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Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 12, 2015

10:15 am || Meets with Secretary Kerry
1:50 pm || Departs White House
4:10 pm PT || Arrives Los Angeles
5:35 pm PT || Tapes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live; Los Angeles
7:00 pm PT || Participates in a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Santa Monica

All times Eastern except as noted

51 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 12, 2015”

  1. Why on earth are we paying this guy $8,000 a week to waste millions of our tax dollars and do little more than play the rock star and fund raise?

    And why do so many in the media continue to give this pretender a pass?

    1. He’s become the “Brian Williams” of American Presidents. Brian just wanted to have fun too, like be a late night talk show host. But NBC paid him 9 mil/year, we the people didn’t have to, or watch him.

  2. Tapes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    I’m SO proud!!

    Obamawannabe shouldn’t appear on “Face The Nation”, he should be the STAR of “Face The Music”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry if I’ve used all the exclamation points, but the rest of you will just have to wait until next quarter for the next allotment! (Ooh crap, there went another one).

  3. Spring, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love of travel, fundraising and taping an appearance.

    My only question, does the DNC pick up this tab, since he doesn’t seem to have a local high school appearance excuse.

    1. Actually, I think that’s the reason for the Kimmel visit. He appears on these shows as POTUS, so we get stuck with the entire bill for his travel to Los Angeles for a DNC fundraiser.

      It’s a total scam!

      1. He might jet up to Berkeley and help dedicate the nation’s first Muslim college. Maybe he could make the first two years free (except for those of us paying the freight).

  4. In addition to info about all the street closures and the expected traffic jams, this article has a bit of info about the DNC event:

    As part of his visit to Los Angeles on Thursday, Obama also will attend a roundtable discussion hosted by ICM Partners co-founder Chris Silbermann and his wife, Julia Franz. Attendance costs $33,400 per couple.

    Donations from the event will fund election operations for the Democratic National Committee.

    1. Any idea how my reply to you was clocked 85 minutes BEFORE your comment?

      Any way we could do that trick with 2012 votes that are now a source of regret for many?


    …on Thursday, March 12, Kimmel will be sitting down with President Obama for what the comedian promises will be a wide-ranging interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The commander in chief’s last appearance on the program was in June 2008, but his failure to return before this week wasn’t for any lack of trying on both sides.

    “It’s been something we’ve been wanting to do and [Obama’s] been wanting to do for a couple of years now,” Kimmel tells The Daily Beast. “A few times, due to current events, the president had to cancel his appearance. Hopefully this time he’ll make it here and be on, but we’re always prepared for the possibility that something will prevent that from happening.”

    The 47-year-old Brooklyn native says that while the interview will feature plenty of “the nonsense that I’m inclined towards,” he won’t be pulling any punches.

    “The way I look at it is as long as I ask questions that I’m genuinely interested in hearing the answer to, I think I’m in good shape,” Kimmel says. “I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on foreign policy, or health care, or any of those things. But we will definitely get into stuff that is a little more serious.”

    Kimmel also confirms that his wrists won’t be tied by the Obama administration. None of the jokes or questions he’ll shoot POTUS’s way will be screened beforehand, and oddly enough, the process of interviewing the “Leader of the Free World”—or any politician, for that matter—is less diva-ish than hamming it up with celebs.

    “There’s much less pre-planning in an interview with the president or any politician than there is with a celebrity,” says Kimmel. “I think that politicians—and rightly so—understand that they work for the public and that they’re required to answer any appropriate questions that they’re asked. It’s actually easier in that respect to interview politicians than celebrities.”

    And when it comes to POTUS, well, Kimmel says Obama’s comedic chops are second to none. At least intentionally speaking.

    “[Obama’s] definitely the most intentionally funny president of my lifetime,” says a chuckling Kimmel. “It’s tough to beat President Bush for sheer physical comedy, though.”

    1. Gonna bet that the guest list is full of million and Billionaries Golf anyone wow most lazy POTUS to ever live remember his father was a communist also like father like son

  6. *Sigh* I continue to get repeated error messages when I post here, plus the moderation thing. Not happy, still see no benefit in this new format. It’s the same as before, but actually worse because of the increasingly shrinking reply boxes. /complaining

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  8. oh my I used to think anyone who said Obama was clueless were underestimating his intelligence

    But now I think he IS clueless, he wants to be a celebrity (and he is because they have to let him be one) and so does his wife

    He is playing golf and hobnobbing and running away when the going gets tough to play more golf and hobnob

    Sadly I think all the excuses were right, he isn’t particularly smart, quite the opposite, I would even welcome Biden at this point, seriously

    1. Obama’s issue (among many issues) is that the only thing at the core of his world view is his Progressive political agenda. He’s not reflective, thoughtful, or open to new viewpoints. He’s a prisoner of his own small world, and it’s causing enormous damage in both domestic and international affairs.

  9. A few questions regarding this trip that no one in the media will be asking:

    Is Dictator Obama staying overnight in Santa Monica at the house of one of the middle class that he is always braying about how much he cares about? Methinks not. Why no name of the mega wealthy person whose house Dictator Obama will be stinking up with his choom and cigarette smoke? Is there a reason the name of the house host is not being released?

    Tomorrow is Friday, will Dictator Obama be staying in sunny Commie California to get in some golf?

    I see no official government business being conducted during this junket to Commie California (taping another boring segment on suckass Jimmy Kimmel’s show is not official government business) – who is paying for this trip?

    Dictator Obama seems to be making frequent trips to Southern Commie California. Is there a personal reason for this?

    1. Why Southern Commie California? As Willie Sutton responded when asked why he robbed banks, “Because that’s where the money is.” Political money, that is.This Obama character has a nose like a hound when it comes to smelling out donor cash. But as far as smelling out his proper responsibilities as POTUS, he’s got big time sinus problems.

    2. Tomorrow Obama is coming to Phoenix, to visit the VA Hospital. He drove past the hospital at least twice during his last visit several months ago, but failed to stop. He was too busy getting in that photo op to wake people up at their homes in South Phoenix.

  10. He should cancel this schedule and make a statement to tell violent people to backoff. I just heard of the two police officers who were shot by a sniper. The officer were all in line in front of the police office.

    1. Bet you a shrimp that dear leader wont have much to say about the shooting… they are WHITE officers shot by most assuredly a black shooter & he’s only interested in black men shot by a white officer.

    2. Ferguson? Only heard like 10 seconds of report and I thought I heard it was in Ferguson. Glued to TV now, waiting for update.

  11. Maybe he will dye his hair blond and appear with Kim Kardashian in a public service promo for solar energy.

    This is just simply embarrassing.

    1. I had to look up Duffer.
      Title sounds good to me.
      Maybe he can make a buck or two in the future by releasing “The Duffer Golf Bag” $19.95. Paid shipping and handling.

  12. can someone please explain to me why this idiot cannot be impeached there are not upwards of 20 major scandals and other doings Snark tell we why

    1. • Color of his skin
      • House Republicans are too wimpy to begin impeachment proceedings
      • Even if the House did impeach him, there aren’t enough votes in the Senate to convict (and remove him); they need two-thirds(67 votes).

  13. Mark Knoller, CBS, tweeted that Obama’s fundraiser has a list of 25 donors. Couldn’t they just hire a chartered flight to DC and save us all this expense? Even if we paid for their dinner in the WH it would have saved millions.

    1. FACT: In February 2015, the Air Force declared that the current, per-hour operating cost of AFO is $228,288.00.

      The round-trip flight to L.A. from D.C. is about 11 hours of actual flying time.

      This means that Obama is spending – in air travel alone, not considering asset positioning, security detail, hotel rooms, local police / motorcade, etc. – $2,625,312 in taxpayer money to bring back $835,000.00 in donations to the DNC.

      I would love to see the balance sheet if this guy ran a private business.

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