As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Get the Same Privacy Protection Hillary Had!

H/TY to Remy over at Reason TV.

6 Responses to Video || Get the Same Privacy Protection Hillary Had!

  1. Cute, and clever. Something the Clintons are not.
    Well, maybe it’s cute that they think the Obamas didn’t notice that she was using a private server, or that she was keeping big time secrets. It could be a cute thing that no one noticed the foreign monies pouring into the Clinton charity while she was SoS, or that they believed it would never become a public issue.
    Sometimes, old timers don’t realize just how vulnerable their bank accounts, e-mails, or medical records are until it’s too late.

    That morning “briefing” that MrO’s people claim he saw/read must have been a recap of only MrsClinton’s secrets since he never knew what was happening elsewhere unless he read it in the “paper”.
    Cute, they’re all too cute.

  2. Keith- something to think about. Allegedly, Bill Clinton purchased the servers (, but at the same time, Clinton has received $16 million in post presidential funds which can be used to fund his office ( They planned this from the start- ask yurself why didn’t Clinton use funding under the Former Presidents Act to purchase the servrs? Answer is obvious- they would be owned by the tax payer.