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Really? Self-Proclaimed “Hoarder” Hillary deleted 30K Emails?

The critical question about Hillary Clinton’s email explanation is simply, “Why did she delete 30,000 private emails?”

Hillary’s explanation was “I didn’t see any reason to keep them.” But there would seem to be many reasons to keep them. And one big one to throw them out – namely, that she had something to hide.

Sure, we all want to clean out our Inboxes. But how many people actually permanently delete all their emails? Especially when, as Hillary noted, they include precious notes about things like her daughter’s wedding?

And how many people who are pack rats are able to erase every email they sent? Here’s how Hillary described herself just last month:

I don’t know, I don’t throw anything away. I’m like two steps short of a hoarder. So I have an iPad, a mini iPad, an iPhone and a Blackberry.

It also would seem that the decision to delete the supposedly “personal” emails was made after the Benghazi Committee started fishing around for her communications. The State Department delivered some 200 of her emails to the panel in August.

In October, State requested work-related emails of former secretaries, including Clinton. She turned hers over in December, indicating at least some separating of emails was done during the interim.

So why, if this is correct, did she delete emails only after it became apparent people were after them? Sounds like more than simple spring cleaning.

17 Responses to Really? Self-Proclaimed “Hoarder” Hillary deleted 30K Emails?

  1. And one point I haven’t heard made yet, is why did she have more personal emails than official emails.
    No wonder the world is aflame from her tenure at State. According to the email numbers she was only working part time! lol

    • IIRC didn’t Lois Lerner have some 250,000 emails on her system before it crashed? I’m betting that Ms Clinton was way up there too. I’m also betting that there are HDs all over America being purged of any messages coming from her home addresses. Lot’s of people could be on the hot-seat when the committee decides to subpoena EVERYONE she could have possibly written to.

  2. Hmm, why? Because she knows, as we all do, that our government snoops into our private affairs all the time.
    She also knows that the private information is leaked to political opponents by illegal means.
    She didn’t want anyone, especially the Obama regime, to know what she was doing, and who was doing it with her.
    She didn’t want to reveal who donated to the lavish wedding of her daughter. Or, why they donated to this affair.
    She didn’t want to make public any communication she might have had with her errant husband, or her iffy son-in-law.
    She didn’t want to make available her glee or gloating when a foreign entity donated to the Clinton charity.
    Why? Because she could.

  3. Hillary wanted the world to see all of Vince Foster’s Whitewater files, also. That’s why she ordered Rose Law Firm interns to shred them.

  4. I’d like to know why there are month’s worth of gaps in emails she released. It’s hard to believe she didn’t email during those months, whether for precious daughter’s royal wedding or official business.

  5. Do you have any idea how long it would take to delete 30,000 emails, especially if you determine which are “personal” and which are not?

    Hillary would have had to hire a small army of people that she trusted to do that, or spend an inordinate amount of time doing it herself.

    And here’s a question: if she sent an emIl to Bill that said, “Honey, I think that our Benghazi strategy is working”, would that be considered personal or professional?

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