As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Back to the Future with the Clintons

To hear this, you have to click the little volume button that appears in the lower right corner when you scroll over it.

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  1. I do not see a picture in the square, nor do I see a volume button when I scroll to the bottom of the square. I will finish this cup of coffee, and try again. :)

  2. OT: God Bless the Marines and Army personal that were in the crash in Florida. They are now saying some bodies have been found, and are searching for the other people. Still praying/hoping others are found alive.
    They went down helicopter in the pan-handle of Florida.

  3. “I am not a crook!”
    This from the same woman who was booted from the Watergate investigation because she insisted that Nixon not be permitted legal counsel. 40 years on, that attitude would be celebrated instead of hidden from public scrutiny, but only if they were investigating a republican. Democrat presidents are granted a much wider latitude for operations.

    • Thanks for the clip! I cringe when I hear “Investigation”.
      However this one seems… they may be actually investigating.
      I stopped watching a lot of news stations, I cannot believe CNN did not cut to a commericial when he said: I think he lied. (o)
      Karl Rove just stated on Fox. He carried 4 divices. He as well made the point regarding the personal issue. He said she may have be communicating with a State Dept Aid regarding an issue, but Hilla. may have named this personal, even though she was getting advise or discussing a Govt. issue.

    • Dempsey was just asked if the current AMUF provide legal authority to protect those we are training from ASSAD. NO…
      Dempsey said:Although they are discussing.

  4. When Hillary claims SHE didn’t mail classified information on her server, that’s only half of the issue. The other half of this issue is: did she RECEIVE classified information on her server. If so, she would have been required to secure that classified information on her server with the State Department within 20 days of receiving it. What a snake.