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Obama Schedule || Friday, March 13, 2015

10:05 am PT || Departs Los Angeles
11:15 am MT || Arrives Phoenix
12:10 pm MT || Receives a briefing on veterans issues; Phoenix VA Medical Center
3:25 pm MT || Departs Phoenix
10:15 pm ET || Arrives White House

21 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, March 13, 2015”

  1. Interesting that Thursday’s schedule failed to note that he would be spending the night in LA. After AZ Granny informed us that her local news reported he would be at the VA hospital in Phoenix on Friday, we all figured he’d overnight in LA and not Phoenix on the way back east on Friday.

    Plus, the weekly schedule had “meetings at the White House” on Friday. So, for some reason, they didn’t the visit to the Va hospital known until the last minute.

    Here’s an article on his appearance on Kimmel this evening, not that I’d ever watch these two clowns yukking it up with their dumbass “jokeS”:

  2. The entire blog has been on moderation all day. Is it going to stay that way? Because, not to complain, but the conversation loses its flow when comments aren’t posted right away.

    1. Wow. I learned a lot from that link. According to her highness, we have an International Space Shuttle. Wonder what happened to the space Station. It must be cramped with all those astronauts living in a shuttle.

      1. Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen, too much for me first thing in the morning. Can not take it anymore, these two have no respect for the office.

    1. This really bothers me from U.S Goverment spokespeople that are paid by the U.S. They will not answer questions because of politics. I could understand if the answer is classified or they don’t know. However, she states the question was asked 2 years ago but she still does not know the answer?

      Is it the job of Ms. Psaki to protect future Presidential candidates or former Cabinet Officials? Rules, Regulations,Laws and accountability mean nothing to this Administration!

      I wonder how much Hillary paid for someone to shoot a couple of bullets in Ferguson to get the media off her? LOL

  3. Listening on Fox now.
    The Georgia Air Force Reserves had bannned saying: “Have a Blessed Day”
    It had been banned. I was not aware of that.
    However they have taken away the ban…

  4. “The budget should be balanced, The Treasury should be refilled, Public Debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on Public Assistance.” Cicero,55BC
    Rome Fell.

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