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The Hillary Morning News || March 11, 2015

Not much going on with Obama. Thought you’d rather see this instead.

Brutal AP fact check . . . 

  • It’s a striking departure from the norm for top officials to rely exclusively on private email for official business.
  • At the very least, Clinton appears to have violated what the White House has called “very specific guidance” that officials should use government email to conduct business.
  • Skirts the issue of exchanging information in a private account that, while falling below the level of classified, is still sensitive.
  • While Clinton’s server was physically guarded by the Secret Service, she provided no evidence it hadn’t been compromised by hackers or foreign adversaries. Associated Press

Not secure . . . “To say it wasn’t compromised is to say, ‘I don’t know it was compromised,’” said Stewart Baker, a former Department of Homeland Security assistant secretary who specializes in technology and security. “It would be pretty easy for a nation-state to compromise that account, and pretty easy to hide the fact that they had compromised that account.” Politico

Clinton’s iPad wasn’t secure either, Fox News reports.

Nothing classified? Not likely . . . Some secrecy experts and former government officials on Tuesday were skeptical, noting the interesting turnabout that had a former top official insisting, for once, that none of her exchanges were secret. New York Times

How inconvenient: Hillary uses two phones now . . . At an event on February 24, Clinton was asked whether she uses an iPhone or an Android device. “IPhone,” Clinton responded. After a pause, she added, “OK. In full disclosure, and a BlackBerry.” Newsmax

Politico lists the unanswered questions

GOP: This makes no sense . . . Republican leaders sharply questioned Hillary Clinton’s explanation on Tuesday regarding her use of a personal email account during her tenure as secretary of state, with one GOP congressman calling her remarks “not plausible.” Fox News

​Dems fear emails will haunt campaign . . . While some Dems rush to her defense after the press conference, many worry her approach does little to quiet the critics. National Journal

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19 Responses to The Hillary Morning News || March 11, 2015

  1. Dear Republicans,
    Stay off her back. Let the media, and the Dems who support Warren, drown her. They are doing a fine job on their own.
    A Repubhlican Who Wants a Republican to Actually WIN a Presidential Election

    • Obama’s Progressives are clearing the runway for Lizzy Warren. It seems obvious now. You’re right. This dump HIllary movement is probably being run by ValJar, who is in charge of the Digging Up Dirt office in the WH.

    • Denise & Marcus – I remain cynical of the media. I would not put it past the Clintons & the AP to collude together so that it appears the AP is on their case & digging into the matter so that the Republicans & other critics back off. Then, surprise, there’s no ‘there’ there…the media has always had their backs…

      • That’s what is so unusual about this situation. Generally, the MSM always cover for Hillary and Obama, no matter what they are up to or have done. This time, while Obama is skating free, They are exposing, in great detail, what Hillary has done in this matter. There doesn’t seem to be a way out for her, and she keeps lying and creating smoke to get them off her trail. It’s ain’t working. But, as your theory, anything is possible, including your thesis.

  2. I would not think anyone who had fooled around on their spouse would allow them on the email.
    By the way is there some type of law, that prevents family members from using a P. email, stationary, walkie Talkie, etc?
    Lee’s Test for the day: Everyone pick up your friends, family members phone today, state you will be using their site for yourself. :)

  3. By stonewalling the release of all the e-mails, and admitting she deleted tens of thousands of so-called personal messages, she has ensured that her political opponents will claim she used her high position to shake down foreign countries and potentates donations to the Clinton charity. One the allegations are made, MrsC has nothing, other than her word, to refute that the money was donated in the spirit of charity by those not known for any form of philanthropy.

    Her assumption that there are enough Luddites out there who would buy the two-phone/two e-mail addresses is a foolish dream.
    Listening and watching her performance yesterday should remind all Dems that if she’s all they have, she’s the best they can put forward, then they have no future. Where are the young lions, the next generation of Dems who they can rally behind? The closest candidate is another old lady who has a dodgy past and not much to offer the voters other than more of the same programs that have proven not to be successful.

  4. I wonder is she was running any level of encryption on that server ?
    If not, it was wide open to hackers.
    I use hotmail and the site comes up with an https in the address bar.
    The ‘s’ meaning secure.

  5. With all of the speculation that the WH is behind the email exposure, I hope that the vindictiveness of the Clintons is in full gear for retribution against the administration. At the end, maybe we will also see HRC being led from their houses in handcuffs screaming “do you know who I am?”

    • Good point. There’s no doubt the HIllary people have truckloads of muck which would finally expose Obama for what he is. His people surely are factoring that possibility in all their operation plans to throw Hillary under the bus. This is going to get really interesting.

  6. I mean,she is not only deceitful but deceitful, stupid and dumb! If she really did the right thing with ALL the e-mails, she would say, okay, FBI, my doors are open, come check anything you want in my home! It only proves that she’s full of it if she won’t let them check her machines. So, she, with her persecution complex and guilt, knowing she did bad things, deleted 30,000 or more e-mails without the State checking them first She is a born liar and deceiver. To this day, she still is stubborn, deceitful and dumb! Not smart enough to be President of the U.S. Just like her friend Obama, we’ll have the same dangerous people in the White House, Muslim Brotherhood and all. They are evil and anti-American, anti-Israel, you name it, they are the worst of the worst type of human being. And also don’t forget the MILLIONS OF BABIES MURDERED AND THROWN INTO THE GARBAGE CANS, HUMAN LIFE THROWN OUT, GENERATIONS OF HUMAN BEINGS THROWN AWAY AND CLINTON AND OBAMA FIGHT FOR ABORTION MURDER OF HELPLESS HUMAN LIFE EVERY DAY.