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Video || Hillary Aging Through the Years

Kind of creepy.

She was kind of cute during her younger years. I’m just saying – gosh, leave me alone.

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  1. I would have to refrain from using the term cute, but to each their own, Keith. What is amazing is that they found so many pics of her actually smiling. And is it me, or did she get a bit more…er, serious as time passed?

  2. Her looks are not important to me. It is a persons attitude that show beauty or ugliness.
    I watched and listed to her the other day. I was typing & taking notes and did not pay much attention to her face. Someone last night on Fox, said that when someone is not telling the truth, they usually do not look at you. I than looked at the video, and noticed that she was looking up after she read each line.

    1. I agree 100% Lee. Her looks are not important to me. God help me if anyone took a time lapse of ME. The camera angle couldn’t go wide enough for the pounds I put on! :-(

      Also agree 100000% about the fact Hil never once looked into the camera when she spoke. I watched the whole presser and noticed that right off the bat.

    2. I noticed right away that she had a hard time looking ahead, and spent much time looking way up or down, a sure sign of someone who is not confident in their own words

      1. You can take an old wrinkled person with a heart full of love and all you see is their beauty. Love shines & brightens the essence & soul. Hatred always darkens the ‘beautiful’.

  3. The thing that struck me is the astounding number of different “looks” she adopted over the years. Yes, women have different looks over the years, but not 30 0r 40 different looks, do they? I dunno. The women on the site know more about that stuff than the guys do. And yes, in some of her looks in her earlier days, she was pretty cute. There. I said it. ;+}

    1. I think most of us women do change hairdos etc to try staying looking fresh, not necessarily to look younger. Men have it much easier. My 1980s driver’s license photo is a hoot, with big eyeglasses. My kids laugh out loud. Mom, you wore those?

      1. :+}. Yes, those driver’s licenses can be scary. No one ever confused me with Clark Gable when looking at mine, you can be sure of that.

      2. My driver’s license pic was taken the day after the One was elected the first time. Not a good look. It was soooo impossible to smile or even have the look of hope in my eyes. Hubby did me the favor of having the license reissued online for me so no chance of getting new pic, but I imagine the frown would have still been captured in the image.

    2. Marcus, most normal don’t have a plane full of hairstylists at their beck & call. Me-I have curly hair & it’s either been shortish & fluffy (1980’s!)
      Or just long ringletted.

  4. I just heard on Fox, that Bill said he did not know about the server. Well. I would have loved to have seen the pretty face/expression she gave him after hearing he said that.
    You threw me under the bus! I covered your *** all those years, and while not under oath you stated, You did not know!

  5. Actually, she was quite attractive when younger. But now her arrogance, anger and bitterness shows in every line and wrinkle.

  6. I’ve never seen this done to a man. This actually is sexism at its worst. Should she have had plastic surgery so she could look as good as 85 years old Ba Ba Walters?

    1. I think the point of the video is less about plastic surgery and more about what ‘I’m No Dhimmi’ said – showing how her anger and bitterness shows through as she’s become more important to the Dems.

      BTW, Hillary has already had plenty of nips and tucks. No issue from me on any of that. Go for it if you can afford it.

      1. Baloney. This will make lots of women mad, especially us older ladies. It’s pure ridicule with no redeeming qualities. It’s indefencible.

        1. What is indefensible, is Hillary’s arrogant attitude, her condescending belief that rules are for little people, not her. Her very beliefs ridicule the country that I love. She is an affront to the values that I believe in. There are no redeeming qualities about Hillary, that I an older American woman, share.

    2. I’ve seen it done to male actors on some site or other. I remember Burt Reynolds was one of the examples on the site. He definitely did not age gracefully. But you’re probably right, they are more likely to do this aging/morphing thing with women as subjects.

    3. At first glance, I had the same thought. BUT, she’s evil, so everything’s fair game when combating evil.

      PS. She was pretty cute back in the day…

    4. for some reason I am not allowed to agree with you. My point is, that no man R or D, is EVER judged by his appearance. ONLY a woman. Is this 2015? or 1960?

  7. Oh, but she is 67 years old, she probably does not have a very healthy lifestyle and she is probably not too happy in her marriage with that hopeless man. It shows in her face. I guess that if she was happy and smiled a lot she would probably look much better even if she allowed her hair to be grey and stayed out of plastic surgery. Remember the old Queen-mother ? She was so cute in her natural, wrinkled face, white hair and baby-blue chiffon-dresses. Margaret Thatcher was a very handsome, older woman as well. Anyway, old women should be allowed to age just like old men. It´s much better than to end up looking like Nancy Pelosi with that ruined, artificial, operated face.

    1. And she’s right in the middle of yet another public, self made Clinton type crisis, so that’s got to take a toll on how she presents herself.

      1. She did look at the reporter David. The last reporter who asked a question. I could not hear the full question. Did anyone hear it?
        Point: She gave a slightly flip look, and a slightly flip response when she told him to go read on line.

        1. Lee, that reporter was David Schuster. He made a vile comment about Hillary and her daughter during the 2008 campaign and was eventually fired from MSNBC over it. That may explain her attitude toward him. I’m not defending her by any means but that may explain her remark to him.

          1. I looked him up after that press conf and he now works for Al Jazeera America. While Shrillary certainly doesn’t like the guy, I think she mostly bristled at the subject of the question, not the reporter. Schuster asked about the state dept employee who had been fired for using personal email and she claims that’s not accurate, (or there’s more to it than that), and that he should look up the Inspector General’s report online.

          2. Thanks for posting the question and answer. If anyone sees an article where that information, was looked up and posted. Please let us know.

  8. While we all agree substance should matter over looks…..the fact is since the Kennedy/Nixon debate that had Kennedy winning the TV Audience and Nixon winning the radio audience looks matter to the American voter.

    If Hillary won she would be 69 years old when sworn in second to Reagan. She does not have the charisma or charm Reagan had to relate to a younger generation. Personally, I don’t get the whole we must put a woman in the Oval Office concept that she is promoting. If she said we need to put the best person in office and I am that person……OK. To take a play out of the failed presidency and substitute woman for black is not going to work.

  9. At a certain point in the video, Clinton looks like Susan Smith, the South Carolina mom who drowned her two sons in her car. Creepy!

  10. This is creepy and it’s also sexist. I don’t care what she looks like, it’s her policies and never ending lies that I dislike.

  11. This isn’t creepy, it’s a most diabiolcal, clever means to hammer home that MrsClinton is no longer a young woman, but is now a wrinkled old lady.
    It’s not that she looks grandmotherly in a doting kind of way, she is the epitome of the evil stepmother/mother in law.
    How clever? Almost every comment was about how she ‘aged’ and that was the intent of this video.

  12. I am in no way a fan of Hillary Clinton, but this video smacks BIG time of ageism and sexism! Where are the male victims of your stupid video??

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