli politics, but isn’t it like England, where they can call for elections if the party in power isn’t doing well? maybe someone on here can clarify this.

    I sure hope so, because if the Israelis are suicidal enough to vote out the one man who is trying to keep them safe, I think they’ll live to regret it.

    is Israel really going to vote in Herzog/Livni because they think Obama will suddenly love them? huge mistake. Caroline Glick has a great article about this–sorry don’t have link.

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