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Milwaukee Sheriff Practically Blames Obama for Shootings

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke today indicated that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have helped create the climate that has led to the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

Obama’s response to the shooting was an insult – a tweet. Holder got himself worked up, calling the shooter “a punk.”

None of this impressed Clarke, who said “this war on our nation’s finest continues . . . to be fueled by some very important people.” Of Holder’s “junk report” on racism in the Ferguson police department, Clarke said:

It continues to fuel this cop hatred, this anti-police sentiment that’s going on in America.

That used to be underground. We haven’t seen these type of assaults on the institution of policing since the turbulent ’60s – the riots of the 60s that hit a lot of urban centers in America.

And now it’s come to the surface because they’re feeling (motivated) by some of the cop-hating rhetoric that we’re hearing ever since the days of Ferguson, Missouri.

Think about Ferguson. Officer Wilson, by all accounts now, did his job, even though it led to the death of an unarmed man. Actually, the man in question had two big arms, one of which he used to try to take the officer’s gun. And then for some reason it becomes a civil rights issue.

Somehow, out of nowhere, we now have a racial crisis in this country, a country that had just elected a black president.

I understand there is some lingering racism in the nation, and that some police action is racially motivated. But the serious problems are in the black community. These problems are not being caused by white people anymore. Nor are they being caused by the police. The police, for the most part, are trying to protect law-abiding black people from other African Americans who are committing crimes.

This race and police crisis is a distraction from the real work that must be done of changing the culture in the black community and reducing crime. It is driven by self-promoters like Al Sharpton and fueled by the White House and the Justice Department’s acquiescence in Sharpton’s theories of a racist society.

It’s a shame, and it is hurting our entire country, particularly African Americans.

11 thoughts on “Milwaukee Sheriff Practically Blames Obama for Shootings”

  1. Sheriff Clarke might be feeling the heat where he is, but out here in flyover country -we’re supporting our police.
    Just because some cable news and some MSM chooses to hilight some angry Blacks doesn’t mean that we’re all angry.
    As for MrObama and MrHolder’s opinions on racism in the US, we’re not surprised by this= just saddened.

    1. Saddened, of course, but they really have blood on their hands. The two cops in Brooklyn would be alive today and the two in Ferguson would not have been shot and other cops in California and elsewhere. How do these people in Washington sleep at night, with their rhetoric that is causing death and destruction, fires, breaking into stores and stealing, never a word about that. No punishment or rhetoric about that. Just spew hate for America hoping to get all the votes to keep the power and the money, greed, control. The politicians in both parties care nothing about the people or their country. They will all get their punishment one day by God and the people. All lies to keep the power.

  2. “I understand there is some lingering racism in the nation ….”

    This should never be said unless the following is added, “and we should not forget that not only whites, but minorities are guilty of racist attitudes.”

  3. Police are human, they see others getting ambushed – they will be more likely to approach with gun drawn, safety off. Despite training(and fear of being “Wilsoned”)there will be a big increase in accidental/ excessive shootings.

    It’s just too bad that Shartpun & Obama don’t hang around the scary neighborhoods where these accidents will occur.

    1. The killing of an unarmed Tony Robinson by a Madison police officer last weekend came just hours after someone had taken shots at a Madison police officer on the far east side of town. Officer Kenny had a tazer at his disposal, yet chose to draw his service weapon and use deadly fire.

      What you predict is already happening.

  4. The wrong people are getting shot. Because of lies, rhetoric coming out of Washington so they can get votes for 2016. They care noting about the country or its people, just power, control, greed. People are stupid to vote for Democrats, I mean communists. And murder of millions of babies, human life,generations of people thrown in the garbage cans is the Democratic party’s favorite thing. It should have happened to them, the polliticians we now have in Washington.

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