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Michelle Celebrates an Iranian Holiday at the White House

No no no no no no no no no.

No no no no no.

This is not how you do it. This is not how you deal with the Iranians.

Wednesday, Mrs. Obama celebrated at the White House something called Nowruz, the Iranian festival of spring that marks the beginning of the Persian new year.

There are somewhere between half a million and a million Iranian Americans in the United States, about the same as the number of Lithuanian Americans. Where’s the White House Lithuanian American holiday celebration?

No, this is not about Nowruz. This is a clear attempt to appease the Iran government, and it is exactly what is wrong with President Obama’s approach to Iran and the rest of the world. It explains why Iran has been able to extract a deal that will allow the centrifuges to keep spinning and, ultimately, a bomb to be built.

What is it with the Left in the West that the default switch is set to appeasement? Reminds me of when Chamberlain returned from Munich talking about “Herr Hitler” – Mister Hitler. Yes sir, thank you for agreeing not to hurt us.

Obama, who supposedly understands the world with extra perspicuity because of his exotic background, actually does not. The barbarians who rule Iran and our other tough-minded enemies and rivals around the world are unmoved by our attempts to show how nice we are. They do not blush when we kiss them, except out of embarrassment for our stupidity.

What tyrants respond to is strength. Malice. Threats. Force. They do not love, and they do not seek to be loved.

When Qadaffi gave up his nuclear program after Bush invaded Iraq, it wasn’t because Laura Bush celebrated a Libyan holiday.

Our attempts to placate evildoers with something like a Nowruz festival invite only contempt. It confirms for them that we are weak, and that they can take advantage of us.

We are, as these things go, a nice people. Some of us, mostly on Left, tend to think the rest of the world is nice too. It’s not.

It is, actually, no more than self-indulgence to assume others are like us. It is hubris. The hubris of someone like Obama.

The Iranians understand our leaders much better than our leaders understand them. They know Obama will never attack them. And they are negotiating accordingly.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who understands the neighborhood in which he lives, came here to warn America. Obama didn’t even bother to watch the speech. Because it contradicts his world view.

One day, quite possibly, hundreds of thousand or even millions will die because of the deal Obama is about to strike. Those people may be Americans.

Because Peace through Weakness is a deadly way of doing business.

84 thoughts on “Michelle Celebrates an Iranian Holiday at the White House”

  1. Oh dear god. I hoped this was an Onion story. It’s incredibly awful. Meanwhile, more universities are trying to ban the American flag and one sheriff in Florida was told he couldn’t put up an American flag at his office.

    We aren’t in America anymore Dorothy.

    1. Ditto. I thought ‘another of MrK’s brilliant satire’, but no, it’s not.

      The Iranians were probably offended that she didn’t wear a burqa while mouthing words she doesn’t believe.

    2. “one sheriff in Florida was told he couldn’t put up an American flag at his office.”

      That’s not entirely true. It’s a flag display made of fire hoses and it would be placed in the courthouse.

      It’s nonsense to be sure, but it’s not quite how you phrased it.

    3. In the first 5 seconds of the video, Michelle tries to impress the audience with her command of the Persian language.

      Has she been practicing for the day that the U.S. becomes a pawn of the Islamic State?

  2. Well, I don´t know if you have heard about it ( there is an article about it in today´s Washington Post ) but over here our female foreign minister has taken on the Saudi Kingdom and the kings wrath is upon our country. She dared to speak the truth about that countrys discrimination of women and about the barbaric way to punish a young blogger ( 1000 strokes with a whip !!! ). So, the Saudis blocked her in an insulting way from speaking at a gathering of the Arabic League in Cairo ( that she was invited to ), the Swedish government scraps an arms deal since 10 years worth millions of dollars, Saudi has recalled the ambassador. Gosh, the media is in turmoil, the debate is intense. Some say it was very foolish, we will lose a lot of money and jobs, some say it was just in time someone stopped the hypocrisy when it comes to that dreadful country. Well, it will certainly cost us a lot, I am sure, but I , probably foolish and naive now, feel somehow a certain pride.

  3. After reading what I wrote above*, I was being too nice, too polite.
    Here’s what I really think:
    What the SamHill is wrong with this woman? She honors a religion that enslaves women, mutilates them and refuses to acknowlege them basic human rights. If she were the bride of the leader of Iran, no one would ever see her face, she would not have attended any school, and she would be beaten for any or no reason without any recourse.

    Does she even realize what the Sharia/Islamic code demands of women, and if she does, how does she align that with her program that means to empower women here in the US?
    What a stupid FLOTUS. Stupid.

    1. Both she and her husband are demonic in their attempts to destroy what this Country has endeavored to be throughout the years.
      Keep in mind that ValJar is imbedded in this administration and is the one that they go to to get advice.

      This is disgusting.
      I don’t care what color they are, they are taking our Country away from US.

      1. Speaking of ValJar, she was born in Shariz, Iran, grew up in Iran and speaks excellent Farsi. Her parents were American, so does she have dual citizenship? Who knows? But to your point, she is obviously someone who would know Iranian holidays and culture. Seems to me she’d be the person who would tell The One and Moochelle to celebrate an Iranian holiday.

    2. I can’t wait til next weeks Spring Break where she promotes “education” in a country who’s education rates #1 in the world and we lag behind miserably.

      What a joke.

    3. Hear, Hear. I am so sick and tired of these religions, traditions and cultures with bad attitudes towards women. I watched a documentary yesterday, ” Indias daughter” , that is banned in India. It´s about a brutal rape by a gang on a bus that took place some time ago. Well, women are raped every minute in that country but it seems like the decent Indians had enough this time and took to the streets and demonstrated. Maybe because the girl this time was a medical student with parents who wouldn´t let this horribly brutal rape disappear quietly. The girl died, by the way. This film showed the attitudes towards women, poor men and rich, educated men, they all thought in the same way about women as worthless cattle. It was so appalling, so disgusting.But instead of banning it Indian authorities should encourage debate. The young demonstrators are Indias hope.

      1. …”women as worthless cattle.”
        Honestly, cows have a higher standing in India than worthless baby makers do.
        Not ragging on you dear Swedishlady. I just thought of all their cows’ freedom & idolatry given to them ;)

    4. mooch is an ignorant, strap hanger (use the term with caution, please). mooch is riding on bho’s coat tails. Funny how mooch lacks confidence – otherwise, she would not go to such great lengths to change her face, hair, body, speech. mooch does not live up to the standards that all other First Ladies have set before her….a pathetic, wanna-be mess.

  4. Spot on. The whole Obama “policy,” from “reset buttons” to holidays, screams weakness to the entire world but particularly to those in the Middle East who simply don’t think that way.

  5. The most craven and stupid First Couple in the history of the United States of America. A couple of friggin’ peasants given a free ride by the American taxpayer and elevated to positions they do not deserve, and do not have the class or brains to conduct properly.

  6. A few weeks ago UMASS-Amherst sought to keep Iranian students out of its nuclear engineering program. The story got to the WH and they pressured the school to admit Iranians. Why are we educating Iranians in the first place, for whatever purpose? Now we have the WH celebrating their holidays. Frigging idiots.

  7. How did they get Meesh to do this? My impression was that she meant to spend the rest of His term taking secret vaycays.

    Wasn’t this the religion that did not allowed national leaders to shake Meesh’s hand? Think so.

    Keith — was the audience all female? Gender apartheid, you know, for modesty. Were the women’s male handlers seen anywhere? Did everyone wear the tarp of modesty required by muslim tradition?

    How is this a muslim holiday when it’s been celebrated for 3,000 years — doesn’t Meesh know islam was invented in the 700s?

    1. I just thought of who was sitting there listening to this ****, right after I posted it.
      When are they going to stop tearing apart our Country? When we are all in tears of regret? Do they laugh at the dinner table discussing each thing that they do wront, or get away with. Congress get up off your worn out spine, and start protecting our Country. I do not care what party you belong to.

      1. Lee, they do it because, to this wing of the American political system, they detest the United States, blame it for all the evils in the world, and want to “teach” us all a lesson. You can see this in everything they write and say about the US. They don’t even hid it. They are a destructive force, and have no good aims in their agenda.

  8. I just got back. I said to myself, there won’t be anything else with in a short period of time today. How the hell can someone who has daughters do such a thing?

    1. Careful what you post, Grandma. You may get fired like the Univision personality that recently got fired for expressing his opinion about Moochel’s appearance. He said she looked like a character out of Planets of the Apes. Now a wookie… Haha….

  9. The last bit of doubt that I had about Obama being a muslim and is bent on the destruction of the US and Israel is now removed.

    1. Yes. When you click to post a comment, under the comment box it says, “Comment moderation is enabled. Your comment may take some time to appear.”

      The problem today is that after you click on “Post Comment”, your comment doesn’t show up, even to you. Usually when we get put in mod jail, we get a message at the top of our post that says “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. But, we can at least see our comment even if no one is able to see it until it’s released from moderation. It appears that when the entire blog is on moderation we don’t see our posts at all until after they’re taken out of moderation.

      1. Correct. Several times I pressed post comment, and it didn’t show up.
        After several times, I failed to pay attention to the Mod jail sentence.

  10. Count me as one of the readers who saw the headline, read the first few paragraphs and then immediately scrolled to the bottom of Keith’s post looking for the “satire” tag. I wont even subject myself to watching the Mooch video.

    This is yet another thing that ValJar, the Iranian and real POTUS, has concocted.

    Speaking of ValJar, I found this article in the WaPo interesting today. I always wondered how they decided which deaths would receive a presidential acknowledgment. Well, it seems this is another area that ValJar has taken over:

  11. OT – News Alert:

    American with Ebola to be treated at National Institutes of Health
    An American health-care worker has come down with Ebola and will be transported to the National Institutes of Health in Maryland for treatment, the NIH announced Thursday. The patient was volunteering in an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone and contracted the virus.

  12. The disaster will continue in 2016. New President will be bad, but not quite as bad as this guy and the wookie.
    Maybe, just maybe the new scoundrel will be less in our face while screwing us over.
    As we continue bringing in illegals the USSA will morph into Mexico north, just like California.
    Dreams of my father = My struggle

  13. Valerie Jarrett is Iranian.
    Valerie runs the White House and Barry.
    Barry is probably a muslim.

    These factoids explain an awful lot.

  14. We’re did they pull out that holiday? Off the Staples Desk calendar?

    Mexicans will be pissed if they don’t celebrate Benito Suarez Day on 3/24 now.

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  17. Nowruz is a Persian holiday, by far predating Iran.
    The many Iranian expats I’ve met over the years refer to
    themselves as Persian, abhorring ‘Iranian’.
    Iran is a later invention.
    From Wiki: In 1935 the Iranian government requested those countries which it had diplomatic relations with, to call Persia “Iran,” which is the name of the country in Persian. The suggestion for the change is said to have come from the Iranian ambassador to Germany, who came under the influence of the Nazis.

    Here the Wiki editors have made it up: the name Iran comes from Aryan and they have coopted Persia’s history as Iran’s……

  18. No no no no no

    This is not about appeasing Iran. It’s about celebrating with Valerie Jarret, the president of the United States. Everyone knows she was born in Iran and everybody knows she and Barry Soetoro are muslims. So cut the crap.

  19. From the video, it appears that, First Lady aside, (I wish!), Nowruz is celebrated predominantly by middle-aged white men?

  20. you think celebrating nowruz makes iranian government happy??? you clearly dont know anything about iran.
    1-iran government tried to wipe out all non islamic holidays for last 30 years. but they failed.
    2- afghanstan . tajikistan . armenia . turkey .azarbaijan , some parts of india . georgia(the country !!) also celebrate nowruz .
    3- bush also celebrated nowruz every year too.

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  23. Dear srdem65,

    Some quick facts about Iran:

    1. Nowroz is actually NOT an Islamic ceremony. It goes way back for -at least- 3000 years.

    2. Mollahs and hard-core Muslems hate Nowruz and has been fighting it for 14 centuries but they have not been able to wipe it out. Again Mollahs hate Nowruz.

    3. Cyrus The Great, king of Persia (or as you guys call him: The Messiah) made Nowruz the official Persian New year.

    4. About 60% of university students in Iran are women (yes, it is true). Iran is NOT like Saudi Arabia. Women can work, drive and own business and become managers. There are several Iranian Senators in Iran as I am typing this.

    5. Bush administration was also celebrating Nowruz.

    So yes, Mrs. Obama apparently knows better than you about Iran.

    1. There is nothing about Iran I like. And go ahead and call me names but I won’t see them as I never read replies to my posts. Not worth my time doesn’t matter if they are negative or positive replies.

  24. Uh guys, this is a holiday from pre-Islamic Persia. The Ayatollahs actually don’t like it. I mean, does Michelle Obama understand that? I’d be surprised, but then again apparently neither do you…

  25. By the way, don’t be afraid of Iranians in The White House. We love America and Americans and we have done a lot of contribution to this country. Here is some examples:


    eBay (Founder):



    Talking about educated Iranian ladies? Check this out:

    All these people (and many more) are proud American citizens and residents. Nowruz (as an Iranian and a non-Islamic celebration) elegantly draws a line between the people of Iran and the crazy government. What Mrs. Obama did was sending a friendship message to Iranian people. It was NOT about celebrating Islam or the Iranian government.

    It is also interesting how some people are using Muslim as something almost equivalent to US enemy! “did you know she is actually a Muslim???!!! Oh my god!!”

    Don’t you guys know that about a quarter of the world’s population are Muslims? Do you consider all of them as enemies?! If yes, then what is the difference between you and the Muslim extremists?! Did you know that this is exactly what they want you to be? To make Christians hate Muslims and Muslims hate Christians and start even more wars?! They leave in medieval age and want to make us do the same. Are actually falling for that?!

    And just to make it clear, I personally do not believe in any religion.

  26. Obama shirks from any conflict if it’s possible, to the point of giving away more than he should. Eventually, this attitude will come back to us in more problems.

  27. People are dying already because of Obama, policemen, and many others. I suspect Obama gets high on power knowing that people died because of him. Thats the kind of person he appears to be, sadistic, stubborn, childish, revengeful, a truly miserable human being that should have ben an abortion, abortion which he loves.

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  29. Nothing wrong with her having a little pow-wow with American Iranians, however she should have said: Hey ladies, ain’t it nice with spring coming you can feel the sun on your face and arms, and you brave ones even your (gasp) legs? You can drive your own car to the beach with your girlfriends or even by yourself and wiggle your bare toes in the sand and water. Let’s take this opportunity and holiday to reflect on the generosity and freedom of This great United States of America. And you men. Isn’t it nice to not to have to treat you wives like they are perverted criminals on limited probation under constant male control? They are your life partners and if treated well, can make your lives better in a thousand ways.

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  31. At one of the ceremonies for 9-11 during a flag folding Me$$chelle turned to Obumo and those around said she said all this for a flag. Which sounds about right. Obumo gave an interview 2008 and said Me$$chelle did not like the flag. In fact they both had attended flag burnings. When Obumo was first elected he made a speech at a religious college and made them cover over the cross that was in the auditorium. THis couple loves everything anti this country.

  32. Wow I am shocked how ignorant and false most of these comments are.

    1) Persian new year is a 2500 year old tradition, pre-islamic. has nothing to do with islam or muslims. it is very ignorant and rude of you to mis-inform people about it and then attack it.

    2) we are in the year 2015, not the pre-historic ages, if you want to make friends with people and lead the free world, you have to respect one’s culture.

    more importantly, QUIT HATING A CIVILIZATION YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT; in that case, you are no different from a mullah other than with a nice suit and tie.

    At least the new government there is trying to do good, what are you doing here with your hate speech ?!

    Pathetic !!!

  33. Why does everybody think Obama and his thug administration is “appeasing” these terrorist nations? It has nothing to do with appeasement; he is one of them. He is a Muslim and is very bitter and envious of the United States.

    If you saw Dinesh D’Sousa’s movie, you would know where Obama is coming from. You would see that he hates this country and his goal is to weaken it militarily, (he has fired nearly 200 high-ranking officers since taking office), enlistment is down, defense spending is drastically reduced.

    He is redirecting prosperity from the workers to the do-nothing, lazy welfare cases. He is empowering a black, thug mentality in the inner cities. He’s a race baiter and jumps on racial issues before there are ANY FACTS out. It is clear that this “president” has a chip on his shoulder and an ax to grind.

    Get used to it people; it will take decades to undo the damage he has done, if ever.

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