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Corker Shuts Down Kerry Filibuster

The Republican open letter to the Ayotallahs has allowed the White House to change the subject away from possible new sanctions and the irresponsible deal President Obama is about to strike. Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker today mercifully cut short Kerry’s staged contribution to the “outrage.”

12 Responses to Corker Shuts Down Kerry Filibuster

  1. Hmmph, well that didn’t go the way MrHeinz, er, Kerry thought it would.
    Considering how chummy/hunney all of Congress is with each other, and the disasterous no-deal deal with the Iranians, this letter sounds more and more like something the Obama administration was hoping for – an out.
    Just another IMO read.

  2. Thanks for placing this video Keith.
    I so glad Corker mentioned his well written speech.
    I listened for quite some time, took notes. Just like the WH Press conference, I could only take so much.
    I did note that they did not have the exact amount, but Dempsey said their were approximately 1,000 Sunni, 3,000 Iraq, and 20,000 Shia Milita.
    Sen. Rubio said tribes are concerned about Iran, and being kept in the dark. Kerry said: That is flat wrong.
    Dempsey was asked: How does AMUF help with terrorist region of ISIS? He said: AMUF will give me authority to make recommendations to O.
    On TV at the time, I notice that Lindsey Graham on Fox said: Kerry don’t know what he is talking about.
    Kerry don’t think this will go on for years. Concept that is well understood that it’s limited, but enough to help in certain situations.
    Shia are trained and equipped by Iran.
    Sen. Johnson asked Kerry are you concerned about Iran’s influence. He said, Yes. O is concerned as well with region in Yemen, Beruit, Lebanon & Syria. BUT you need to look at Persia Shia & Arabs is a long time conflict. If you are concerned now, imagine if they had a Nucl. weapon. Our goal first, Diplomacy. We still have issues after the deal with Iran. Confident we will take steps with what Iran is doing in other ways.
    Mrs. Shaheen D. said: One of the places I may have issue with o is with reporting on on-going actions.
    She said, The o reporting on, on-going actions: o wil report every 6 months. In Dec. AMUF more robust reprting every 60 days, a report given to Congress & the people, military objections, list goes on. There may be a concern of level of detail of that AMUF. It is important to release to us & know what is planned. She said: A Plan is Not a Plan, Unless you have it Written Down. Kerry said: Balance of time to report, were not trying to hide, but not have much paperwork.

  3. that’s what you call “shutting down”? I respectfully disgree. he let Kerry go on WAY too long. I wish these clowns would remember we voted them in to stop the Obama administration, not to play along with them.

  4. I finally got around to reading Sen Cotton’s letter to the Iranians. (perhaps someone else posted the letter here and I missed it) Basically, the letter explains to the Iranians how our Constitutional Republic operates with regard to treaties. That’s about it. Little wonder the Obama people are going nuts over the letter. Mitch McConnell sign the letter, which pleased me. Interesting that almost half of the entire Senate signed the letter. Here’s the link to the letter.

    Click on the word “letter” in the first line of the story to get to the letter.