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Video || Spooky Ad Shows Where Obama’s Diplomacy is Headed

The ad is by the bipartisan American Security Initiative (ASI), which is led by former Sens. Saxby Chambliss (R, Ga.), Evan Bayh (D, Ind.), and Norm Coleman (R., Minn.).

Surprise, surprise, the major networks declined to run it Sunday during their morning news shows, according to the Washington Free Beacon. The group is demanding that Congress be able to vote on the Iran deal.

12 thoughts on “Video || Spooky Ad Shows Where Obama’s Diplomacy is Headed”

  1. Are they serious? Since when does anybody stand in the way of the half black chosen one? He gets what ever he wants, and he wants to help his buddies in Iran.
    When they get the bomb they can blow up some pesky white folks. After all we are just racist scum anyway.

    1. Very. What is all frighting are the number of American citizens who do not pay attention to the news. The number that are not aware of the history of ****.

  2. Preaching to choir here, brother. Most of us were taught how to hide under our school desks in event of a nuclear bomb dropped nearby.
    Personal bomb shelters, where to go in case of disaster, so frightening and a lesson never forgotten.
    Today, it all seems so far away, so foreign to so many who worry about zombies and vampires, but not jihadist nuclear bombs.

    The threat is real, current, and if we don’t stop them now it will be too late.
    The resurgence of anti-Semitism around the world, and here, has led so many to believe the only victim will be Israel, and for reasons only they know, a just end to what they percieve as a bully to peaceloving Muslims.
    We’re on the thin edge of a dangerous time we have never experienced before.

    1. Read Revelation.
      Gog and Magog, Russia and Persia(Iran).
      Jesus told his disciples that there would be wars and rumors of wars but the end is not nigh.
      Only the Father knows.

      Are we in the end times ?
      I don’t know, but it looks like we’re getting closer.

  3. OT,…
    I can always tell when Keith is adding another article to the site, as it slows to a crawl and becomes non-responsive.
    Some have suggested using duct tape to keep your head from exploding, I have found that it hurts when taking it off.

    I would suggest using a helmet when using this site.
    The slow response that we endure and the mod vault and the random placement of our comments.

    Keith should be very proud of his following and the determination that we exhibit to be loyal attendees.

  4. Earlier I stated the following, and do not know where my comment went. It may have ended up on a different thread, or the moon. However I think everyone should call the netw. and demand that this be shown. I have not see it on Fox. Does anyone knows where this is being shown?

  5. Will we match in the streets against the destruction of the greatest country in the world? What are the pros and cons of doing so?

  6. Death to America, the Great Satan… Death to Israel.
    Anyone at this point that doesn’t believe that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon to use against America and Israel, just remember when you see that very,very bright flash… I told you so.

  7. “Death to America, the great Satan”,” Death to Israel ”
    Anyone who at this point in time doesn’t believe that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon with intent to use it to accomplish the above,remember, when you see that very very bright flash, I told ‘ya so.

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