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Labor Secretary Perez Goes After Ronald Reagan

Labor Secretary Tom Perez, one of the more ideological and also annoying members of the Obama administration, attacked Ronald Reagan for his prediction that Medicare would lead to socialized medicine and, indeed, socialism.

Here’s some of what Reagan said.

Now, I know everyone likes their Medicare. But Reagan had it absolutely right.

With health insurers now effectively government utilities whose business practices are dictated by Uncle Sam, and with everyone required to have insurance, we are well down the road to socialized medicine. As Obamacare becomes increasingly unworkable and Medicaid expands, the Left will begin increasing the pressure to simply move toward a single-payer, government-run system.

Also, BTW, Medicare is broke and will require sweeping changes or massive tax increases to save it.

And with half of all Americans receiving government benefits today, we already are living under a form of socialism. Perez, of course, wouldn’t recognize it, because for him government control of the means of production is market capitalism.

But Reagan understood, and events are proving him right, not wrong.

10 Responses to Labor Secretary Perez Goes After Ronald Reagan

  1. Sorry, everyone doesn’t “love” Medicare.
    After paying into the system for 40 years, we find we aren’t completely covered, that we must still pay for insurance, and so many resstictions have been put on the plans that it’s almost worse than Medicaid.

    While the younger Americans cry about the co-pays and deductibles of Obamacare, they have a limit on how much they must fork over, while Medicare recipients must pay 20% of the total bill – a figure that could go into the hundreds of thousands.

    • Sorry I must respectfully disagree. First I must say I could not have retired if not for medicare.
      Second chosing a good supplemental insurance plan is key. Chose AARP and you are screwed. My sup is $20 a month.

      • I get it.
        The question is why? do we need to have a sup plan, why aren’t we getting what we paid for, were promised.
        Ask your children if they think that Medicare coverage is ‘free’ or that they’re paying to completley cover you if you get sick.

    • Medicare takes about $101 (?) out of my SS check every month. That covers basic Medicare. My supplemental policy is free, but I have a $5 copay for my primary visits and $40 for specialists. After that, some things are free and others have a co-pay. I have a maximum of $3900 in out-of-pocket expenses every year.

  2. Perez said we have the lowest rate of uninsured in 40 years. How can that be? Before Obamacare we had 30 million uninsured. After Obamacare we have 30 million uninsured. Yes, some now have insurance that did not have it before. However, some that had insurance do not have it now.

    I agree with Reagan.

  3. When I qualified for Medicare my insurance cost dropped from over $1000 a month to a couple hundred with the medical & prescription drug supplement policies. I’m not sure of the exact figure I pay now, but it’s considerably less than when I had a private policy (I was self-employed for 15 years). I paid into the SocSec & Medicare systems from age 18 to 50 & feel no shame that I now qualify for those benefits.