As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Obama

Meh. Not bad.

From President Obama’s appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

19 Responses to Video || Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Obama

  1. The audience laughs at him reading insults others have wrote, and he thinks that’s just fine.
    No one, including the host, called these insults ‘racist’, or hateful. No one. Even though the majority of what he read were personal attacks, the audience laughed and he smiled.
    On the other hand, the tea party that calls for a smaller government is ‘racist’, the members of congress who challenge the O’s policies are ‘racist’, and everyone who objects to anything MrO, MrsO or their minions force down out throats – is racist.

  2. If this guy, would ever make the effort to be presidential, it wouldn’t be so bad. But alas, we are stuck with a community organizer, who feels better acting a fool.

    • If I felt he only had community organizing in mind, I wouldn’t be as concerned as I am now.
      Keith thanks for the clip. However I do care to watch him.
      Srdem65 mentioned his insults.

  3. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Injustice, Wonder Twins John “Lurch” Kerry and Eric “I wanna be Al Sharpton” Holder stoke the flames of international and domestic instability in a race to see you can create a war first.

  4. It could be worse. (Somehow) Putin puts out macho shots; shirtless, no less, and I hope passionately that Obama never decides to compete.

  5. The worst thing about this is that he did it at all. President with a sense of humor = GOOD! President with no appreciation for the dignity of his office = not so much!!!!

  6. That was actually kinda funny.
    Although I think Mr. Kimmel was a little off. I don’t recall President Bush or anyone going on late night talk shows while they occupied the office.